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February 22, 2001     The Hogansville Herald
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February 22, 2001

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HOGA:NSVIIAA-; H)M.: Ntc s - THURSDAY, FEfRUARY 22, 2001 PA(iJ 5-i 00t's Recllec00: Our acts on State Flag KR EDITOR: he February 8, 2001 edition of 1 Hogansville Home News had 1 1 mrticle by the President of its ,][llication company, Millard B. lnes, about the "uplifting" feel- Georgia's new flag gives him. se, it ismd the article, repeatedly, and re platy concluded that Mr. Grimes, rpstate, lagh he is no doubt a very intel- teed ot man, really knows little about t theref history of the Confederate blem or what it represents. :hed tNFirst of all, no state's flag is led on ed to pay tribute to all of its trrotmdlitary heroes. Soldiers in World ttothcx I, World War II, Korea, 11 snat,nam and the Persian Gulf did M_itch !fight for their home state. hey dk outht for America, under the ball aerican flag. They shouldn't be zqer of lled as Georgians or Texans or v Yorkers, they should be er remembered as Americans. Sure two m soldiers deserve as much trib- ; a riv as those who died in the Civil _xlilecr, but I fail to see how the new d?" unite rag, I mean flag, does that. It n't yoSm incredibly unattractive cre- I and , not far above an eyesore. ighte The whole issue surrounding ]od su changing of the flag was the to be ef by the NAACP, and indeed :tety as a whole, that the ifederate flag represents slav- me le and oppression by Southerners clay. Belting the Civil War. WRONG! s. Ifthtrary to popular misinforma- one wi, the Civil War was not fought our jol r slavery! To put it briefly, the lin reason for the war was money. __===,,thern states were being heavi- d unfairly, taxed by northern ]L dl es on all goods they imported ,111 . exported. Tired of this unfair ----xmg, eleven southern states reded from the Union after md thP cln became president, which ratioe the north control of both the lite House and Congress. t of us These states had the vtitutional right to secede since hardeY were being unfairly taxed nts, dtt+hout representation. Knowing acks t loss of southern tax money ng. )h d cripple the north, Lincoln's till, g. eminent rejected the south's cel .'bn. t to Peaceable secession and as]) ed them self government. ere r etn knew the only way to keep gre :t southern states in the Union s lO Jld be tolefeat them in battle. have-i As I d before the war was al fotlght over slavery. the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, and long before any south- ern states existed. By the tune the war started in 1861, slavery was common in the south and the north. Since 93% of southerners didn't own slaves, it's preposterous to think they wold have fought a war over something they couldn't afford answcay. Furthermore, if the north was so anti-slavery, why did they continue to own slaves until 1866 - one year AFTER the war ended? Even Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, who commanded the northern armies, refused to give up his slaves until the passage of the 13th Amendment, also after the war had ended. I'm not saying slaveD, was not one issue in the war, but it def- initely was not why the war began. Another fact of the war Mr. Grimes didn't mention, or may not know, is that approximately 97,000 black men fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Yes, that's 97,000! They fought, and many died, bravely for the Southern Confederacy under that Confederate flag. How can anyone say the Confederate emblem does- n't represent both white and black Georgians? The changing of the flag in 1956 to incorporate the Confederate emblem is also portrayed deceit- fully. Most people think it was an act of defiance against forced inte- gration, yet legislators waited four years after that 1952 decision to change the flag. If it was changed as an act of defiance, why didn't they do it in 19527 While it is true hate groups often use the Confederate flag at their rallies, nothing is ever men- tioned about them also waving American and C2wistian flags. Why doesn't anyone protest those flags? years. As for Sen. Dan Lee, I disagree with Mr. Grimes about him being courageous for voting for the new state flag. I am not proud of him in the least. He voted directly oppo- site of what the majority of people in his district wanted. He was a coward, as were all of the senators, who voted to change the flag out of fear of a boycott by the NAACP. It was nothing more than economic extortion - and extortionists never quit as4aig as they get what they want. The ILD! The market is unreal. 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