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September 14, 2017     The Hogansville Herald
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September 14, 2017

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The Hogansville Herald * Thursday, September 14, 2017 Page 7-A restaurants develop By JACK BAGLEY thank a soldier! And isn't even a word. didyouknowcolumn @gmail.com ~ there.) academically gifted students - especial: Football season is here. ly those with high verbal aptitudes - are more Yay. likely to be bullied at school than less-gifted No, I don't have any football-specific triv- ones? (Yeah, you really needed me to tell you ia to share, necessarily, but it's important that that. I was a nerd. I know how it goes. But as these sports seasons change, they should be the good.news is the bullies usually end up acknowledged, working for the nerds. It balances.) So, football, I'm acknowledging you cows have best friends? They also get If I seem somewhat indifferent to football, stressed when separated from those friends. you must remember where I come from. On (Didn't some milk company use an ad cam- the north side of Chicago, there were really paign back in the day about "contented cows"? only two sports when I was growing up - base- Now I know what they were talking about.) ball, and everything else the smallest city in North Dakota, Ruse, And while trivia isn't classified as a sport, hasapopulationofonly4people? North Dakota it is something that transcends seasons and is doesn't have towns or villages. Each incorpo- enjoyable year-round. Trivia is fun on a per- rated municipality is officially a city, regard- serial scale, and nobody's trying to tackle you less of its population. (And the entire populi- at the two-yard line while you're enjoying it. tion of the state is 12 1/2, so ) (At least, I hope they aren't. If they are, overweight people probably have their maybe you should concentrate on the football parents to blame for their condition? If you game you're playing, and leave the trivia until were a child and were told to"clean your plate," liter. It'li be there.) your parents taught you tb also ignore your So, let's get ready to "hike" the trivia! And body's hunger cues, and to eat even when you ' ass" it along to all your friendsI Scoreatriv- didn't need to. (My parents used the old ia ' ouchdown!" "Children are starving in wherever" line to get There did I get enough football refer- me to clean my plate. It didn't help - they kept enees in for you? starving and I got fat.) Did you/mow putting sugar on a cut will help speed the a completely blind chameleon will still healing and stop the flow of blood? (A sweet take on the colors of its environment? (How idea, no?) it does that, I don't know. How it knows it did the five most frequently used letters in that, I can't even begin to imagine.) the English alphabet are, in order, E, T, A, I, your brain can really store everything and S? (All you watchers of Wheel of Fortune in your life? Techrtically, the human brain has are screaming, "No! It's R, S, T, L, N, and El the capacity to store every single thing you Pat and Vanna said sol") see, hear, read, or experience. The issue is professional magician The Amazing recall of that information - much of it is stored Randi has a long-standing offer of $1 million beYOnd normal recall. (Unless you're like me. to anybody who can prove anything paranor- My storage is pretty full, but my recall button mal under purely scientific conditions? More doesn't work any more.) than a thousand people have taken up the chal- there are poisonous birds? The hooded lenge, and nobody has claimed the prize. pitouiofNew Guineaand the little shrikethrush (Where are Muldur and Scully when you need of Central and South America secretea neu: " them?) rotoxin in their skins and feathers that makes in 1993, the owner of a Mexican zoo was eating them dangerous- they become your last arrested when he illegally purchased an FBI meal, whether you chose it that way or not. agent in a gorilla suit, thinking he was buying Also, the spur-winged goose and the common an actual gorilla? (No way am I going to men- quail are known to consumc poisonous insects key around with that one:) and beetles and, while the poisons don't affect the Vatican has plans to baptize aliens the birds, they are stored in the birds' skin and from other planets when they finally do con- affect anything that eats the birds. (If you're tact us? waiting for me to say something about man- in the 1980s, one of Colombia's main drug made toxins, keep waiting. I don't do politics cartels was spending about $2,500 a month on here.) rubber bands - just to hold all of their cash? drive-throughs at restaurants were orig- cows sleep standing up, but they can only inalIy created for the military? The first drive- dream while lying down? (That leads me to through (I hate it whenit's spelled"drive-thru") wonder what a cow would dream about. No at a McDonald's was opened near an Arizona doubt, their dreams are probably very a-moo- military base. The idea was to serve soldiers sing.) who were not permitted to get out of their vehi- Now you know! cles off post while wearing fatigue uniforms. NOTE: I'm now sporting a column-specif- The convenience spread to other fast-food ic e-mail address, so if you want to write me, chains, and the rest - as they say - is history, send it to me at: didyouknowcol- (If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you umn@gmail.com. I answer every e-mail I are reading this at a fast-food drive-through, receive. Menu Set At Hogansville Active Life Center By ANDY KOflER The staff of the Hogansville Active Life Center has amlounced the menu for next week. Monday, Sept. 18 - Chicken breast with side of BBQ sauce, creamed corn, seasoned cab- bage, ambrosia; Tuesday, Sept. 19 - Beef tips over noodles, English peas, glazed carrots, oat bran muf- fin, applesauce, brownie; Wednesday, Sept. 20 - Turkey and swiss cheese sandwich, broccoli salad, strawberries; Thursday, Sept. 21 - Hot dog, vegetarian baked beans, cole slaw, peach jello with diced peaches; Friday, Sept. 22 - Salisbury steak, butter beans, yam patties or baked sweet potato, apple. Meals are served with low fat milk, coffee or tea, and are subject to change without notice. The Active Life Center is located on Church Street. Active Life Center Sponsoring Chicken-Que By ANDY KOBER This Saturday the Hogansville Active Life Center will be hosting a fund-raising Chicken- Que. The leg quarters will be ready at noon and served hot off the grill. ,Side items will include baked beans, slaw, roll and a cookie. Drinks will be available for purchase. The Chicken-Que plates are being sold for $8 each. Tickets are still available by calling the Active Life Center at 706-637-6606. :!i!::!:~i:i;i:i:!i~::!:i::iii~:i;i~ ~ DAMAGE DONE - A flooded shown above. Hurricanes dering why. By DR. JOHN A. TURES Professor of Political Science LaGrange College Right now, mentioning the very words "climate change" could get you fired in Washington DC. EPA Director Scott Pruitt argued "Now is not the time to talk about climate change," while liberal comedian Bill Maher noted how many climate change deniers are fleeing the storm. But are we seeing the impact of what this theory predicted, at least in hurri- canes? Climate change sup- porters, who make up more than 90 percent of the scien- tific community, admit that such theories do not account for the formation of these storms. But they do note that the changes in weather pat- terns associated with warmer temperatures and strong humidity feed into the hurricanes to make them stronger. Analysis from the National Hurricane Center confirms this. Currently, from 2011-2017, we have had 98 hurricanes so far. It's pret- ty consistent with other decades, like the 1950s, which average about 13 or so storms a year. There's not an increase in the number of hurricanes and tropical storms per year. However, there have beenalot of major hurricanes recently, which are Category 3, 4 and 5. In fact there, have been 15 in just these seven cears (2011-2017). Already, five have hit the USA (Irene, Sandy, Matthew, Harvey and. Irma), with Jose possibly on the way. I'm not counting Category 3 hurricane Joaqu'm, as it just missed the United States, but it did gen- erate terribly flooding in South Carolina and drowned all 33 sailors (28 Americans) on the S.S. E1 Faro. In other words, it did not completely spare America, though the eye did not make landfall. There were seven such major hurricanes alone that hit the United States in 2001- 2010 time frame (as well as 91enty of hurricanes and tropical storms). Five of these major hurricanes hit America between 1991-2000. From 1971-1980 and 1981- 1990, there were only four major hurricanes a decade, with only one Category 4 storm or stronger for those 20 years (Hurricane Hugo, 1989). But here's the interesting thing. The terrible destruc- tion of today's hurricanes does resemble those of much earlier years. There were ten major storms hitting the USA in 1941-1950, nine in the 1951- 1960 time frame, with 6 in the 1920s, 7 between 1911-1910, and four from 1901-1910. There was an average of 6.2 neighborhood in are seemingly more Courtesy WSPY Houston, thanks to Hurricane Harvey, is severe than ever, and scientists are won- major storms per decade that strike the U.S. from 1851- 1900, with an average of one Category 4 storm per decade hitting the USA in the same 1851-1900 era. Over decades, you can see the first world countries like the United States and Europeans make the transi- tion from agriculture to industrialization. The shift to these smog-infested facto- ries and production centers can account for variations in the weather. Efforts by America and Europe to Shift to cleaner manufacturing plants and more regulation .from the EPA and elections of pro-envir6nment politi- cians across the Atlantic real- ly paid off, as hurricane severity tapered off from the 1960s through the 1980s, with the occasional outlier like Hurricane Camille. But the rapid industrial- ization of third world coun- tries in the late 1980s, led by China and India, as well as rampant burning and defor- estation in many Latin American and Southeast Asian nations coupled with the vestiges of remaining old industries in the First World has made these "once a cen- tury" hurricanes occur annu- ally, or even several times in the same year! Analysis of the most pew- erful storms in history, since the mid-1800s, shows us that 10 of the 16 most costly hur- ricanes in America's history have occurred in the 2000s (and one of those was Tropical Storm Allison, from 2001). That's not just because we're building more on the coast (though that is a problem). It's also because half of the ten most powerful storms have occurred since 2000, not counting Mitch (which was in 1998). We can follow the advice of EPA Director Pruitt and just not talk about it, watch- ing major Southern cities drown while gay people are blamed for weather phenom- ena. Or we can learn from our past success, when Democrats and Republicans took the necessary steps to reduce the factors which strengthen the storms that devastate our country. It involves a better pact than Paris, including firm com- mitments and monitoring of the Third World, not just the First World. John A. "l ces is a profes- sor of political science at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Ga. He can be reached at jtures@lagrange.edu. His Twitter account is JohnTures2. Russ Ray con- tributed to this report. mot8 WORMS. CRICKETS " MINNOWS " FISHING TACKLE 222 5th Street Manchester Ga 7am To 8Dm Monday Thru Saturday NO SUNDAY SALES FOR INFORMATION CONTACT Glnny 706-696-7548 23, 2017 tots of food