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June 17, 2011     The Hogansville Herald
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June 17, 2011

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& PAGE 4 - HOGANSVILLE HERALD - THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2011 THE HOGANSVILLE HERALD USP8 e20-040 ~ (0111I (0pel21 ri[I ]ub[i lihllt , 11 Jerry Numbers did not with her personal collection ..................................... ii ii i i iiii ii i ;i i iiiz ;i i :i:iiiii:i;iiiii!i!i ;iiiiiiii iiiii i ;iiiiii!iii ii! 19. On that day in those ROBERT E. TRIBBU=, President appreciate the past history of of coffee cups and mugs that churches family members JOHN KVYI NDALL TA Y TmRRI -BvU CH the home that he and his wife are dedicated to dads. The woreroses, red for living dads PUBLISltER/EDITOR ROSINESS MnNAG .R purchased in Spokane, Numbers found the Dodd and white for dads who had: Washington until learningitems while going through passed away. The mayor 6 !i ANDY KORER Phone (706) 846-3188 later that its original owner storage containers with her Spokane and the governor Of ASSOCIATE EDITOR Fax: (706) 846-2206 helped found Father's Day in granddaughter Barbara Washington issued Father's. $tam~roJWnows@hotmail.com 1910. The home built in 1913 Hillerman, 75, who now lives Day proclamations for BRYAN GETER P.O. BOX 426 was where Sonora Smart in Vienna, Austria. day. ?i.i ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE Manchester, GA 31816 Dodd lived for 33 years while "Preserving this house Not satisfied with justi . o lt g Onca, fo c a,o/nog, ot she promoted celebrating helps preserve a part of his- local celebration, Dodd fatherhoodasanationalevent tory that has impacted not attheageof17aftermarryingspread her passion for a, Fan?: vArl e--s - Keyto t to be held on the third Sunday only Spokane but all of John Bruce Dobb, an insur- national holiday through per- in June. America and much of the ance agent and businessman, sonalletters, articles in news- Mr. Numbers helped entireworld,"LindaYeomans Thecouplehadonesonin 1909papers and political avenues, transform the home from a a historic preservation con- and that same year while lis- President Calvin Coolidge O " g ha e earned as rental property into the cou- sultant who helped guide the tening to a Mother's Day ser- suggested in 1924 that states ple's residence as well as a home'sthreeyearrestoration men at Central United observe the special day but a reporter is that things are not historical attraction after said Methodist Church, Mrs.Dodd it was not until 1972, when always what they seem and the purchasing it. During lastSonora Smart was only 16 thought about her father, who Dodd was 90, that President importance of gathering the year's centennial celebration years old in 1898 when her was still living at the time, RichardNixondesignatedthe facts. The other thing I've of Father's Day the family mother passed away leaving and wondered why fathers third Sunday in June as learned is that being involved opened the home to public her father, William Jackson did not have a "place in the Father s Day in America. TIie in politics is thankless, tours that offered a glimpse Smart, to raise her and her sun, too." "His kindness and special day is now observed That is true if you are the into the life of the Spokane five younger brothers on a the sacrifices he made for me in more than 50 natmns.- mayor or council member of a artist and poet who is best farm in eastern Washington inspired me," Dodd told the Mrs. Dodd passed away small town, a board of educa- remembered as the "Mother State. The widowed veteran New York Sun in 1936 for an in 1978 at age 96 and is buried tion. member, or serve, as a com ......... mat nave some ma oi connec- of Father's Day." of the Civil War was deter- article about the origins of near her husband and her nussmner. Ev.erythingyou do tiontothecontroversyandbegin TwoofMrs.Dodd'swater- mined to keep his family Father's Day. father in Spokane's ana say going m oe scruu- ......... the blame game with family and color paintings are hanging together even though many Greenwood Memorial .ra.z.ea. neavuyymegenermpoP" friends and the next thing you in the parlor where more than fathers would have sent the MRS. DODD presented Terrace. A memorial plaque ulation. . ..... know the facts become clouded a dozen of her American youngest children to live with her idea of an annual cele- to the Mother of Father's Day as a reporter, it is your joo bv all tllemmors to make the proper contacts on " SuCh last weekIndian doll creations arerelatives, nis example left an bration of fatherhood to a and a meditation garden were housed in a curio cabinet indelible impression on his group of Spokane ministers dedicated in her honor at the any news story to try and get to on a story we broke about the Black and white photographs adoring daughter, in 1910,and several delivered cemeteryonFather's Daylast the truth That is tough some ......... al .. _ " ...... vmnwemer ounw Anita of her are on display, alongSonora moved to Spokane FathersDaysermonsonJune year. umesoecausepeepleaonotnKe .qholtor The l'~onar,tmont nf t see 'ad" news published and ......... Agriculture"'': .......... hunched*' '"''Yan roves- .... J!i" gemng me mmrmanon is some- riparian tha dirat tnr wa.q times difficult because people "~" ...... .-" .'7- ....... ......... charged with a nnsdemeanor of e ' ' are not very wmmg to give It cruelty to animals and the shel- Why is it that people only e p an arn d , g" un " " "g ! r up. . . . ter was placed under quaran- seem to care when contentious at that meeting, whichis know- later? : After obtaining the factual . tine because of an outbreak of issues are at stake? tag-who you can trust. No way. I bet money this information, not the story that the Parvovirus. is being told on the streets or Amidallofthat, the Sheriff's Two nights in a row, earli- Over the years I have iiiiiiii i!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!ii!iii!i!iiiiiiii!iiiiiiii!iiiiiii guy would go screaming to the exchanged at the barber or " of erthis month, I had the rather learned and relearned that: commissioners about zoning oeau y ......... snop, me mc s are all Office was placed m. charge dubious pleasure of covering painful lesson rules and regulations. mat .............. snoma oe prmtea. lnat LS thetha shelteranimul. andvghv takingR c n. acare of very long, contentious 'meet- To this day, there are some Yes, 150 people attending myJk:e;mP;;etr :n :p.fmia.C:ns everythingattheshelterw ings. For our Alabama friends, people that l just willnot have iiii!ii!i ii ii :i i!ii!iiiiiiii iii!iiiii iiiiil a Harris County Commission that means there was a lot of anything to do with. They are ( W:: iiiiiiiii iii iiill iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: iiiiiii!ii!ii iiili meeting was impressive - ini-: or the: rumors out of the story evidenceinthecaseandthus, the.. arguing goingoninboth, not trustworthy and take tiaUy.Untiloneconsidersthis ......... :;" shelter became the responsibil- unce an aone, me itv of the de-artment because It started in Hogansville advantage of others whenev- ence. Toooften I have seenpar- was 150 people out of a popu:i -- P with a standing room onlyer theycan, ents and other adults treat a lation of over 30,000. ThenR next step totake theinforma- of the investigation The tion,condenseitasmuchasix " ' " ' " r crowd. The issue drawing theThat is often a tough les- recreationalsportsgamelikeit is not quite so impressive. sible" and put it" all m" words that thaSheriffa. . i nrnants Office didnhnt ttddt asktnfohv attention was modifying the son to be learned about peo- is the last game of the World :: everyone can understand, t'h city charter, but that was not ple. Some can smile on the Series, Super Bowl, NBA BOTH MEETINGS we 6, learnee}fl at ma t w-bewi d ...... ' AS M- hiitoftheParvb "'' Pgt, 9 underlying . .Ihaves par .tsberate cause of the argmnent, acquaintance, 0niyto' stab you" Children and' take the fun out tha 'tn ; a reporter works to get the facts, _ _ ": _., foundatthesheRer, over30dogs print the facts and make mem . . The truth is the specter of in the back. of the game. I have seen so- of them attended. !i::i . . were determinedtobemcurable understandable, there a cer- ........... another group home has called adults physically chal- Duringnormalmeetingsa[ : ...... anO. naa [o De eumamzea, out tam percemage or tl e popma- . , . served to split the communi- THE OTHER CON- lenge referees and umpires, either of the two places, there,i:' tion that will still believe the yet the Sheriff s Office was ty. To that end, a special use TENTIOUS meeting took along with each other, are seldom more than a dozem: accusedof"going onadogkilling rumors, spree" when the truth was the dogs simply could not be saved, COVERING governmental and that information was pro- meetings is one of the toughest vided to me by a professional beats for a rel rter. Covering that was called in to help at the the meetings ofa governmen- shelter and saves the lives of agency is only one smallpart animals every day. of thebeat. There are the side- Even though a story bar stories to things the politi- appeared in the newspaper cians 'are doing or not doing, about all that was going on, but There is always some centro- had to be limited because of the versy to deal with and the list ongoing investigation, the goes on and on, rumors were still flying. I once thought that cover-That is just one incident of ing government was dull and many I ,e been involved in over boring, but ovFr the years I've the years. learned it is one of the most Now to make my point, I exciting beats for a reporter for think most politicians seek many reasons, but the most office with the noble thought of important is because those are doing good and are concerned the people that are leading our about the community and its community, spending our tax people. I don thinka single one dollars and making decision of them gets into politics to about our future, become controversial or just to Simply put, it is one of the sit on the board. Every politi- most important beats for any dan I have met does he, eve he community and one that or she has the best interest of requires a great deal of atten- the community at heart when tion. making any decision and for the Everything I've said s far most part try to do what is right, is the groundwork for what this but still come under fire. column is about. I know first hand that most politicians really want to do the IN RFA2ENT years I ,e coy- right thing, but it is the fear of ered many controversies what is going to be said that involving governmental agen- sometimes clouds his or her cies, government employees judgment and more and each time, even I suggest that everyone, thoughthefactshavebeenprint- before casting stones, attend ed, it appears that the rumors meetings, dotheirownresearch surrounding the, controversy on voted upon items, give input justsimplywillnotdieandsome and stay involved. But more people just simply will not importantly, before passing accept the facts, judgmentorlisteningto rumors, Generally, the people that know what the facts are. willnot accept the facts arethase THE HOGANSVILLE HERALD is published weekly by Trib Publications. Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgia 31816. The Hogansville Herald is published proudly for the citizens of Hogansville and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, community oriented newspa- pers that you, our readers, arc proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a strong dedication toward printing the truth. USPS 642-04{}. Subscription rates by mail: $20 in Tmup, Harris or Meriwether Counties; $26 a year elsewhere. Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at Hogansville, Georgia 30230.Single copy 50. FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS call (706) 846-3 ! 8 8 or write to Circulation Manager, Trib Publications, P. O Box 426, Manchester, Georgia 31816. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E O. Box 426, Manchester; GA31816. permit for an old, dilapidated place at the Board of And there goes good les- school was on the agenda, but Commissioners meeting in sons about sportsmanship. withdrawn prior to the meet- Harris County. During the very long ing. I do not think it would have I estimate thatl50 peopleHarris County Commission been permitted anyway, were in attendance and this meetingvalidargumentswere also resulted in a standing expressed onboth sides of the BUT in the meantime, room only crowd that spilled issue until one man said some- charges of racism have intothelobby, andtheissuewas thing that stuck with me. His abounded.Inmyopinion, those a ball field complex in the comment was that a person charges were and continue to Fortson community. It' was should be allowed to do any- be unfounded. But like any after 11:30 p.m. when I got thingtheywanttodowiththeir charge of racism, if you repeat home. property. itloudenoughandlongenough, Those attending were Really? I have heard this themoregulliblewillbelieveit, almostevenlydividedbetween argument before but only In this argumentative those supporting the facility when somebody supports a meeting, there was one guy and those against it. project. who professed to be repre- My daughter is grown and I did not know this guy, but senting the NAACP. First gone so I really have no vest- I wonder how he would feel if appearances often mean ed interest in recreational his neighbor decided to open everything and you should sports anymore. Having par- and operate a junk yard, or have seen this character -- ticipatedinrecreationalsports perhaps a bar attracting a short pants that dropped a lit- activities, I think that children large, noisy, drunk and obnox- tle too low on the back side and should be given every oppor- ious crowd. I wonder if he a t-shirt. If this is the best tunity to join it, but not forced would welcome a dirt racing impression the NAACP can to do so. track next door, with the sound give, they are in deep trouble. Recreational sports should of high-powered racing Aside from that, another be fun and a learning expert- peoplein attendance. In fact," at any governmental meetir . : I cover there is rarely a crowd,: Sometimes it has been just the ': elected officials and me. Why do people not care ; about what is going on until specific issue catches attention? And even then ey' often do not really know what: all has transpired regarding: the issue. The two meetings showed how local government shout! not work as elected officiaIg should never be pressured making decisions. Do you ever wonder w hafl your elected officials age doing? '? Thenattendtheirmee on a regular basis and not just when there are contentious issues. That's my opinion. In the Hogansville Herald Compiled by Rob Richardson PREPARE TO CLEAN - The top story in the June 13, 1962 Hogansville Herald was about a club fundraiser. "]he Lions Club of Hogansville will conduct its annual mop and broom sale to aid the blind, Tuesday even,ng, June 19. The purchase of a mop or broom provides gainful employment to a worker at the Georgia Factory for the Blind." TAKING SHAPE - There was another pool update on the front page, also. 'q'roup County workmen this week completed the excavation work on the swim- ming pool hole on Johnson Street and the lining to walls and pool of the pool floor has already begun. Despite some delay this week due to heavy rains, the work is proceeding on schedule and the com- : pletion date is set around July 1 ." CINEMA TIME. Movies showing at the Royal Theatre included Woman Hunt, Swinging'Along, A Thunder of Drums and The Wonder of Aladdin. INSIDE HEADLINES - "Shower for Miss Sara Burden; .... Calling Shower Honors Miss Smith;" "Nancy Norris Jellico Awarded Certification;" "Miss Hammer and Miss Marciniak Entertain at Informal Party;" "Conrad Easley Visits Grandmother Here"