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April 19, 2001     The Hogansville Herald
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April 19, 2001

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Opinions & Ideas PAGE 4 - HOGANSVILLE HOME NEWS - APRm 19 2001 THE HOGANSVILLE HOME NEWS usps s2o.o4o A Gnme ibn Mtllard B. G MIKE tIALZ PUBLmHEP4ADVERTmLNG DmrzroR JOHN KL"n(ENDALL AS,)CIATE PUBLISHER/EDITOR BRAN GETta ASSOOATE EDITOR JA'' Business MANAGER Phone (706) 8463188. Fax (706) 846-2.206 P O. Box426 Homsville, Georgia 3022O [00etting A Refund? ]00r3' Not To Again Well, tax time has come and and all of us can now rest In High Praise00 of Country " (Written in 1992) in Nashville, which is the South, Country music is but clearly is not in the coun- most popular in the Ifyouarestillusingtheterm try. Granted, a lot of country States. It has "hillbilly music," you are songs are about such things as of the country's youth. extremely outdated and, to be cowboys, rodeos, and despera- "There's a reason for quite honest, a bit ignorant does. And a lot of country artists Dick Feller has said. yourself. One might still use the do wear cowboy boots and cow- sucks." term when one is speaking of boy hats, but if rock singers did Indeed. And it not bluegrass music, which cer- songs about the aforementioned sucks, it is void of tainly can be nasal in tone. It and wore cowboy boots * and too loud, the people who was a couple of bluegrassers, hats, it would stillbe "rock," not are mullies, and why Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, "rock western." Michael Jackson who did the theme song for The I think "country" is a per- he got on top of that car andJ Beverly Hillbillies. The term feet term for country music, dled himself in hislatest "hillbilly" itself is close to"red- though, because it implies a cer- Didn't we lock up neck" in origin, tain earthiness. If there's any- "SoFtie didFl't weal" Herman for basically the People from the Southern thing country is, it's earthy, shoes, for instance, tl-dng? At least Pee-Wee hills didn't get to town very Conway Twitty sang, "Even nmch, either, and when they did, with your hair up in curlers, I'd alld others, like the decency to go insidemovie theater. they often stood out like red- still like to lay you down," and Clampetts, called necks. Some didn't wear shoes, that's about a good three feet swimming pools for instance, and others, like the into the ground there. BY Clampetts, called swimming 'cement ponds. ' " 2TH HIS DEDRA, pools "cement ponds." I THINK COUNTRY music HOMENEWS []IY. Or can we?  If you are one of the unlucky But most of them were good is also "real life" music, as in .tes, like me, that usually has to and true folk, even the moon- all the real-life television that GRIZZARD, WHO GREW :i, Uncle Sam, you probably shiners, who basically didn't is offered on the networks er; a game called pig polo for NEARBY l t have much more to worry think it was any of the federal today. Country talks about bad ordinary folk; my grandmoth- GEORGIA WRITER OF HIS ut, except where the money government's business what women, good whiskey, Mama's er's yard; and not telling old GRIZZARD TO ming from. The only advice they happened to do with their old brown hymnal, and Daddy's friends you love them when you I give you is to request that corn crop, and I heartily agree, hands. Country is about all the occasionally run into them after BELONGED TO THIS ARF, A ! re ta_xes are taken out of your The government has about as family a man has left since his long absences. GEORGIA, OF WHICH HE IOll check to reduce the much business saying who can woman has gone; country is Willie Nelson has sung of SOOFTEN, :ount you have to pay next year. , distill what and who can drink Brother Jukebox, Sister Wine, Bloody Mary mornings. OF 1-85 FROM NEWNAN ]If you're lucky enough to it as it does running a railroad, Mother Freedom, and Father Alabama has sung about Sunday HOGANSVlLLE IS NAMED IN ,eive a refund, the only thing which is why Amtrak is rarely Time. being the only day "Daddy HONOR. THE LEWIS have to worry about is being 'if'here are a num- on time, the help can be snarly, I've helped write a few coun- wouldn't work." Garth Brooks MORELANDMUSEUM WAS l !tdited later on or what you are liig to do with that extra money" belt" of ways to make and the air conditioner never try tunes of my own with a man has sung of infidelity and wife- ING AND EDITING LAB IS works in my roomette. I mentioned earlier, Dick Feller beaters, Johnny Cash on pris- DEDICATED TO HIS ' According to the IRS, more the PPd)Fley work for of Nashville fame. Dick is on ons, MerleHaggardontheblues HIS BELOVED ii. THE PROPER TERM for board with Sony-Tree of a working man', and Tom T. l 52 million tax refunds have yOU that are better what somebody might erro- Publishing in Nashville, as I am. Hall of"Old Dogs, Children and TAPES ARl li eady been certified and the [ierage return is $1,767. than a tax retu/TL,, neously call "hillbilly" music We've written songs about Watermelon Wine," one of my SALE THROUGH BAD today is, of course, "country suchthingsasgettingdrunkand all-time favorite country songs. PRODUCTIONS, P.O. BOX Illt00 IT ISN'T really a good idea to music. I don t even think making calls in the middle of But don t dare look down on ATLANTA, GA 31118-1266 Uncle Sam hold your money "country western" is correct, the night; the last time I saw my me or my kind from being coun- BOOK AND MUSIC NATIONWIDE. llc a full year. There are a num- because most of it is recorded mother and father dance togeth- tryphiles. Read this: [!r of ways to make the money If you don want to put allthe .axl]"rkf°ry°uthatarebetterthanreturn. Do you really want mm]insa,youdonhave Where Will You End Up Thi.s Sunda Iilendthegovernmentyourbs__.rd to. A wise person however, would It reed money for a year. do something fun with a little of the money (not too expensive) and [i By using the extra income save the rest. l, re wisely, that return can ben- This past Sunday I was awak- morning services werenowready and say they love Jesus, but t -- more by helping reduce RE,IT is coming ened to a world of darkness, to be held in a brightly lit corn- only come to church on" you are paying or by faster than most of us realize. If Smee in the early mg: fortable building, days andonce ever3 you to receive interest you received the average refund hours the electricity to both'the The radio broadcast and I love my parents, t you don't receive from the of $1,767 that is almost the total house and the church had gone .Sunday Schoolhaving nowended, because I love my parents, ,S. $2,000 for a Roth IRA, which is out. After getting ready for it was time for the worship ser- goingto their house. • Here are a few tips for using also tax deductible, church by candle and flashlight, vice. If we love our extra income or your tax Another good idea is invest- I made my way over to the church A good crowd had gathered Father, doesn't it stand .urn. ing the money in your children, and began to wonder what we for Sunday School, but because that we should love going You can start your child a 529 col- were going to do if the power did of it being Easter Sunday, many house as well? *One thing you may want to lege savings phtm not come back on by church time. more began to file in and practi- that were in church Sunday, not The good thing about this plan You see, it was Easter Sunday! cally fill the auditorium, only here at Antioch, but all the TO THOSE especially By paying on the premi- is that it Ms tax advantages as Not only did I think about the Friends, family and strangers others, where will they be this claim to be Christians, I pose i you will reduce the amount well. SundaySchoolhourandthemorn- had gathered to celebrate the faet Sunday? I realize we had many question: Where will interest you pay each month. The other thing to consider, ing worship service, but about we serve a risen Savior. visiting who have a church home Sunday? Wtll you you continue to pay the mini- if you have savings etc., is give 8:25, the live radio broadcast that The choir sang beautifully, the that faithfully preaches the Word the bed, on the lake, on the , you are just stay- your money to a worthy tax we have every Sunday morning musicians played gloriously, and of God, and they will be back in course or just piddle ! in a cycle of debt. deductible charity, at 9:00 began to look in jeopardy the special song by Angle their church, around the house? *Another wise way to put that You will be doing something (WTRP AM 620). Wtlkerson sent glory bumps (cold But, what about those who As a pastor whose mey to use by placing it in a good for someone else and also Then, as usual, the Lord came chills) up and down your spine, have no church home or do, but bility is to watch or r market, savings account have a tax deduction for next year through and once again our fives I preached from a passage are not as faithful as they should souls of the flock he has as wlL expenses have a way Remember, by using your tax were blessed with that wonder- where Paul encouraged young be? Where will they be? called to lead (see Hebrew: ful unseen energy we call dec- Timothy to remember that Jemm It is a wonderful thing to pay and 17), let me popping up. The car hreaks refund, or asking for a smaller tricity, is alive. The invitation was given special tribute to the day our wn, the washer breaks and so amount of deductions, you can and the altar almost completely Savior rose from the dead, but It :" " By putting the money away, putthenumeytoworkandreduce THE EMERGENCY lights filled and one even joined our Jesus is not just alive on Easter meet publicly and a can be ready for any emer- your debt much faster, went off, the overhead lights church. Sunday, he is alive every Sunday. the purpose of acy. ,, flashed on, the water coolers Even after a dark start to the (And every .other day as well.) Savior and edifying the  began to cool water and voila, we morning, theLord blessed us with Everl/Sundayisacelebrationthat (Hebrews I0:25). . had passed from darkness into a tremendous day. Jesus the crucified Son of God is I deeply appreciate \\;., the light, now the resurrected Son of God. who did go to God's house t weolrt/your r$. '\\; The radio broadcast, Sunday I SAID ALL THIS to lead up It is very puzzling to me how past Easter Sunday, but ' School and the Easter Sunday to this question. Of all the folks folks can clairn to be Christians will you be this Sunday? Friday Also Interruption The Home News Good ' " P O. Box 426 • Hogans-All Georgia 30230 [ PlscfaxdlcmtD: " It is Good Friday and I have hear. Things that have to be heard I will have to wait until 706-846-2206 had good intentions all day. Since at the right time or they may returns from the sunrise I have been up and eager never be heard, unless it is an Please be sure to include an adda d ptame number for verifu_6on), t6 try to pull a "Mary" and sit at In a little while, he leaves. The which case I will be glad to the feet of Jesus for at least a few door closes on his last "luv ya," on the four-wheeler and go minutes, preferably an hour or and with the sound of those words him. so. Haven't done that in a while. I know listening to him was far I'm told Then I was going to start writ- more important than work I can I hang up with Delta. I a .......... ing. Early. There was this column do "anytime." That's what folks where the software can be T, HOGANSILL HOME NEWS is Imb[idmd y by the Star-M Publisng to do, then the finishing touches seem to think about those of us I hang up with my partner. Company, a division of Grimes Publications, at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, on a couple of features, a health who work from home, you know, I race to the keyboarck : Gcorgia31816.USPS620-040.Subsciptionnaesbymail:$16inTmup, HeardorMeriwether column, a book review, and sev- that we can do our work just any I freeze. : Counties: $20 a year elsewhere. Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at eral projects to e-mail. And I had ole time. At least the computer  Hogansvillc. Georgia 30230. all day to do these tasks. , Ding dang goes the dooralarm has not frozen u FoRstscmPnocall(706)846-3188'writeloonManager.StrMcrcury Yeah, sure I did. It's a holiday, as my husband enters the house determined to establish his lawn! on ready for five hours. Publk:ations, P.O. Box 426, Mancheste  31816. Just about everybody I know again. Eager this time to show me Out the door he goes again, have. My thoughts are gon¢, PosrMSTEmSendschangstoPO. Box426, nogansville, GA30230. seems to be off today and they his new rain gauge. And the This time he's heading over to a rAFF Publisher and Advertising Director .................................................................. Mike Hc are all calling here. Not only that, biggest bag of wild bird seed he'd neighbor's to borrow some piece ITS GOOD FRIDAY. I A,socePubsherandEtor ......................................................... ....JohBgynd myhusbandandsonareofftoday ever bought. It was deal! And he of equipment. It's nice to live ed to write about Jesus Agsociate Editor ............................... . ................................................................. .Brya Geter and both want to talk! had to ask me howlong the turkey where neighbors share things so Haven done that in a Assist Ftor ............................. .,. .......................................................... ,Rob Rid-ardson But not at the same time, of had stayed in the back yard after everybody doesn't have to buy to express once more Business Mmmger .......................................................................... : ......... Jay Goldston course. One talks fir and I very his (myhusband's) last departure, everything it takes to thorough- I patiently listen and nod and ly enjoy quiet country living, to me. respond as an attentive and Iov- I LISTEN. I report the time All the pretty words are ing wife. Then he disappears out of the turkey's exit. I stroke the I AM ALONE again. My office Intheirplaceonlyone to the barn. In a moment or so I rain gauge. I express gratitude phone rings. It is my parmer. My bles up from my heart: hear the truck leave, for the bird seed. I hear how he home phone rings. It is Delta. much as yon have P M ....................................................... ,,._..Wa  Witt five minutes my son is about to aerate the yard now Somebody needs to talk to Daniel. least of these you have Pressroom ........................................................................ ,..,.=_., ...... .r,i Boe appears. He sits down on the hot- for the nth time and plant more I go to the door. A phone to each unto me..." cooa omens tom step of the stairs where he grass seedin his continuing effort ear. I wonder if that means President ......................... g ................ : ................................. , ........ ,..,..MiU B. Oa_r haS a clear view into where I'm to create some semblance of a To one caller I explain how I ing a timely ear to the re President ............................................................... , ..................  S. Grimes seated in my office. I now give lawn.Allthe fields aroundushave am still looking for a particular thoughts of friends him my attention. He is saying prettier grass than the area we piece of software. To the other I Hope so. It's going to be LegalCo,an.l and Assistant Secretary......: ........... , ................ ,..., ....... JmS:(inm things he wants me to hear. caUayard. Doesn't bother me a explain how the tractor is disap- day, this Go(xI Friday, butll Important things that I need to bit. Drives him up a wall! He is pearing down the driveway and good day. t .