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November 2, 2000     The Hogansville Herald
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November 2, 2000

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PAEE 2 HOGANSVIIJ, HOME NEWS - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2000 Two Races to Be Decided Tuesday He is also the former owner and administrator of The Royal Elaine Nursing Home in LaGrange. Neely is a former Meriwether County Commissioner. He and his wife Beth reside in Manchester and have three children: Lauren, Brittany and Shannon. The Neelys are active mem- bers of The First Baptist Church of Manchester. Neely is a graduate of Manchester High School and Columbus College, where he received a degree in Business Management. He presently serves on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity, Mar(wether County Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Development Authority. Neely is also a gradu- ate of Leadership Mar(wether. Both Charles and Beth serve on the Board of Directors of Operation Good Neighbor and Empty Stocking Program. Operation Good Neighbor is a program developed to help peo- ple in need of food and Clothing. The Empty Stocking Program works with local churches to pro- vide for between S00 and 700 peo- ple who are in need at Christmas. Neely says he feels he is the best candidate because he will be accessible to all constituents and will not answer to just certain small groups. He promises to support any legislation that is best for the peo- ple, regardless of which party sponsors the bill. Neely pointed out that he believes in traditional family val- ues. He stated education is a major source of concern and changes need to be made. He said the legislature should move toward adopting a "true educa- tion reform bill." Neely said if he is chosen to serve the people of the 131st District, he will work to reduce taxes and do his best to help the senior citizens. "As State Representative, I will be accessible to all people and will work hard to make sure that their voice and concerns are heard in Atlanta. I will represent the district to the best of my abil- ity and never, compromise my integrity&apos; 6 +vicflons." ' 29TH DISTRICT STATE SENATE Incumbent Dan Lee (Democrat) Dan Lee is seeking re-elec- tion to the 29th District State Senate seat. Lee has served as a Georgia State Senator since 1999. He is a member of the Judiciary, Economic Development, Natural Resources and Public Safety committees. He is a graduate of the Meriwether County School System and furthered his educa- tion at LaGrange College, Cumberland School of Law and Samford University. Lee has been a practicing attorney since 1985, represent- ing individuals and businesses with annual budgets of over $100 million dollars and employing over 1400 people. He opened his practice in Mar(wether County in 1988. Presently he serves as attorney for Hogansville and LaGrange College. He is a former solicitor of the State Court of Troup County. Lee has been married for 18 years to the former Susan Holliday. The couple has one son, Daniel, who is a sixth grader at Gardner Newman Middle School. Lee is an active member of LaGrange First United Methodist Church and teaches a Men's Bible class. Lee says he has worked throughout his life to reach his goals and that same work ethic and ability to get things done is what makes him the best candi- date for the 29th District seat. There are a number of things Lee would like to see addressed by the Senate if re-elected. He feels the Senate should take a close look at juvenile delinquen- cy and school discipline issues; should provide additional prose- cutors to fight drug offenders and violent crime; protect the state's rivers and streams and should abolish the state's share of property taxes collected on homes and automobiles. "To Georgians who share my pride in our traditions, and a desire to carry these strengths into the future, my campaign offers something unique: A com- mon-sense approach that puts getting things done ahead of polit- ical expediency, bringing people together ahead of political divi- sions, and capitalizing on Georgia's excellence to solve problems affecting all of us," Lee said. "I recognize the problems that are obstacles to a better Georgia. I have the common sense and positive solutions to them. "I would like nothing more than to continue working for the people of the 29th District. I hope they will put their faith and con- fidence in me once again when they go to the polis on November 7th." Tom Mills (Republican) Tom Mills is seeking the 29th State Senate to represent Meriwether and Troup counties in the November 7 election as the Republican candidate. Mills, a Georgia native, was born in 1950 and raised in Savannah before moving to LaGrange to attend LaGrange College in 1972. He earned a BA in Art and Design and Middle School Education from the col- lege and an MFA from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Mills is currently a teacher at Gardner Newman Middle School and an adjunct at Southern Union State Community College. Mills and his wife, Debbie, daughter of LaGrange College professor Dr. Don Jolly and his wife, Bobbie, have been married for 25 years. Tom and Debbie have three children: Whitney, Hilary and Harrison who are attending Auburn University. The Mills family are mem- bers of First Methodist Church in LaGrange. Mills stated he will work to repeal the Gov. Roy Barnes Educational Reform Bill and implement a strong reading cur- riculum in the elementary grades. He believes that tax exempt educational savings accounts should be established for all Georgia families. Mills says he is "100% Pro- Government Reform and Tax Reform." He says he will work to eliminate all appointed boards with taxing and regulating authority that are not directly answerable to the Voters of Georgia and he will work to reform Georgia's tax structure. Mills said he would try and elim- inated the income tax and freeze the residential property tax and wok to eatabliah,,c,9' prescription medications for cit- izens SS years and older. "I would like to see 25% of all sales tax receipts returned to the Continued from Page 1 county of origin, the 29th District," he said. "I "I will work for the people of would appreciate any consider- Don't Forget In November 7th Compiled By Billy Bryant Proposed Constitutional Amendments to State Constitution. Vote yes or no. No. 1 Shall the Constitution be amended so as to provide for selection of a replacement for any member of the GeneralAssembly who has been initially convicted of a felony? No. 2 Shall the Constitution be amended so as to provide for a homeowner's incentive adjustment for ad valorem property tax relief? No. 3 Shall the Constitution be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide a pro- gram of compensation for law enforcement offi- cers who become physically disabled, but not per- manently disabled, as a result of physical injury incurred in the line of duty and caused by a will- ful act of violence and for firemen who become physically disabled, but not permanently disabled, as a result of physical injury incurred while fight- ing a fire, which program shall entitle an injured law enforcement officer or fireman to receive monthly compensation from the state in an amount equal to such person's regular compensation for the period of time that the law enforcement offi- cer or fireman is physically unable to perform the duties of his or her employment, not exceeding 12 months and with certain exceptions? No. 4 Shall the Constitution be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by law for indemnification with respect to public school teachers, administrators, and employees who are killed or permanently disabled by an act of vio- lence in the line of duty, a nonlapsing indemnifica- tion fund for such purposes, and dedication of rev- enue from special and distinctive motor vehicle license plates honoring Georgia educators to such fund? No. $ Shall the Constitution be amended so as to provide that the General Assembly may provide by law for a program of indemnification with respect to the death or permanent disability of any state highway employee who is or at any time in the past was killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty? No. 6. Shall the Constitution be amended so as to provide that marine vessels may be classified as a separate class of property for ad valorem prop- erty tax purposes, and such class ma" be divided into separate subclasses for ad valorem purposes and t authorize the General Assembly to provide by general law for the ad valorem taxation of marine vessels including, but not limited to, providing for different rates, methods, assessment dates, and taxpayer liability for such'lass and for each ofits stibclasses and need not provide for uniformity of taxation with other classes of property or between or within its subclasses? No. 7 Shall the Constitution be amended so as ation the voters will give on November 7." to increase from five years to seven for which state court judges must have ted to the practice of law? Proposed statewide referendums. Vote A. Shall the Act be approved which from ad valorem taxes certain fixed and farm equipment used by family owned farm products producers? B. Shall the Act be approved which from $300.00 to $2,500.00 the ad tion for all tools and implements of al laborers? C. Shall the Act be approved which that any person who is a citizen and Georgia and who is an unremarried spouse of a member of the armed forces United States, which member has been an$ of the United States engaged, States command or otherwise, shall be homestead exemption from all ad tion for state, county municipal, and school poses in the same amount as that to which abled veteran is entitled under other law? D. Shall the Act be approved which an ad valorem tax exemption property of Elks Lodges? Identification Required to Vote at Pre Georgia Annotated Code sections 21-3-328 require identification at polls (a) Each elector shall present cation to a poll worker at or prior to a voter's certificate at any polling place and to such person's admission to the enclosed at such polling place. Proper consist of any one of the following: (1) A valid Georgia driver's license; (2) department, agency, or entity of the Georgia, or any other state, or the United authorized by law to issue personal (3) A valid United States passport; (4) A valid employee identification card taining a photograph of the any branch, department, agency, or entity United States government, this state, or any ty, municipality, board, authority, or of this state; ($) a valid employee identification card tnining a photograph of the elector and any employer of the elector in of such employer's busine; , (6) A valid student identification OFFICIAL SAMPLE BALLOT See AMENDMENTS ,' L FOR THE GENERAL ELECTION, NOVEMBER 7, 2000 TROUP COUNTY, GEORGIA l1 TROUP COUNTY 1 STATE OF GEORGIA 1 NOVEMBER 7. 2000 FOR JUDGE, 7 COURT OF AF'PIEAL$ OF GEORGIA 2 (To S,,r*4 J D ) SI 'm Camstr, u'eo i amended so as tc SIII  C4 be mndl $o as : (Vole for One! provide tot a homeowners mcerxlve k,csse trom  yee Io   Ele J D. 10m adm to e,4 prance Of lw? O Wm..tn ................  YES  YES (To Sur.cwd  Bale,! '3 " ' (Vote Io ) [ ] PROPOSED STATEWIDE ad;ize the Cemnd Ammy 0 pmve a wn**- ........... pm o compenxeon lot w enlorme A r who hecne pysa/   if Act i   exempl bul not  dixeblld, as e ee Of I a v/ollnl taxes clflem fixed FOR Jb SUPERIOR COURT O THE PWscd rwrY icumKI i the lie Of kify md mob lerm eq;Jnenl ud by tamty owned CTA JUOICI CCUff clalse<l by a lif cl Of iolce md f tim- i'ieO i ml ps prOd , (To S,..,co ,,y u. men  10eoe  dixelCl, i no (Vole to Ie) AUIIREY DUFFEr   whde  a re, v  YES (INCUMBENT) prO Shll ffe Wl ilIUm few  /l::> W.. ........... from the  m an  eqlt to sor s sum oornpxel  s od Of brne 1hal lhe law leorcemeof olEo or 5roman is ;ysicaey tmeb m pcdorrn ehe dutm Of s  he emptoymet  exee 12 ml af with elefl ixp4s9 0 YES FOR JUOOE. SUPERIOR COUflT 0!r THE COtTA  CIRCUff ,'To  ANn B K,able (vot f One) ALLF B. KEEBLE ONUM6ENT O NO 4 FOR JUDOE. SUPERIOR cOuRT  THE Shll  r,-,iat he emend so Is 1o COWETA JUliUS. CIRCUIT To Sd W L*e' at'OnZ e t he  Astliy IO mvl by (Vo,i re, One) laW for lmrw.a with nlN)ect I0 pd)k he teert a,Wr,,stn,..mJ emoy- O WILLIAM lEE eeswhoamkd]e0lm'nanenifydSal)kldby t,r,,:UBENT an t O vlo xl th k Of dy, l - 0 we.ln taimli i ir,nlhcab,  I  ppos- ......... .,,,. is   Of r  and iv moig  kese pines COWETA JU0tIAL lR CLqT rc S  , 0 YES (Ve fo e) [ FOR COUNTY BOARO OF EDUCATON *N'JUMBINII  NO i InSTruCT z i (VO lef 0}  W, !edn ............... S JO Olifdll. J, MATTHEW$ OAJUOOFSTATECOUffT .... ShM the Costut ie ameed xe u to l OFTROfCO ptgvlde Ihal the tal Asa#mbly nl# I " I : JEANNETTE L. LIIE I respect tO the IIiI Or el | FOR  BOARD OF EDUCATION i aN::UMBENT dliablyOftoyldell('.aylmplloymwho l ST 3 I l {Vol lu O' el J ( W,:e.ii ................. POfIIMIY dff'ebKllifl kOf dyi Or at lny  k fl' pIt Wit  Or NHt8 e NWE I FOR COUNI'Y BOAR0 OF EOUCM1ON 0 YES I O w.,-m ............. J  RUNS BY DISTRICT 0 "NO | FORCOIT3fIARDOFEATION l  / ST s W i (vo to, o [ li $1111 I C.miiill be immal  as Io 00EBO O. RUROEE. --vROPOD CONSTITUTIONAL    mlr,  may De | 0 w.,,-I. ..... i AMENOMENTS as a segautle class Of propery for id l ...... / il vu smll to vote IOr a pvcu,l vlom  tax BnpoxeS, e such I FOR COUNTY EOARD OF EDUCAllON i Arvi,,rneni. biaketheOvalooo.,'e cssmaybedivifleinlosepsUlx:lasees ] mSrmCTe i tt ,'er(i YES" if yOU deem to +, lvlllIortll 1 I 0 w ................ ..l I =,el v< (nslbe .... I01 metPmS1O'cdd rdes'mothds'MsesS'lteS, .i tapay -- for such I . pfOo : )r Seh d a reON i;r any class and for each Of is subofasss and need m" ol INI Cti iy . has n llitl tot wty d taxio n i .bli# Cotrrv'd Of I I 1  # ClaSXEI Ot i Or I Ot $ $ $UlS? 0 YES 0 YES eo  NO l ! 1 El S 1fie I be appn)ved v?h increases 1hide ot mmual en' '--) YES .) NO C an) pecsel v, Alo ,s a czen an0 mslaN Of lpOU$1  e mr Of t a lolt l  l Is, i el el kih m y WlI Or arrrd COrgY't    ar.Kl forces Of the Uneed Sm ellempllon from all ad vi taxeSm Io slme coumy ml.,ofcl. Imi   ' xem4 omounl iS lal t which a 0.,bted veren is en under alhei peC SnS 01 law'/ C'  YES CL  NO D Shi lhe ACt be zproved vmn provs a p,,l of Elks Loa0es ' ." YES C, OU fA(K t] .ALl( T l BACK OF BALLOT II i II i 1 i l i m i I ll I I il 1 U FOR STATE R|FRESENTATNE IN THE GENERN. ASSIUtLY FIKd I0 ' DISTRICT IWte  @el   NTAE IN THE (E PUH.ICP, tt I (INCUt,IBENT WeAn ............ rATE RENTA'W4E IN THE GIqEIL4U. JUJ4UIIOLY FROM 131" TRIT 0 Wnie.in ........... II II il II II II II II II II II I il# | l :illlll leilUli'lllllllll I IIIII 1. To vote, biecken 1he Ovil (i) next tO yOur choe. 3, It you Sp0d y0ut bit, dO not Ilse. but ask fa a  ballot 4, T0 voe fo i pecso wh0u name is no( on the harlOt, btllcken Itle Oval opplile 'ee line on v,ci you mm.D, wl lm nre. L DEMOCRATIC PARTY PREINOEN'AL ECTORS AL GORE - P J0 UFJERMAN - CEq)RESlDIENT rVEARS 'WOV lt, J:V ;M LEVET.N D Its'9 . Ev REPUBLICAN PARTY PREmDENTI&L ISLECTOR GI0RGE W. IKIH - I'le&rSl0ENT K EY - E LIBERTARIAN PARTY OFFiCiAL GENERAL ELECTION B&LLOT P GY 1 STATE Oi OEORGIA 1 (Vo I Onl) o ltllFI .RTECL o Win-In ............ 0'o s**e sn w,m (v f On*) 0 WAYNE ft. PARKER (LIBERTARIAN FOR U.S. REPREIENTA1WE IN 107" CO FMOM THE SEVENTH CONOMilONN. 01STRICT OF OEOfl0M pR E !1 D r=Nn3 A I,. IE LECTOR fJ BER 7. FOil TaX C IVIe I One) Were.In ................ FOR COR (Vole IO ) Lee WEST F K 0 (,i/IpIusci{ HINC UtBENTI 0 Wn.In ..... OF 110e coumv 0 WACK lilY (DEMOCRATI) ONCUMBENT) " 'Wme;In- meLOuw come, sm (w,,,=,c) ;laS SY OISTRICT C Uifl) i iN GUEN T ) ,' L L 0 lttiile*l .............. I FOR STATE SENATO I " DISTRICT Nole fo*' O) Oil R 0 w.,,,. ...... :_ ......... iIROWNf - PREIHgNT ART Ol.R- VlgE..PREmENr INOEPENDENT CANDIDATI.8 IIIIMDENnA I[ I.IECTORII (WRITE-IN) 0 :ltiiOil ..............  i: ll[lllffiY ....... : SlECIkC ELECl10N I UTI'ED AS SENATE fro  Tht rxp Ttn ol PwJ Coterie, Deccan! (Vote I (e) O BEN BALLENGER JEFF GATES PAUL MACGREGOR MACK MATTINGLY 0 ZE R WiNNIE WALSH BOB WOOD Wr,te-ln ............... 1 0 (OTICHINC UMeENT) o <'Illi#uil, 0 w. ............... FOR STATE RISF.NTAI1VE IN THE GEHERAL :.,; RUNS BY DISTRICT C0WETA , CIRCUIT (To   s) p NO K FOA JUDGE O THE ImOIIATE COff IRBPULICAN) (INCUMOENT} FOil CURK OF SEI CU" OF I"FI OIWtY (Voe I One) 0 DAECKo ATWi; j TAYLOR" ..,A, CAU,OU,, IREPUOLICANI 0 t-ln ................ EHllt'F (Vole fe Oem) OONNY TURNER MRATIC) (iNCUENT) : Writ-In ............ . i,R JUSTICE st,enllilE CUR'r OF 61 ft Succee  W 14mnm I (Vote for O I 0R0t W. ISlN (INCUMEEN?I 0 wn,m ................... (VOW for Oru) Wle. n ......... , ............ 0 Wnli.ln ........................ Fl eda COUT OF AiS OF GEORGe tTo ScN M Yeene Idfl (Vote lot One) W.w,-i. c'OF A$ OF GE Wnit-ln __ -,- r-@R COURT OF ApRLJUoS GEORG4A 0 Wn-Ie.._ 1 '1 undltlWl I111 Ihl mill m' iqMin# af mllY m" InY 1 141Jei  vlk le vmhl  y FRONT OF BALLOT I)lS 3 Note l ()el I (Vale Il Onel 0 JACK CROOK IDEMOCAATIC) I(:N ]iMITH (REPUELICI ST 4 0RRIS JONES EPUSUCANI