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September 14, 2017     The Hogansville Herald
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September 14, 2017

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~ --" J II I IIII II I y.~" i i PAGE 4A - HOGANSVILLE HERALD - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 III THE HOGANSVILLE HERALD usps aub pemt b il l publka ns, ROBERT E. TRIBBLE, President JOHN KUYKENDALL KIM MITCHELL PUBLISHER/EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ANDY KOBER Phone (706) 846-3188 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Fax: (706) 846-2206 news@star-mercu~j.com JACK BAGLEY P.O. BOX 426 LAYOUT EDITOR Manchester, GA 31816 Legal OVgon of the Ci~ ~f Hogar~vi#e Most of us, when we were younger, didn't realize the things we were doing would come into play when we got older. That is especially true for athletes. When we are young we are full of energy, live for the moment and live life to the fullest. As I get older I real- ize the mistakes I made when I was young that are catch- ing up with me today. When I was younger, there were throe things that I loved and spent my time doing and didn't realize then the price I would pay for doing those things when I got older. My first love was sports. I love to play baseball, bas- ketball and football. My doc- tor says my knee problems probably stem from basket- ball, my neck and shoulder problems probably come from playing football and my ght shoulder is probably from throwing a baseball. When we're young and injure ourselves on the field of com- petition, we have no way of knowing then it's probably going to catch up to us when We older, but in most cases it does. cle, or whatever we do that makes us happy, it's worth the consequences that might come down the road. We've often heard it said that life is too short to be unhappy and that is so true. So at a young age, or at the ripe old age of 100, we need to do the things that make us happy. If you asked 100 people what it would take to be happy you would probably get 100 different answers. Some might say being wealthy would make them happy. Some might say being healthy would make them happy. Others may say family and friends is the key to happi- ness. That is because we are all different and we find hap- piness in different ways. Happiness, however, mainly comes from hope for the: future, ,no matter how: II0vedtorideandmydo - someone might answer the tor says my back problems question. Hope for the future probably come from being is the real key to happiness. thrown by this crazy WelchIt would be good to be liorseIownedoncethatwould wealthy, but living a life of throw me about once out of ease does not guarantee hap- every throe times I got in sad- piness. Proverbs 14:13 tells cUe. us "even in laughter the heart We won't talk abeut all the may be in pain." Having aches and pains that have money does not mean there caught up from being crazy will be no pain. on a motorcycle. But I'm sure The truth of the matter is you get the picture of what all of us want to be happy but I'm talking about: sometimes finding happiness Simply put, when we're can be a struggle. For most young the pain lasts for a lit- of us look for happiness in the tle while, but when we get wrong plaoes, such as money, older the arthritis and other other people, etc. So, where things that come from being do we find happiness? so careless with our bodies at Happiness comes from younger ages tend to remind within. It does not come from us of how crazy we really having things. It does not were back then. come from other people. So, if I had it all to do over Happiness is all about how again, would I do the same we feel about our future and things? There is no doubt I ourselves. would do it all over again. Happiness can be found There is nothing like in our family and friends, in standingonabaseballmound, good health, in having food in or hitting a deep shot in bas- ourbelliesanda roof over our ketball, or making a great run heads, in having peace and or pass on the football field, feeling secure. The true hap- or seeing how fast a horse can piness however, comes from run or seeing how high a knowing our purpose in life motorcycle will jump. Those and having hope for our are the thrills of life you can future, the future of our faro- never replace, ily, friends and neighbors. By now you're probably Having hope for the wondering where I'm going future plays a very important with this column and hope, partofbeinghappy.Eventthe fully I can explain. Bible teaches us that. Life and how we live it Romans 15:13 teaches us determines who we become that lesson with this verse: and how strong or weak we "May the God ofhopefiU you are. Whether its playing, with joy and peace as you sports, cheerleading, playing trust in him, so that you may in the band, or just enjoying overflow with hope by the riding a horse or a motorcy- power of the Holy Spirit." THE HOCANSVn,I HERALD is published weekly by Trib Publications, Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgia 31816. The Hogansville Herald is published proudly for the citizens of Hogansville and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, community oriented newspa- pers that you, our readers, are proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a strong dedication toward printing the mlth. USPS 642-040. Subscrilaion rates by mail: $25 in Troup, Hanis or Meriwether Coanties; $32:50 a year in state; $40 out of state.Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at Hogansviile, Georgia 30230 .Single copy FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS call (706) 846-3188 or write to Circulation Manager, Trib Publications, P. O. Box 426, Manchester, Geo 31816. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E O. Box 426, Manchester, GA 31816. Make Sure You Are Worth Over the last several stand there and shiver for years the term energy crisis days or put some wood in the has become a reality in fireplace and make it burn or American society and it is you will remain rather cold. causing some people to What I have described change their habits. Whether above will hold many people it is a crisis or not we know back on their jobs and will onethingforcertainthat, bills keep them from earning the for energy related products amount of money that they keep going up. In relation to need and would like to have. utllity bills when I get up each It could be more complicat- morning and turn up the ther- ed than this if some folks have mostat to warm our home and the attitude that they would make it feel more comfort- like to have the benefits able the utility bill will go up. before they prove them- Years ago most homes selves to be worthy of the had to be warmed with fire- salary that they started with wood in a fireplace in order in the beginning. In other to get some heat and most of words they are saying, "Let the firewood had to be cut me start out with a high salary with an ax and when it was and then I will prove that I put in the fireplace some am worth that salary!" newspapers had to be put Unless you are self- under the wood to make it employed, too young or burnandffyoustoodtooclose retired consider this: When a to it you would have to move person is looking for a job and further away. someone agrees to hire him, The point that I am mak- regardless of the starting ing is really simple. You can salary, the employer is tak- More Than ing a chance that the person is going to be worth at least whathe is paid. If the employ- / . eras m the private sector when a profit must be earned to stay in business, this means just breaking even. On the other hand ff the employee is worth more than he is paid the difference is profit and this is where the future rais- es and fringe benefits come from. If you are being paid eight dollars per hour your value to your employer should be worth at least ten dollars per hour because that is the only You Are Paid way you can have a financial future with the company. If your employer is not earning a profit there is no way he can pay you more money. He may pay you for a while based on the value of other employees who are worth more but it cannot continue forverylong. The next time you want to see this principle clearly think about that fireplace that will warm the room. If you really want to move up in your company and earn a lot more money in the process the surest and most dependable way to do it is to always be worth more than you are paid. To have this attitude is the best financial security on earth. A person who starts oct with the notion that the world owes them a living general- ly finds that the world pays its debt in the poor house. Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait. Thank God for the common ordinary people who rise up to help others when neede& As I write this the area in which I live is expecting signif- icant impacts from Irma. As youreadthis, whateverhashap- pened has well happenecL Bad things happen. Despite claims made by the idiotic college professor in Florida, hurricanes and tropi- cal storms are not the result of elections and political leanings. In fact they are naturalphe-. nomen We can no more under- stand why such events occur as we can count the gains of sand in the Sahar They just oocur. Sodo em-th- quakes, tornadoes, avalanches, and solar storms. The difference is in how people react Ireminded of Tl i'e was one segment of the population that did nothing but loot There were myriad video clips of thesepeoplebreakingintoretail stores and carrying off televi- sions and other electronic devices. These same people did nothing to ensure their survival or the survival of family mere- hers. They were totally depend- ont on someone else to take care of them, and loudly complained when emergency services were not there for them despite repeated warnings of the approaching storm. On the other hand, during and immediately after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, peo- plepouredintohelp. They came from many states, including Hawai They were unpaid vol- unteers seeking only to offer help to others - strangers they did not know. THE IMAGES were repeat- ed last week as Harvey struck Texas. Texans were a bit better prepared and while there was some looting, thugs and scum taking advantage of the situa- tion, it was apparently not on the scale of what happened in New Orleans. Perhaps signs warning looters of potential out- comes helped. Once again, common ordi- nary people stepped up. The term ' ajun Navy" mi)ght well go do.in history as boat own- ers from Louisiana headed to Texas to help rescue flood vic- tims. These people were not paid. Funding their own respec- tive efforts, they simply went to help. As this is being written, Irma is battering Florida. It is projected to hammer Georgia and parts of Alabama. Even before the storm has struck, volunteers organized to provide relief not only to the impacted area, but to those evacuating from the path of the storm. News crews are showing the devastation in the large cities arid, of course, l(r t ) g has started. But on the- flip side, there will be those responding to the impacted areas to help. In the short term they will be there to help rescue others. But this is a long-term event and in the coming months more volun- teers will avel to the devas- tated areas. They will help feed people, muck out houses, and begin the process of rebuilding. They are the real heroes, giving of themselves and their talents. NOT EVERYONE can trav- el to help others, but there is something that everyone can do. The immediate need will he food and water followed quick- ly by shelter. As soon as the storm passes, people will be sending food, water, and other supplies. Of course that incurs the need for transportation and fuel, neither of which might be readily available. In addition, once again px;i- vate individuals and local organizations will perform the bulk of the work. They willneed financial help. When donations are given to national organizations one wonders how much of the money actually goes to help vic- rims. Instead, and from person- al experience, such donations might be better given to the Salvation Army, to local trust- worthy civic groups, and local faith-based organizations. Know that in the aftermath of Irma, there will be many unscrupulous people offering to repair damage to your prop- erty and home. A word of cau- tion is to trust local people and local companies first. finalanalysis,whL1e there will be many people that are stealing, looN, and scare- ruing during and after storm, there will be many more helping others. They will do this not for recognition but out of a sense of community spirit They deserve and will need your support. That's my opinion. Andy Kober is a regular columnist for Trib Publicafions. He can be reached dt antlykober@hotmail.com I From the pages of the September 11, 1947 Edition of the Hogansville Herald: Local Schools Open Monday According to reports, everything is about in readiness for the opening of the local school system next Monday. A general faculty meeting of all schools was held at the high school on Monday of this week, with Supenntendent of Schools, T. Jackson Lowe, pre- siding. All the teachers of the three local schools were present, and a considerable amount of preliminary school business was accom- plished. The faculties of the Elementary and Grammar schools held meetings on Monday afternoon, to set up their program of action, and to arrange for the registering of all low grade pupils. This reg- istration was held yesterday at the Johnson street school where all pupils up to sixth grade registered for the coming term. Principal George Hutchinson called a meeting of the high school faculty for Tuesday moming, which also set up a program for reg- istration on Thursday of all grades from the 7th to the 11th. Students whose last name begin with Ato Lwere asked to come in the morn- ing, while those with names beginning with M to Z are asked to reg- ister this aftemoon. Ladies Golf Tourney To Start September 15 Not to be outdone by their "lords and masters" (?) the ladies of the Hogansvilie Municipal Golf Club are preparing for a Ladies' Golf Tournament, to begin on Monday, the 15th of September. A number of local ladies have already signified their intention of entering the competition, and all indications point to a spirited contest, with entries enough for two flights. All ladies who wish to enter this tournament have from now until next Sunday evening to qualify and register for the meet. Qualifications will be on 19 holes of play, and registration will be at the dub house. Registration fee will be $1.50. Prizes will be put up for winners and runners-up of the two flights, and for medalist. Henry Benkert Wins Golf Meet The City Wkie Golf Tournament played on the local golf course during the past week, came to a close on Sunday when Henry Benkert defeated Ralph Harris, 5 and 4, and won the first or Championship flight. F.C. Carden defeated John R. Hines, 1 up in 19 holes for the championship of the second flight. Pew Kmzy Kat Grocery to Open Last of Month The Krazy Kat Grocery, a branch of the Krazy Kat chain of Food and Meat Markets, of Newnan, will open for business in the new Burden building, just east of the Crawford Hardware store, some time near the latter part of September. Workmen have been hurrying the construction and finishing the work on the big concrete block building, and the electricians and plumbers are finishing their work early this week. compiled by Jack Bagley (Compiler's note: Items presented here are copied exactly as they appeared in the original newspaper pages.)