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January 27, 2000     The Hogansville Herald
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January 27, 2000

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Classifieds do not cost! They pay! Call 846-3188 for rates adered bS, if CI a elect ps it is : is so/ I still 7, whet Would Make a Good Book... quiet reflectedSUnday after-upon ]! Readers Comments de and events of since moving my a year ago, I am to write a book. There a generous portion resting people and perplexing are the of our city coun- ffter Christmas, one of newspapers featured ,f each of the council 's and their wish for rille's future. )usly, all wanted to do to deliver the City created by ghtened coun- of a project t known as "the multi- dollar sod field deba- theirs was a sincere is an enigma to me i very same group (less cot and council mem- has been so uncoop- in recent attempts to Lsville out of the ma quality develop- as the proposed Park Golf The enlightened Harris and Ezra ,re went "all out" to a truck stop for ville because it Would lte $15,000 a year in new "et, these same enlight- uncil people are doing ing possible to frustrate :ourage the delivery of '.ct which would ulti- generate over 00.00 a year in tax rev- Harris and Mr. are state they are misle!d to the expressway ffairs! hough just a few months 't to sO lsly these same council . He t] vs had granted approval lade ! signs on the southwest :gin (J of Interstate 85. Oddly ens) ij, there was no addition- i efit to the city as is ,,,h.,,.i,w,.as tl bythe Audubon Park lPment. The city iZoeo?led the signs, only, on .Jwn merit Why the sud- woVman ; . Ls a la  ge or attitude, Mr. in th re and Mrs. Harris. are managing with so little business. They are a very important and necessary com- ponent to the life and the future of our city. Yet, they go ignored and unappreciated by the city fathers. Audubon Park, in addition to creating much needed tax revenues, would deliver a large. customer base for these much deserving and frustrated mer- chants. This is a fact which Mrs. Harris, Mr. Whitmore and Mr. Dorrough have not concerned themselves, nor do I believe they care. In addition to their negative attitude towards the signs, cer- tain members of the council indicated that the developer had not provided enough infor- mation. There is obviously a problem. Either these city fathers do not understandhow to read plans or there is a hid- den agenda of which our citi- zens are not aware. I under- stand that after the public hear- ing on December 20, while sup- posedly on break in a closed room and in the Mayor's absence, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Whitmore, Mr. Dorrough, Mr. Dollar, and city attorney Dan Lee participated in private dis- cussions regarding this project and how they were to vote. Yes, the vote was decided in the meeting behind closed doors which is a serious violation of the "Sunshine Law." During this same hearing on December 20, the city attorney's representa- tion as "agent of record" for Dorothy Weaver and her off- shore corporation "United Investors" was publicly exposed. It has been indicated that this corporation is man- aged by a Chinese Communist bank in Hong Kong. This is the same corporation which owns a portion of the Audubon Park development and this property owner has refused to sell. I understand the council vote went as Mrs. Weaver had want- currently enjoy is the ff the signs on the south exit ramp. figns are too late for the traffic to exit. nal signs to the north of it would certainly be a :, providing exposure to traveling southbound tlanta. Having spoken of the downtown mer- I understand that afcus- traffic, several mer- are forever closing their threatening loss to the ld future of our city. I any of our council Is, with exception of the r, have ever visited with must have found "common ground." Mrs. Weaver, through her corporation, also owned the property which was success- fully rezoned for a truck stop. As a result of this rezoning, she stands to make literally millions of dollars and her attorney will most probably be entitled to certain fees. A previous article in the Beacon, quoted the city manager as saying the reason the council voted in favor of Mrs. Weaver and the Flying J was because the city attorney had told the council that if the zoning was not granted, the city would be ensnarled in expen- sive litigation which the city ._.erchants, and therefore would lose Did any one of the ot a clue" as to how they council members ever think to Way IS ts the ee It.... watching Dr. James y's program on TV last Kennedy is Pastor of Ridge Presbyterian Florida). He had lin Graham as his guest. ley talked about the titan's Purse ministry Graham leads and 2hristians who want to (and that is a mark can make a dif- ze, Franklin said some- believe every person in needs to hear. He giving U.S. money to of many of the Countries in our where people are hungry of the basics of only allow the lead- those countries to "take in Switzerland.,, He went on to say that if really want to help who need relief, we Send our money, cloth- ld food to the missionar_ are committed to being eople are who said the mission- wotdd see that the people need help receive the items. I applaud that .at, My denomination, n. Baptist Convention, stationed in 130 countries, including many of the poorest countries in the world. We have a food and cloth- ing distribution system in place in the places where these min- istries are needed. We use only the missionaries to distribute our relief monies. These mis- sionaries are accountable for their ministry to the Baptists Who sent them. When Jesus dwelt in our world, He spent much of His time healing the sick and feed- ing the hungry. On one occa- sion,Jesus' disciples asked Him to send the people away so they could buy food. He replied, "They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat." (Matthew 14:16) It is not only a distinguishing mark of authenticity for a Christian to care, it is also the command of our Lord that we minister to the needy of our world. How can Christians have a clear con- science at a well-filled table of food when we know other peo- ple whom God loves as much as He loves us are hungry? Most of our churches have some means of ministry to the people around us who occa- sionally need help. When peo- ple are in need, they usually turn to a church. They should be able to expect a caring ask if the city attorney repre- sented Mrs. Weaver prior to casting their vote? How could the city attorney represent the best interest of the city while protecting his client, Mrs. Weaver? Since moving here, my wife and I have grown to love this town and its people; however, like any town or organization, we sometimes tend to be com- placent and apathetic about daily events which ultimately mold the future of our town. My new year's resolution is to do all that I can to eradicate this apathy, always working towards a prosperous future for Hogansville through controlled growth. I believe that most of the cit- izens of Hogansville feel the same as I about the future of our city. Also, I am sure none of us enjoy the taking of our hard earned money and paying for a pervious mistake of the Hogansville City Council. Let us not allow this council to com- pound a previous mistake. We must have projects like Audubon Park if we are going to overcome this burden of debt. Hopefully more of our cit- izens will come forward and ask Mrs. Harris, Mr. Whitmore, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Crocker and Mr. Dori'ough how they plan to sat- isfy this debt without continu- ing to cannibalize our citizens with taxes and excessive utili- ty bills. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. Whether they realize it or not, we are about to lose a great opportu- nity. Mrs. Harris, Mr. Whitmore, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Crocker and Mr. Dorrough need to cease being obstacles, "take a page out of our Mayor's book" and do all possible to bring this great project to our city and to Troup County. Thank heaven that our Mayor understands how fortunate the city is to have such an opportunity, and he has been unwavering and diligent in his efforts to make this hap- pen for Hogansville. It would certainly be a shame if the developers of this project elect- ed to move it to Grantville, Meriwether County or Coweta County. Maybe Mrs. Harris, Mr. Whitmore, Mr. Dorrough and Mrs. Crocker have a better plan or maybe they will personally assume a greater percentage of the cost of carrying the unnecessary $8,000,000.00 debt of the sod field. Before we lose it, I am hope- ful that the council members will realize that the opportuni- ty to fulfill their wish for the new year is "knocking at the door," please donot turn it away, or frustrate the developers so much that they go elsewhere. Respectfully, Brian Christner response from people who call Jesus Lord, because He set the example of caring. Now, there is a program called "Souper Bowl of Caring." It is simply an appeal for churches to receive an offering on Superbowl Sunday and designate it for the hungry people. It can be sent to North Korean Hunger min- istry of the Georgia Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Hunger Fund or used locally. The local Ministerial Association can use the money for people in our own area who sometimes need help with food or other necessities. Someone has said that the church is like a football game. You have 22 men on the field doing all the work and they des- perately need a break. You have 50,000 people in the bleachers watching as spectators and they certainly need some exercise! Well, here is a good opportuni- ty to get some exercise. Do something for somebody who needs help and do it in the name of our Lord through the agency He has established: the church. He will receive the honor and you will get the good feeling of His approval. Make it a "Souper Bowl of Caring" Sunday instead of just a Superbowl Sunday. Harold Willis The newspaper business is hard on cars ... so I bought a Saturn. The newspaper business is hard on cars. I know because I've been through three vehicles in the space of seven years. In this business I make, multiple trips around Harris County on a weekly basis. Then, during the school year I make numerous trips away from Harris County to cover high school and sometimes middle school sporting events, and believe me that Harris County has some very long-distance football games. That's just the routine work. I also have occasions when I must travel quickly to cover breaking news. : My ability to do my job is largely based on having dependable transporta- tion. That is not a luxury, it is a necessity. In December 1999, I found myself in the market to buy a car once again. Attempting to avoid incurring the new-car depreciation that takes place in the first two years of owning a new car, I began looking for a one to two-year old car in excellent condition. Buying a car is not on my list of favorite things to do. I do not like the hours of negotiations involved and still feeling like I paid too much. I do not like the idea of a salesperson acting as an intermediary between me and a "manager". Does any car customer really believe that a salesperson is negotiating with a ''$r';6;n their behalf? And how many times have you wanted to 10ok at a c&rdn'a c&i" Iot,"onty to have salespeople descend on you like a flockofbuz- zards. Further, I absolutely hate it when salespeople attempt to coerce me into buying a car that I really do not want. The Saturn Difference I decided to consider a Saturn based largely on the experience of a friend, John Davis, who purchased one several years ago. John's Saturn had been involved in an incident and did not incur any major damage. Add to this the fact that I have a 14-year old daughter who will begin driving before too long. I needed a car that was not only dependable but safe as well. Saturn of Columbus was not the only car dealership I contacted, but they were by far the friendliest and the most customer-oriented. Instead of trying to sell me just any car off the lot, Selena Johnson and Milan Trosclair listened to what I wanted and needed. For about two weeks, as cars were received at Saturn of Columbus, Selena or Milan would call me and tell me what was avail- able, the options the car had, and the price. There were no hidden charges and no high-pressure sales tactics. I appreciated their effort. On the day I bought my Saturn, Milan called with a good selection of vehi- cles available and we went to the dealership that evening. We were given plen- ty of time to view all of the cars available and the prices were clearly marked on each car. There were no high pressure sales tactics. In fact, we had as much time as we wanted to look at each car. Milan clearly and patiently explained all of the features in each car that we looked at. He noted the warranty available on each vehicle and made sure that we knew what was covered and what was not covered by the warranty on each vehicle. In addition, Milan also explained the inspection procedure conducted on each Saturn that had been traded in. We purchased a 1997 Saturn SL2 that evening and I was very impressed at Saturn's policy of no-haggle pricing. The car had virtually all the options avail- able and Milan made sure that everything was in working order -- even to the power mirror. And they even filled the gas tank before I left. Saturn keeps track of you after the sale. To date, I have received a number of mailings from Saturn and they have constantly asked how we were treated at Saturn of Columbus. This fact is, we were treated very well. Just this week, I received yet another letter from Saturn. This one had another spare key for my car. This key was enclosed in a slim pack designed to be kept in your wallet -- so you shouldn't ever lock this key in the car. Looking for a car? If you are in the market for a car, I suggest you give Saturn of Columbus a call. I highly recommend them and do so without any reservation. Ask for Selena or Milan and tell them I told you to call. Saturn of Columbus is located at 1661 Whittlesey Road, Columbus. That's near Hollywood Connections. The telephone number is 706-322-9927, or 1-800-741-4503. A.J. "Andy" Kober Editor - The Harris County Journal