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September 2, 1999     The Hogansville Herald
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September 2, 1999

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HOGANSVmLE HOME NEWS - SEPTEMBER 2, 1999 - PAGE 5 ::00ond City of Hogansville Is at a Critical Crossroads TO the editor:. To the Hogansville City and the Citizens of We are at a critical crossroad ,'choose today will impact our for years and decades to The question is not if will come to our area (it to come), but is a quest type of growth we . in our community. : We realize that the truck driv- m our country provide us a vital service, and the of them are law-abid- citizens. They deserve a place to stop, rest their travels. Our must now decide Exit 6 in Hogansville be a new location for a ). Council approves the J Truck Stop, our would realize some short- ,000 to $20,000 in Sales Property Tax revenue * Create an estimated 70 jobs ' Provide a needed service * A new place for local resi- to eat and get gas On the negative side of this truck stop: Flying J is a Utah compa- '- all of the profits generated tlis facility go straight to the local is re-invested econ- We severely limit future, quality commercial devel- area (restaurants, etc.) and the tax revenue job opportunities associat- th this future development. We jeopardize recruiting residents into the area, and tax base and consumer associated with them. The truck stop will be built on a stream that feeds r water source. Increased noise, air poilu- ro latagg, traffic, and problems  o In our opinion, the negatives outweigh the positive. The revenue and inflow of into the local economy new residential develop- far exceeds econom- i the truck New residents in town will increased revenues for : revenue for the city, helping local economy and new business opportuni- will jeopardize this residen- growth. We have visited several truck stops in Georgia Alabama, including two :J truck stops. It is dfffi- the true enormi- of a 30-acre truck stop. The we observed at these far exceeds the esti- 150 trucks per day that J claims will visit the location. The roads near the truck stop were in terrible shape. At night, the brightness of the lights resembled a football stadium. The citizens of Hogansville should be deeply concerned about the impact this business will have on our community, our quality of life, and our future development potential. We have e seen it for ourselves, and the pic- ture is not as rosy as the one painted by Flying J, Inc. We would encourage citizens to visit a few truck stops to form their'" own opinion. We are not against truckers, truck stops or the Flying J Corporation. However, we believe the area at Exit 6, with- in the city limits of Hogansville, is not an appropriate site for a truck stop facility of this mag- nitude. If you are concerned about the negative impact this truck stop will have on Hogansville, please join US by signing the peti- tions found at many local stores. Write or call each of the City Council members to express your concern. Your voice will make a difference. Thank you, Citizens for Quality Growth Andy Sharp Hogansville Thanks for Earthly Angels To the editor. On August 24, my mother, son and I were on our way to a softball game at Callaway High. We had had a few bad storms that day. It had slacked off so we left for the game. About halfway there, it got dark. I remember my mother saying "I don't like this." About that time, it felt like something was pushing the car into the other lane. I lost control. I don' know if we turned any circles or not; it just seemed to last along time. When we finally stopped, we were in the ditch facing back toward Hogansville. A man in a red truck stopped to ask:if ve ' were okay. Thank God we were. We thanked him and I drove the car out .of the ditch on to the game. We hadn't driven too far when it started to rain again and I realized we had a flat tire. I pulled off and we sat for about 30 minutes with no one stop- ping. Finally my mother and I got out to change the flat when a car pulled in behind us. Thank God! When I got a good look at him., it was Greg Smith. All we could do was hug and thank him. He started changing the tire. When the passenger got out, it was LeKfiilla Tigner. She said she saw us and Greg turned around. Another car stopped to see if we were okay and if we need- ed help. It was Dwayne Cleveland. Greg finished changing the tire and we were again off to Callaway. Greg and Kuilla, thank you so much. I don't know what we would have done if you didn't stop. You two were sent by God, no doubt. My mum, Alan and I want to thank you and let you know you will always have a special place in our hearts. We love you guys. Also thanks to Dwayne and the man in the red truck. All; of you are God sends and our earthly angels. God Bless you and keep you. Bettina M. Potter Alan Potter LaRose Surovic Pros and Cons of Golf Community To the editor: , Let's look at the pro and con, for the golf community coming i to Hogansville. Folks around town are saying a good number of things I feel need to be looked at more closely. Some say the golf commu- nity will harm Hogansville because it will raise property taxes and thereby hurt our sen- ior citizens and others on fixed incomes. While this argument is being used to terrify a large number of Hogansville voters, logically it could also be applied to anything that would raise the standards in town. Are we sup- posed to be against any change for the better? Keeping prop- erty tax low for individuals would also depend on little or no additional growth occurring in the area. But like it or not growth is coming. And in other Georgia town where dramatic physical and fiscal growth has happened the increased tax base has been used to lower property tax rate for the folks in question. In Newnan, for example, lower income senior citizens pay little or no proper- ty tax. With the revenues that the golf community would bring in, this could also be done in Hogansville. Without the golf community, in a Hogansville c0ndenned to only low-end gfSw{h, ft :/>robably 0fildn't happen. People are concerned about the water and water quality if the golf community comes. Even if I knew then I couldn't supply specifies here (it would take books), but I do know this; many other communities in the local area routinely manage to build golf courses without destroying themselves. It is not rocket science. It will require local officials to work with the state to monitor the situation, but it's not hard. If these other areas can do it, so can Hogansville. Still others say that the golf community will create too much traffic. Yep, traffic will be more difficult as Hogansville grows, but this is true whether or not the golf community comes. The choice we have is not between no growth and the golf community. Growth is coming here no matter what. With the community, however, the growth will be more clearly and more planned. The traffic should be able to be controlled with addition- al traffic lights. And remember it is in the interest of the devel- opeF to ensure that this hap- pens. A planned community requires a long-term commit- ment. And over the long term, if people can't get to the prop- erties, those properties won't sell. Also, lost of folks don't like the golf community because John Arnold and John Jones are in favor of it and it would bring them good fortune. This would happen. But, after we have sold two-thirds of the town to these gentlemen (and no matter what they have or have not done), making sure they don't turn a profit can not logically be used as the major planning criteria for this community. It is, in the words of the old adage, cutting off your nose to spite your face. Depend on it, growth is com- ing. Our only concern is the type of growth that will happen. It favor the golf community because it offers a choice over the usual grab-at-anything growth patterns that cause sprawl and worse pollution. It also affords high-end growth that will help put Hogansville in a better fiscal position to build infrastructure. Over the last 32 years I have been lucky enough to see planned growth work in three other high growth states (all below the Mason- Dixon Line) as well as here in Georgia (Peachtree City). It can work here. It may not be the answer to everything but it beats the dickens out of the alternative. 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Requirements for the Dean's List are a quarterly garde point average of 3.5 or above but below 4.0 and com- pletion of a minimum quarter- ly course load of twelve quar- ter credit hours of coUege-level work. Home News Ads Pack a Punch with 4,000 copies delivered FREE each week to the Hogansville-Grantville area. To place an ad, call 1-706-846-3188 Public Hearing The following represents the Monthly Zoning Agenda of request to be considered by the Troup county board of Zoning Appeals & Planning Commission (BOZAPC) meeting on September 9, 1999, at 10:00 a.m. and the Troup County Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting on September 21, 1999, at 9 a.m. Both meetings will be held in the Commissioners Chambers located at 900 Dallis Street, LaGrange, GA. All written and oral comments are invited conceming this matter. For more information call (706) 883-1650. Appellants Name & Board & Property Location Request Hearing Date 1. Kenneth E. Cosper home occupation to operate a carpet care BOZAPC 108 Hawthorne Cir. contracting business fronting on Hawthorne Cir. September 9, 1999 LaGrange, GA 30240 10 a.m. 2. Jimmy Ridgeway 878 Shoemaker Rd. West Point, GA 31833 replacement of manufactured home on 1-acre parcel fronting on Shoemaker Rd. BOZAPC September 9, 1999 10 a.m. 3, Robert Alvardo to allow an 8'side yard variance from the required BOZAPC 48 S. Crossroad 20' side yard setback September 9, 1999 LaGrange, GA 30240 10 a.m. 4. Carolyn H. Orrick replacement of manufactured home on 29.9-acre BOZAPC Langford parcel fronting on Sandtown Rd. September 9, 1999 211 Sandtown Rd. 10 a.m. LaGrange, GA 30240 :,  ,::  :5 Lester Welbom 300 Salem Rd. LaGrange, GA 30240 placement of manufactured home on 3-acre parcel fronting on Salem Rd. BOZAPC September 9, 1999 10 a.m. 6. Pauline Williams placement of manufactured home on 6-acre parcel BOZAPC 1392 Hines Rd. fronting on Hines Rd. September 9, 1999 LaGrange, GA 30240 10 a.m. 7. John W. Slauson placement of manufactured home on 48-acre parcel BOZAPC , Robert Hodnett Rd. fronting on Robert Hodnett Rd. September 9, 1999 Pine Mountain, GA 31822 10 a.m. home operation to operate a marketing services business fronting on Old Chipley Rd. 8. Barbara Weatherford 110 Chipley Rd. Pine Mountain, GA 31822 BOZAPC September 9, 1999 10 a.m. 9. Select Development Co. to allow 35' sign height variance from the required BOZAPC 1-85 35' sign height for 3 general advertisement signs September 9, 1999 Hogansville, GA 30230 10 a.m. 10. Morgan & Travis placement of manufactured on 27.5 acre parcel BOZAPC Turner fronting on Mobley Bridge Rd. September 9, 1999 Mobley Bridge Rd. 10 a.m. Hogansville, GA 30230 11. Felicia T. Moore home occupation to operate a human resources BOZAPC 98 Terri Rd. consulting business fronting on Terri Rd. September 9, 1999 LaGrange, GA 30240 10 a.m. 12. Kitty Stribling placement of manufactured home on 1.68 acre parcel BOZAPC E. Beasley Rd. fronting on E. Beasley Rd. September 9, 1999 LaGrange, GA 30240 10 a.m. 13. Southern Billboard to allow 15' sign height variance from the previously BOZAPC Group approved 55'sign height and allow a double faced sign September 9, 1999 1-85 10 a.m. Hogansville, GA 30230 Rezonings 1. Will Ourbe 3127 Hamilton Rd. LaGrange, GA 30241 2. Mary Alice Binion 4048 Whitesville Rd. LaGrange, GA 30240 Applicant wishes to rezone 1 acre-parcel from A-100 to C-100 for office space fronting on Hamilton Rd. Applicant wishes to rezone 3.06 acre parcel from A-100 to C-100 for gift shop fronting on Whitesville Rd. Subdivision Review "Chase Away Farms" Broadwater Development Corp. 13 Lots Rosie Civers Rd/Bartley Rd. No Bonds Required BOZAPC September 9, 1999 10 a.m. and BOC September 21, 1999 9 a.m. Hogansville City Hall BOZPAC September 9, 1999 10 a.m. and BOC September 21, 1999 9 a.m. Hogansville City HaS Georgia Law requires that parties who have made campaign contributions to any member of the Troup County Board of Commissioners in excess of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) within two (2) years immediately preceding the filing of any of the following rezoning request, and who desire to appear at the public hearing in opposition to rezoning application shall, at least five (5) days prior to the public hearing file a campaign contribution report with the Troup County Building, Zoning & Planning Department.