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March 5, 2015     The Hogansville Herald
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March 5, 2015

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r & PAGE 4A - HOGANSVm HERALD - THURSDAY, MARCH 5,2015 THE HOGANSVILLE HERALD USPS 620-040 Owue @pera e Sy rih uhlka . ROBERT E. TRIBBLE, President JOHN KUYKENDALL KnV[ MITCHELL PUBLISHER/EDITOR BUSm~SS MANAGER ~LNDY KOBER Phone (706) 846-3188 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Fax: (706) 846-2206 news@star-mercury.corn ANGELA BROWN P, O. BOX 426 LAYOUT EDITOR Manchester, GA 31816 Official Legal Orgwt for the City of Hogarm, ille ,000 At the newspaper we receive letters to the editor all the time. Some point out what a bad job we are doing, some point out what a good job we are doing, some just voice an opinion and the list goes on and on. Each of you has gotten a letter I'm sure. Some you like to read and some you would rather not. But you still open them and read them. Recently, while doing my Bible study, I was reading Matthew 28:20. When I'm a little down or something is going on in my life, that verse seems to help lift my spirits. If you do not know the verse, a portion of it reads: "Surely I am with you always." As I studied the verse and cross referenced it, I turned -- to the Internet as I often do you were too busy to talk with me. I noticed at lunch you looked aroun " maybe you just felt embarrassed to talk to me. You glanced three tables over and noticed some of your friends talking to me before they ate, but you wouldn't. There was still more time left, and I hoped that we would talk. You went home and had many things to do. After they were done, you turned on the TV; just about In all probability very few arrive early. of us prepare in advance for One of the most impor- our weekly worship time. We tant ways to prepare for get up as late as we can so Sunday worship is to worship that we can get a little extra God all week long having rest sometimes because we dally devotion times and have gone to bed later than reading our Bibles daily. We usual on Saturday night, also should plan some time to When we finally get up we worship with our family at have just enough time to get home and visit the sick dur- dressed and get to church, ing the week. Sometimes it is hard for the Finally, we need to ladies to decide what they remember who it is that we want to wear so they might areworshippingallweeklong change clothes a couple of and especially on Sunday. He times, is the awesome living God Even if we do get up early who makes Himself known and have some extra time to us in three Persons, the some of us spend it watching Father, the Son and the Holy television or reading the Spirit. We should always newspaper or our mind is still remember that He loves us on a problem that needs to be so much that He gave His only worked out at work. For the begotten Son Jesus to die on younger couples getting the the cross for our salvation. children ready to go or the AndwhenJesusleftthisearth dog settled in so that there He gave us His Spirit to live won't be a disaster around the within us and to empower us house when we return can be .to live holy lives as best we difficult, can. THERE ARE some sim- ple things we can do to help prepare ourselves to be ready for Sunday School and Church. We can go to bed early on Saturday night so that we can be ready to meet God on Sunday. When we get up on Sunday morning we can listen to television preachers and study our Sunday School lesson before leaving in plen- ty of time so that we wilI These are some things we can do to help prepare for worship and you can proba- bly add others. Let us all put them into practice so that we can know that we have been in the presence of Almighty God as we leave our time of worship and that we have been blessed to depart on Sundays ready to serve Him with all that we are. A VERY SUCCESSFUL In 1964 Constance Baker Motley became the first black woman to serve in the New York Senate. She became a federal judge in 1966 and was the first black woman to be appointed to the federal bench. A LATE PLUMBER- The lady answered her front door LADY- She was born in Newto find a plumber standing Haven, Connecticut the 9th there. "I am here to fix the of 12 children and her moth- leaky pipe," he said. "I do not erwasthefounderoftheNew have a leaky pipe and I did Haven NAACP. She earned anot call a plumber," the lady degree in economics from answered. New York University and a "What?" huffed the law degree from Columbia plumber, "Aren't you Mrs. Law School in 1946. In 1945 Snyder?""The Synders move she became a law clerk for out of here a year ago," Thurgood Marshall who wasexplained the lady. "How do the chief counsel of the you like that," grunted the NAACP's Legal Defense plumber, "They call you up fund. and tell you that it is an emer- Over the next two gency and then move away." decades she worked on some of the nation's most impor- PSYCHOLOGY- A sales rant civil rights cases includ- lady in a candy store always ing Brown vs Board of had customers lined up wait- Education of Topeka, which ing while other sales ladies was the case in which the stood around with nothing to Supreme Court ruled that do. The owner of the store segregation in public schools noted how popular she was was unconstitutional, and asked her what her secret She worked on a case in was. Little Rock in 1957 that led "It is easy. The other President Eisenhower to call ladies scoop up more than a in federal troops and led the pound of candy and then start legal charge to win James taking some away. I always Meredith's entry into the scoop up less than a pound University of Mississippi in and then add some more to 1962. it." i these days to see what com- anything goes there and you ments others might share or spend many hours watching, t see if they are getting some- I waited as you continued 1 thing out of a scripture that watching TV and ate your I'm not. meal but again you wouldn't Anyway, the important talk tome The quote used as the title the same emotional issues I well remember that . ' .-- of this column was spoken by that all of us had, but who had Spock's self-sacrifice scene thing is as I researched At be.dtime you were totca- Leonard Nimo- in his role as ii in "The Wrath of Khan" actu- Iy tired. After you said good In one episode Spock ally brought tears to mem- Matthew 28:20 something y learned to control them. popped up that caught my n!ght to.your family you "VVOne of my favorite tele- notes his conflicted Vulcan- bers of the theater audience. attention. The line read: "A ptoppea mto oea ann yeu " ' ms of all time .t Letter from God."' asleep, l had so much want-, ws f:: ra k and I was Human nature and says, "I I recall that fans were survive because my intelii- :i! stunned at the death of the Before I opened the win- ed to be part of your day. We a.4. oa o, ah gence ::: -: haracter this despite the could have had so : week ei(,e a letter from God ...,n 9I .i rnoy: t. , ]In those few words there th pdck s death had .... v ....""" I wasa small boy when was and continues to be a les- " :: been leaked before the movie would it be one of the good together. - - .. Star Trek first aired While son for all of us. series and nerformed was released. In addition, it ones or one of the bad ones I tore you so much that I " ' " I " y. wait eve" da" for a thought some of my contemporarms Almost every conflict, be admirabl had already been reported i But, because my interest was 13' .y jl ,l~ , ! : peaked, I opened the window "rm erorthanks Well ma" be enjoyed looking backwards it between individuals, Unfortunately, he hadthe character would be .t:, . 7"" .". viewing the plethora of west- nations, or on an even larger been typecast as Spock. It reprised. :: and read the letter, tomorrow., u oey wamng:. . erns, others of us were look- scale, is most often caused by would prove to be a charac- Thanks to the Genesis !! ,, After reading it, Ithought, om' nena, ..._ i::: I would like to share this with emotion. I get angry with you, ter from which he could never Project, Spock did survive Just a few years after the you get angry with me, the disassociate- and he tried. In andenjoyedmoreadventures my readers because I'm sure first human was blasted into emotions escalate, andbefore 1978, Nimoy wrote an auto- aboard the starship many of them would like toTHANK GOODNESS I read it as well. had said my morning prayer, !i: So here goes, the letter I had said grace over my [i from God: meals and the night before I !:i said my evening prayer. If I Good morning, had not, can you imagine how [::: As you got up I watched I would have felt?But then I and hoped you would talk to thought, I pray but do I lis- i me. Just a few words, such us ten? thanking me for something There is a big difference. good in your life yesterday or If you will notice, in the let- last week, wou/d do. ter it read, "We could have But I noticed you were had so much fun and accom- ! busy selecting the rightplished so much together." i clothes for work. I waited My focus turned to John again to hear from you. 10:27 which reads, My sheep i When you ran around the hear my voice, and I know house collecting papers, I them, and they follow me;" knew there would be a fewThat is another column for minutes to stop and say hello, another day. o, but you never slowed down. As I focused on my Bible I wanted to tell you that I study, another thought rushed could help you accomplishthrough my head. Wonder if more than you ever dreamed the person God wrote the let, possible if you would just ter to would call upon him in spend some of each day with a time of need. Probably so, me. then I wonder how God might At one point you waited respond and all I could think fifteen minutes in a chair with about was Matthew 7:23 that nothingtodo.Iwaitedtohearreads,"AndthenIwilldeclare from you. to them, "I never knew you; ( Then I saw you spring to depart from Me, you who your feet; I thought you want- practice lawlessness." .,, ed to talk to me, but you ran If there is a message to . to the phone and called a thiscelunmitisasimpleone, friend. I watchedasofftowork "Take time each day to talk you went and waited patient- and listen to God and life ly all day long to hear from might just be a little less bec- k, you. With all your activities tic and more productive. Tim HOGANSVn is published weekly by Trib Publications, Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgia 31816. The Hogansville Herald is published proudly for the citizens of Hogansville and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, community oriented newspa- pers that you, our readers, are proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a strong dedication toward printing the USPS 642-040. Subscription rates by mail: $25 in Troup, Harris or Meriwethcr Counties; $32.50 a year in state; $40 out of state. Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at Hogansville, 30230.Single copy 50. FoR ONS call (706) 846-3188 or write to Circulation Manager, Trib Publications, P. O. Box 426, Manchester, Georgia 31816. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to P. O. Box 426, Manchester, GA31816. space, and just a few years after the Cuban Missile Crisis literally threatened the exis- tence of humanity, and years before the first humans walked on the moon, there was Star Trek, showing us worlds beyond our imagina- tions. ALL of the major repeat- ing characters in Star Trek were human, with the excep- tion of green-blooded Speck, who was written as being half-human and half-Vulcan. Many Star Trek fans wanted to be Captain James Kirk because he was the one in command. But there was always a group of Star Trek fans, myself being one of them, that truly appreciated the character of Spock. Spock, a person who had long the disagreement becomes physical. If we could ever take emo- tions out of that equation, the root cause could typically be addressed. Spock did that. He was the calming influence that played foil to the emotional outbursts and actions of his human ship- mates - specifically Captain Kirk and Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. LEONARD NIMOY had a number of roles before Star Trek. Star Trek lasted a mere three years before being can- celled by NBC, which might go to indicate the leadership of NBC then was just as poor quality as it is today. After Star Trek was can- celed, Nimoy starred in other biography titled, "I Am Not Enterprise. Spock" in which he dealt with Unfortunately, Spock/ the issue. Nimoy could not cheat the Star Trek fans provedeffects of COPD, or Chronic undeterred and Nimoy Obstructive Pulmonary reprised the role of Spock in Disease, apparently attrib- six movies based on the orig- uted to 30 years of smoking. inal Star Trek series. He So Speck leaves us, fol- would also appear in other lowing the path already tray- movies and television pro- eled by DeForest Kelley (Dr. grams based on Star Trek. McCoy) and James Doohan Despite having a success- (Chief Engineer ful career in other aspects of Montgomery Scott). the television and movie Nimoy, as Spock, showed industry, along with being a us children - most especial- writer, singer and photogra- ly boys - that emotion-fueled pher, Nimoy realized that he confrontation was not the would forever be closely answer, but that mental dis- aligned with the character of cipline most often was. Spock.In1995,hewouldwrite The character of Speck another tome titled, "I Am will always "live long and Speck." prosper" at least in our mem- ories. "THE NEEDS OF THE MANY outweigh the ..." That's my opinion. ............... I1 In the Hogansville Herald Compiled by Rob Richardson PREPARE TO PAY IT YOURSELF - The top story in the March 6, 1975 Hogansville Hera/d reflected the inflationary tone of the times. 'The city council voted hero Monday night to pass rate increases on gas and electricity on to their customers effective with the next billing. The decision to do so followed an explanation of the rate structures by city manager Adrian Wilborn." ,6, GOOD DEAL EMERGES - A local fundraiser was also worthy of the front page. "Although the economy is at an alltime high and prices are soaring, a person can still get a full course dinner at the low price of just $2 on the special day of Sunday, March 9 when once again the library science club will be serving a mouth- watering feast hero as the famous turkey dinner." The meal would include turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans, potato salad, rolls, cake and a choice of coffee or tea. OTHER HEADLINES - "Penny Is Worth a Penny and No More, Say Officials;" 'Weight Off Wisely Program in County;" "Future Homemakers Club Has Meeting;" "Reader Complains;" "Zoning Change Brings Group Before Commission."