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January 10, 2019     The Hogansville Herald
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January 10, 2019

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& PAGE 3-A : HOGANSVII2 HERALD - THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 2019 THE HOGANSVILLE HERALD USPS 620-040 @perate ublmthm ROBERT E. TRIBBLE, President JOHN KUYKENDALL COURTNEY SIKES PUBLISHER/EDITOR ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE ANDY KOBER Phone (706) 846-3188 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Fax: (706) 846-2206 news@star-memury.com JACK BAGLEY P.O. Box 426 LAYOUT EDITOR Manchester, GA 31816 Official Legal Organ of the City of Hog~ville Sometimes when life, work and the world become stressful for us, we just need a good laugh. The past few weeks, with the holidays and more, have been kind of stressful for me and I decid- ed what I needed was a good laugh. Then I thought I'll bet the folks out there who read my column need a good laugh too. So, this column was born and is just for the purpose of sharing a good laugh. I hope you find the things included in this column as funny as I did and I hope you will laugh away some of your holiday stress. Let me ask you, how many stories of outrageous tragedies have started with the statement, "Hey guys, watch this!"? A friend of mine decided THINKING ABOUT our Father brings to mind this lit- tle joke On the first day, God cre- ated the dog and said: "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years." The dog said: "That's a long time to be barking. How about only 10 years and I'll give you back the other 10?" After some thought, God to put up a basketball goal for agreed. his kids to enjoy. He attached On the second day, God the goal to his garage. During created the monkey and said: one of his kid's birthday par- "Entertain people, do tricks, ties one of the high school and make them laugh. For basketball players decided to this, I'll give you a 20-year show off for the kids and life span." decided to do a quick dribble The monkey said: and dunk. He screams, "Monkey tricks for 20 years? "Watch this!" Begins drib- That's a pretty long time to bling hard toward the goal, perform. How about I give does a fantastic dunk and you back 10 like thedog did?" slammed into the garage And once again God door, luckily only his pride agreed. was hurt. He got up and said, On the third day, God cre- "This doesn't have the safe- ated the cow and said: "You ty offsets like my high must gointothe field with the school." Well duhl farmer all day long and suf- fer under the sun, have BLONDE JOKES really calves, and give milk to sup- shouldn't exist, not all port the farmer's family. For blondes are air heads, but you this, I will give you a life span have to admit the jokes are of 60 years." funny and here is one that The cow said: "That's kind might make you giggle a lit- of a tough life you want me fie: to live for 60 years? How A young blonde pilot is about 20 years and I'll give beginning flying lessons and back the other 40 years?" is in a two-seater airplane And God agreed again. with just the instructor pilot. On the fourth day, God He has a heart attack and created man and said: "Eat, dies. The frantic young sleep, play, marry and enjoy blonde pilot calls out a May your life. For this, I'll give Day. "May Day! May Day! you 20 years." But man said: Help me! Help met My "Only 20 years? Could you instructor pilot had a heart possibly give me my 20, the attack and is dead, and I don't 40 the cow gave back, the 10 know how to fly. I'm just the monkey gave back, and learning to be a pilot. Help the 10 the dog gave back; that me! Please help me!" makes 80. I think 40 years She hears a voice coming would be okay?" over the radio saying: "This "Okay," said God with a is Air Traffic Control and I snicker, "since you asked for read you loud and clear. I will it I'll give you the 80 years." talk you through this and get So that is why the first 20 you back on the ground. I've years we as humans eat, had a lot of experience with sleep, play and enjoy our- this kind of problem. Now, selves. For the next 40 years just take a deep breath, we slave in the sun to support Everything will be fine! Is our family. For the next 10 the plane flying level? Is the years, we do monkey tricks instructor pilot strapped in to entertain the grandchil- his seat? Just give me your dren. And for the last 10 height and position." years, we sit on the front She says, "I'm 5'4" and I'm porch and bark at everyone. in the front seat." And that's how life is (After a long pause she explained through God's cre- hears) "O.K." says the voice ation. Thank the cow, mon- on the radio "Now, repeat key and dog. after me: "Our Father Who There it is, the column art in Heaven " designed just for laughs. History at Our Fingertips The "Wayback Machine': Trm HOGANSVILLE HERALD is published weekly by Trib Publications, Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgia 31816. The Hogansville Herald is published proudly for the citizens of Hogansville and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, community oriented newspa- pers that you, our readers, are proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a strong dedication toward printing the truth. USPS 642-040. Subscription rates by mail: $25 in Troup, Harris or Meriwether Counties; $32.50 a year in state; $40 out of state. Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at Hogansville, Georgia 30230.Single copy 50 . FOR SUIISCRIFrlONS call (706) 846-3188 or write to Circulation Manager, Trib Publications, P. O. Box 426, Manchester, Georgia 31816. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E O. Box 426, Manchester, GA 31816. Let's Iook today at lawn fler, scraped his knuckles mowers and see what we can burned his hand on the muf- : i learn from them. Often the when the wrench slipped, plaimole ordinary things in: hurt his toe When he kicked life can teach us something it, called it a stupid piece of : if we will let them. junk, and was about to use Lawn mowers must be some Sunday School words /' f il instruments of God designed on it, he decided it might be to teach mankind humility! in the best interest of the i :w There is nothing more aggra- lawn mower and himself if vating than a lawn mower he just stopped and had a that will not run right! And, word of prayer. oh the humility, patience and The preacher dropped to perseverance we are taught his knees and prayed, "Lord, while working to fix one of either help me fix this stupid those rascals. We even learn piece of junk or fix it where how to pray better while it cannot be fixed! As fate working on one of those con- would have it he had to go to traptions, the shed to get another tool The story is told about a to work on the mower with. preacher who had abadexpe- As he returned to the front rience with a lawn mower yard he found his lawn and what the Lord taught him mower sitting there in through it. The preacher had flames. He said, "The Lord an old push mower that was answered my prayer but He several years old that had also taught me to be careful been giving him a lot of trou- what I asked for because I ble. One day he was cutting might get it!" the grass in the front yard After moving tothe coun- when it quit running on him try in late 1970, our first rid- again, ing mower was purchased. The preacher took a cou- While living in town we cut pie of wrenches out of his our grass with a push mower pocket and began working on because the yard was not that the old mower. After he had large. Both our first and see- ond riding mowers were pur- chased used, and we didn't buy our first new mower until three or so years ago. One day in the early Spring my old mower was giving me big time problems. It would run a short distance, sputter, stop and do all kinds of crazy things. I worked hard on it in an effort to patch it up so the thing would run some more. I even beat on the mower in an effort to make it run but that didn't work either. Finally, the mower was carried for repairs and I found out the problem was a simple one. The mower was fixed and used for several more years. Let me share with you four things I learned about life from my experience with that old lawn mower. First, things in life that we ust attempt to patch up instead of removing com- pletely will keep us from run- ning for the Lord. The Bible tells us that our sins will find us out. Secondly, no matter how hard you "beat" on someone you cannot make them run for the Lord. It takes love, compassion and understand- ing to get their attention. Third, it takes a great effort to get a person to run for the Lord who has never moved in that direction in years. It takes patience to lead them there. Lastly, it is not the obvi- ous things in life that causes failure but rather the little things. Solomon said, "It's the little foxes that spoil the vines." My old lawn mowers have taught me many things over the years. There is a good bet that yours have done the same for you. Thinkabout it. Next week we will look at the well pump and see what we can learn from it. As my career in the corn- I believe the last, final munity newspaper business bastion of honest journalism inevitably approaches the is with those who do not pose day it ends, I cannot help but for cameras and have no wonder who will pick up the desire to win prestigious reins, awards. Instead, they work Once a most trusted pro-to provide you with truth and fession, today journalists honesty. They do not allow are being heaped together personal feelings or beliefs with a few really bad apples to interfere with reporting that get major exposure,facts, which - admittedly - NBC news anchor Brian is not always easy. Williams reported riding in a helicopter shot down in SOlVIETIMEBACKIwas Iraq. That won him an talking with a fellow com- award. Unfortunately it was munity newspaper person, a lie sharing experiences while Fox News contributor looking ahead. Bill O'Reilly reported on Like me, he is concerned certain experiences during with the future of journal- the war between England ism especially community and Argentina. Turned out newspapers. A few years not to be true. behind me, he might still be The darling of MSNBC,working when I send in my Rachel Maddow, appeared final copy. to deliberately use old, out- He described us as dated information on which "anachronisms of a bygone to offer a smear piece and era" and maybe he is cor- was caught, rect. If so, we will carry that JaysonBlair, formerly of description as a badge of The New York Times simply honor as the twin ideals of created fake news stories honesty and integrity fall by complete with fake quotes, the wayside. Then there was Stephen It has been said the Glass, of the New Republic, immediacy of social media who wrote fake news for could bring the end of corn- three years before being munity newspapers. caught. Perhaps it will, but I think And on and on. not. As we all know, there is too much on social media that is simply not true. Consider a social media post I recently read. Person A is complaining about sub- standard home repairs made by Person B. In fact, based on Person A's diatribe, one. would never hire Person B to do any work. But, there were a number of people who posted good things about Person B's character and work ethic. So who is correct? Did Person B real- ly perform crappy work, or did Person A just have the proverbial axe to grind? Without an unbiased person to report on it, who really knows? Then there was the poor guy accused of being a "porch pirate". Pictures are posted of a guy approaching a door, he looks at a pack- age, but doesn't take it. Just walks off and out of surveil- lance camera range. The homeowner cannot wait to post the images to social media for all to see. Thankfully, because of a hat the person's face never actu- ally shows. Turns out the guy is actually a resident of the neighborhood looking for a mis-delivered package. He explained the delivery serv- ice reported his package as delivered, but it was not at his door. He went looking around the neighborhood trying tO find it. He report- ed actually finding his pack- age. Do I believe him? I can relate having packages mis- delivered. On social media, no one checks sources or their facts before sharing a post and once out there, it proves nearly impossible to correct. Who will be replacing us? I have no idea, but in the community newspaper world honesty and integrity are still important. That's my opinion. Andy Kober is a regular columnist for Trib Publications. He can be reached at andykober@hotmail.com [n I From the pages of the J nuary 11, 1979 Edition of the Hogansville Heral Adrian Wilborn Fired As Hogansville City Manager Hogansville City Manager Adrian Wilborn was fired as City Manager January 2 by a 3 to 2 vote by the Hogansville City Council. The action was taken at the first meeting of the year without fan- fare while Wilbom was out of town attending the funeral of his moth- er-in-law in Thomaston, "It came time to either hire this man as city manager or not hire him," explained new y e ected mayor Eddie B. Todd. "The majority voted not to hire him. It was fair by the fact that it was the night it had to be done, the first meeting of the year," he concluded. Hogansville city attorney Quillian Baldwin advised the council that the city charter provides for the city manager to continue to receive his salary for two months following a sudden dismissal, as in the case of Wilborn. Baldwin also stated that Wilborn had ten days in which to appeal the council's decision. When contacted later Wilbom stated that he had no intentions of appealing. 'q'o be perfectly honest, it was a great relief to hear the news. I feel like my life has been lengthened by at least ten years by coun- cil's decision. The pressure on me was so great that I couldn't have stood it too much longer anyway," Wilburn stated. No Cause Known For Christmas Eve Fire A Christmas Eve fire at the Hogansville Uniroyal Plant caused considerable damage although no official dollar figure has been issued, stated Uniroyal Plant Manager Bill Bittinger. The fire was contained to the top floor, which suffered exten- sive smoke damage, and the fourth floor which received water dam- age. The fire was reported by Hogansville Councilman Charles Jetmore at 9:15 Christmas Eve when he stated he saw a flicker in one of the top windows. "1 thought it was night watchman with a flashlight because you could see it for a second and then it was gone, only to reappear again," he stated. About the same time Jetmore called in the alarm, the ADT alarm (fire alarm hookup) sounded in the fire station that is connected to the mill. Ten fire- men answered the call. Public Service Commission that would raise the basic home tele- phone service rate 45 cents a month in Hogansville. Items compiled by Jack Bagley Southern Bell Files For Rate Increase (Compiler's note: Items presented here are copied exactly as Southern Bell today fileo a rate increase request with the Georgia they appeared in the origina/ newspaper pages )