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September 23, 2011     The Hogansville Herald
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September 23, 2011

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::=,A/'.q : ...... 1 1 66,' D PAGE 4 - HOGANSVILLE HERALD - THURSDAY, SEPT 22, 2011 THE HOGANS VILLE HERALD ] N 1 .wspltpe' t' Ad, 7erl:isi ' / ' . Olllttl (0 l rttt l Trill ]ull|il ttiottlt, Jltl; /+ Please allow me to toot the second place Internet. !!i percent who rely most on1 ROBERT E TRIBBLE- President [ our horns somewhat this 80 percent of communi- ii)i Internet. _ . . " [' _ _ ] week concerning some ty newspaper readers read 14 percent rely most 9 37+o JOHN I UYKENDALL "IAMMY "I'RIRRLE-I:iULLOCH l a,,, rtisin- facts about cam- the discount stores advertis- t] our community newspape , ,, PUBLISHER]EDITOR BUSINESS lVIANAGER/ munity newspapers. . hag. for cell phone shoppmg in.f i ed ANDY KOBER Phone (706)846 3188 / News makes up only a * 78 percent of communi- mauon, compareo to elg~L.L~ ASSOClATEEDITOR " F (706) 46- o6 I portionofacommunityt~ews-ty newspaper readers read~ iii~ percent who rely most on+~l-~j.,m / Weekl advertise- the de artment stores adver- evision and seven perd t news@star-memuw.com paper y . . P i+i:i "' BRYAN GETER P O BOX 426 ] ments are a form of news to tlsmg. Around 67 percent of wh relymstnthelnter ., . i el or Ine above is a prexc ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVEManchester, GA 31816 most readers Some say all adults surveyed rar y ............ ...... ,. O~cialLe al'~anfortheCi~'ofHo-ansville | advertising dollars are slip- neveruse dlrectmailtomake ..... strong snapping list ior .... ...... . j ping away to other media, but purchasing decisions; 57 per- ceil pnones or pnone servlc- munity newspapers in the ,,, .w T __ , not true when it comes to your cent rarely or never use the es. ^. .. . four states we publish, asweU [ nmn,-,-,n r t ] r, orl:al community newspaper. Yellow Pages to make pur- . : ax percent rely most on as for newspapers across JL ww ' ' " chasing decisions their community newspaper America. Community ............. TO PROVE the point, Community newspapers for.furn ure.shopplng !nfo, papers are positioned Last week I kept my eyes please read the following have a very strong bond in wmcnIs rive tunes moreman well to help bring togetl . .iq and ears tuned to the radio, carefully, esDecialiv you connectinglocalreaderswith the second place surce, tel- buyersand sellersinthe television and Internet. Why? :+ advertisers tnd Dotential advertisers evision at six percent, munitiesweserve.Please : I was worried about the fires advertisers - ' * 31 percent or more rely your lo.cal newspaper raging through Texas and 80 percent of communi-SOME SAY that reading most on their commumty and aUow us to help you grov "- _ ....... news a er tar appnance our business especxally when i.t was report ty newspaper readers read an advertisement is not the _ P. P ...... Y ........ ed one was nearmg. Houston ........ the groceIT or supermarket, same as buying a productsnapping,, wnlcn is mree. In conclusion, mmK ao.0%at. and Harris County. advertising advertised in the ad. For sure tlmes more than the second thls. When you run a "---- ~+i~ ....... ~f::~ ~i " " "" ~' My son, Brannon, and his Half or more of all read- advertisers want buyers, not p!ace source, the Internet at cessfuladvertlsmgcamp e family live in The Woodlands ers rely most on their cam- just readers, so consider the nine percent, you help three important seg- man:pi, ee fel i! ta lol!is awYs mer its :;;s;aiPn r.f rhag(?s follo hg:ee_fourthsOfr 27 ercent rely most on ments of our communlii i gbeeUti l ata e:e:t oalg tho:: oU ic eWP)hP:p;rg, f i: eid [o StoYw?U Jlp'yourbus P understand that there is no ten times more than the next surveyed plan to p h . " ..... gr . . oftimes, but never mentioned guarantee of a tomorrow it is most relied upon source,health or medical products or amaosttttree.tEnesmorem.an Secondly, you help the cit-. the fires, because I assumed almost impossible to live a life direct mail. You can prove services in the next year. the secona pmce source, me izens of your area, who are he was as worried about them lan to bu Internet at ten percent our readers, to know where that illustrates that we do this to yourself by looking in 72 percent p Y .... 7 _ . .... , * percent plan to ouy to snap ior thee neeas as I was and talking about it understand it the waste basket at your local women s clothing. - ..... ;'" r - ....... " :: " " * n to bu turniture mls year, zo pe -Thiroay, you nelp to ma,K ,o would probably make him Life has always been and post office. 66 percent pla + y ............... , ,+ worm, more ., ..... ~11 h.~ ~..~"~I,:, wh. o~g-~v,-ontnfn, wreadersmen's clothin centpmntoouyappnam=e~,*o your community newspala~;r I was so relieved lastrealityofdeathisthatwehave read the hardware and home ' 44percent plan to pur- percent planto buy a.used stronger, and this is Tuesda when it was n su vemcle, ann ix percent p,an because strong newspaper Y " no controlover it and without improvement advertising,chase lawn and garde p- . ... announced that the threat to the knowledge of knowing and more than 30 percent of plies or services, to buy a new venlcm. ... help to build strong comlnu- 20 percent reiy on melr nltles Harris County was no longer, when it will haopen, all readers rely on their com- 35 percent plan to buy .. _ " " ..... is to lose a - " t seek community newspaper most Ben Jarer sa stauwr ,' My worse fear The sis le e tures are mum news aper for home msuranceproducts, or o ....... ....:+_ , P g . ty P ..... for new vehicle shoppmg tot me v rwegrassFarm child or grandchild. I c_an t always the best. Give your maprovement shoppmg tufa. fmancial servmes. . ................... amful that , * t lan to bu mzormatlon, coziipareu to As/lol/r/l d imagine how ,p " . spouse, children and grand- That s four times more than 31 percen p y +-2 would be. I can t imagine the children a hug and teU them ' ' " pain that is felt by families "'ou love them Call your par- _ _ --.-- i A 11 tr : nq thathavelostchildrenandmy entsvourc 'dren, andyour' Tf%z-t II[ l t 4C t'% / ftl'll l I IIT + heart goes out to them. gr dchildren and let them IlIIK; I _t' ll ll kl ;Otll Ikll X" Ik., ILl Otl In most cases, when we know"ou care and are think - - " Y - ............................. ................... ...... ing is prohibited on unda ~S lose a loved one it comes at a in- about them The little While conducting some guns. : . . " " - 1 rke Count ! iiiiii i ,iii:: )i iii iiiii)i) ii! ii!j+iiii i!i)i) iiiiii Having seen some oi wnat, tune when we least expect It tures a lon way. research on another subject, Athens-C a Y ...... 1 ;A;i and it's the could haves, +" - I found reference to strange alsohasalawregardingsling- shouldhavesandwouldhaves IT IS also im-ortant to lawsinvariousGeorgiacities shots, specifically prohibit- ;i i iii l ii!iIi ii aer tt any aancmg is atl W + v " bama slin , i ,::: ,i%ii iii!iiiiiiiiii iiiiii i in Roswell on Sundays. that always haunt us. . nand time with Vour familv With so much bad news mg the use of Ala g-, : ! iii i ....... w. ,c; - -*+- % - i % ~:~:~::~ ..... ::" ~:iii~i:~i~:~i~ii~i~::i~::~.~b%:ii~i~ii~ii:i~ now IS tne law entorceur,, ~,o Such was the case for two an " ndswhentimeaUows surroundmg us, I decided to shots. ..... ...... trail e be and ~::~::~ ~ :: ~ :,~:~,~:~:~::::::~:::~:~::~:~:~,~:~,:~:~+~?~:~+~,::~: me police sneak arounu p t~,~ families that made national If my randkids lived near- share a selection with you Fred that sg y ..... ,'" ..~, ~- ...... 7 " ~:~ ........... ~ .... :~::~:~:':+:~: In m WlnQOWSt" -~ news by every weekend would hoping to bring you a little belief. The law reads, No lilli! g .... "' a use = ....... InAtlanta, it is against the probably be filled with things humor today, personshall use for m " i ,: i+ iiii ..... ....... ........ +-a wto ue+a a Charles Williams dropped his "" "]vI;e-l'd+est Gdson, Eli,-. emanot be used inside the city. Alabama slingskot or .any In ie 'of deaT (g With that,-:phonmor s0noffatahighschoolfootball knows about that When he limits slingshot or simffar {hing in persoffina+tif~ehGnoredfasn- question oegs tO~'a~+~_~_-~ ct" ion the lawmaker left It to how about eleph practice and never saw him wasvoun,erandlivednearby,A blow gun is little more the urban service distri : "_, . ......... again, weh adsomethingplannedforthat a hollow tube A dart, or Can one presume that the police aepartment, nonsr ur tigers.'. In March, a family in every weekend Not to men-other projectile, is placed slingshots made in China, But at least some of us In Dublin, it isagains e Michigan lost their son right tion the fact that I saw him or inside the tube. It is powered Bangladesh or Honduras are have a measureOf protection law to throw rocksat.l s after he hit a game winning talked With him every daystrictly by the user's lung acceptable? when we visit Columbus. We can pres " sl=ka st t/e is high school foot- Those are memories that each pressure, blowing in one end mrow rOCKS at aogs anu~sil Both bo s died due to anof us share and willnever for- of the tube and sending the NOTE that in Columbus A NUMBER of Georgia and, maybe even-the dart out the other end and it is agains the law to tease .ycities have passed strange bur s children, but Y . get. Even now though we are ,. , .... .. :,, ._ --+ I undiagnosed heart condition, miles anart, I try to contact toward the target, an ialot. ' .... mw_s. : _ _ , . ....... o .... | It hasn't been that long ago him as oftenas I can. The use of blow guns is The law reads, "It shaUbe InSt. M aryrs it IS Illegal .... that a young man in ' ure there are c "csmost often associated with unlawful and disorderly con- to spit on me sIueWalK alter . I m s ynl r O ers n to tease dark. One must presume that requ*re................. T - MerlwetherCountydiedafter out there that will read thls jungle areas,notmColumbus, ductf ranyp or ...... : .... the sidewalk is be eaten with the hands( [- [ a basketball game due to a and consider this so one wonders why The or narass, elmer oy warns, plttnx u** ", column ,, " s le al during the daytime Gainesville is report+ t heart ailment o-, h-t I'm not sure a father actual law reads, It shall be signs or acts, on the street g ............... Usually, like Charles tb tnevergottosav oodbye unlawfulto shoot gravel, shot or public places in the city which brings torward the oetne,,votutryt=apxtm nI Williams, there is no closure tohis son would a ee mr'shot ormarble, or anyother thing any simple minded, idiotic, Or question,why it is legal dur- World andthe a nl lttt or peace. . fluff but a goodpiece of out of a gravel shooter, blow crazy person, or any cripple, ing me flay ann iuegaI at passeu as part ox a puom4ttm "I didn't get to tell him I advice gun or marble sling, or other or other unfortunate person, night? Unfortunately, nosuch measure. Despite_tha i: i (! loved or hug him,or any- " device or implement of like and it is hereby made the reason was listed, still the law. I wonder thm , Charles stud Now I ATELY. when I character especial duty of the police While spitting is under police officers visit g _ , ~'~)RTUN . " ................. ~u,,~...+..~.+----;a~r~tinn, in Marietta it local restaurants to won't ever get that Chance lnstmvm-andnarents.narents So if you go to t~olumous, aepartment to enlorce uze .... .. ......... ,,.^ ...... a ..,,o, ,he ,,ii Hgl ,, ~" no- z- ,,r I.. +- 1 .... eh~ l~l,-~**r crttn t.rm~ n thee .~'tinn " IS llle~al tO S i[ IrOlll a tsar ul tlll~ I~IW ~IIIU wimt t** I""M~ ~"~ again. . and my sister the opportum- ue sure to ,eav~ ......... s ....."Z ....... ~ ....... . ....... *Y--* :* :- P~Y--- *-- o--~* from ment is for breakin~ that l~I As a reporter and ha vlng ty to tell them that I loved at home, and no7 1 have no Onecan. only.surn.~.setna~ =;a3 ? mlgl;u ;; tthat " +ha truth is n a wjy| to cover so many tragedies them did not pass me by idea what a gravel shooter is. some point in [,m,_ e over the years there is one Mournin~ the loss of a We could only wish Columbus lawmaker s rela- one of the city leaders that thought one was phrase that seems to always loved one is" tough enoughColumbus law enforcement tire was on the wrong side of votedonthatlawdroveapick- hold chicken be a common item among without having to live with mourners. Most of them the regrets of could haves, reflect on words left unsaid, would haves and should things they could have or haves. should have done, or time that My grandmother, a simple slipped away. but very intelligent woman, Life and finances often once told me that there are dictated what we can and can- two things to remember about not do for or with loved ones. life. It can also dictate how much '% man or woman preach- time we spend with them, es his or her own funeral," she especiaUy if they are like my would say. "We should live children and grandchildren every day like we are preach- and live hundreds of miles hag our funeral because we away. are not guaranteed a tomor- I do call the kids and row to make things right." grandkids when I can and I She also would say, "We would love to visit more, but all die but our memories will that is not always possible and live on with those we leave it does bother me a great deal. behind." One thing that is true THE HO6ANSVmLE HERAI is published weekly by Tfib Publications, Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgm 31816. The Hogansville Herald is published proudly for the citizens of Hogansville and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, community oriented newspa- pers that you, our readers, are proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a strong dedication toward printing the truth. USPS 642-040. Subscription rates by marl: $25 in Troup, Hams or Mefiwether Counties; $32.50 a year in state; $40 out of state. Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at Hogansville, Georgia 30230.Single copy 50. FOR SUBSCRWnONS call(706) 846-3188 or write to Circulation Manager, Tfib Publications, E O. Box 426, Manchester, Georgia 31816. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E O. Box 426. Manchester, GA 31816. paid as much attention to the being teased, or possibly up truck and chewed tobac- way people drive as prose- became the butt of some-co. outing those carrying blow body's ill-conceived joke. In Roswelt, erotic danc- gers while eating it That's my opinion. m m m Compiled by Rob Richardson In the Hogansville Herald "s -rl - A RUNOFF -,The top story in the Sept. 19, 1962 Hogansville Hera 'd abotJt results of a statewide election. 'q'he 1,677 registered voters in Hogansville district who turned out in such admirable numbers to do t duty on Wednesday, Sept. 12 face still another challenge to their responsibility in the runoff election scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. decide between two men for Lieutenant Governor and between two for Troup County representative for district number one." Running Lieutenant Governor were Peter Zack Geer and Lester Maddox. " : " I A SOUND VICTORY - The high school football team also earned a spot on the front page. 'qhe Hogansville Green Wave spry and saucy from its first in of the season -a 37-6 shellacking of Harris County - will make their first home stand of the year Friday night when they will be host Fayette County 11 from Fayetteville and th s one wil be for the rec l since it will be the Greenies' first subregion game." CINEMA "rIME - Movies showing at the Royal Theatre included Fabulous World of Jules Veme; Bimbo the Great and The Man Liberty Valance. THER HEADLINES -"Miss Maxwell to Wed Mr. Davis Sept. 29;" FHA Elects Officers for Year;" "Perfect Attendance Pins Awarded Summer School;" "Girl Scout Troops 41 and 72 Visit Blue Spring."