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November 15, 2018     The Hogansville Herald
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November 15, 2018

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Hogansville Pilot Club meeting, 6 p.m Monday, Dec. 3, at the Hogansville Recreation Department. ! J HOGANSVILLE HERALD - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2018 PAGE 3-A ' ou Sip and Shop 5pm Saturday, Nov. 17, downtown alP= paAUthor:s . Note: chants with finger foods and refreshments available. The pub- LI ;fiFj~ LI . "g,g Y "'~ lic is encouraged to participate I1 .*" m m aoout to reaa was written Rev, 0n lm. I, I0 ~,P lOi- 'I November 11, 2000. Many ~,~ " "ca Le ion Post karaok lib I ./lJPll" i[ ]Mr",llPO ,111 things have changed sinceMcC0110u Sat2r t: 'Nmv. 177 For more inform i:2Oog:;lls:rPefiofnsPcamli vJ lvugge,then'b'utthetruth!nthiSrema,ns,metess U C lumist i /UO-U//-4t~ZZ. '"""--'----~ ~ OU are seekin o i " ~'~ t~ =,~ Y g J y n your Ltlaos On life, perhaps this Nugget will .oga v.le P.ot C,ub meeting, 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 10, N/y Doorstep ing else mattered to me aritt ~.1 contain a jew Inslgn~s o~a[ at the Hogansville Recreation Department. a ~ ~ * Y -- =,r T *r her but me and.her! You ana eepmg into My t, ge: ;;,o, o. your way. see, something within Hogansville City Council meeting 7 p.m. Monday Nov each of us had brought ui ; Hello, again To each of~~.::: ~::~ :-~ ~ 19 n c ha The ubl c s encoura ed to attend ~- ty . p g joy. That "something" is you who read these words :. ) g " : " dO lS not m thin s zt ~!i i " " " love. Boy, don't we need:: Downtown Development Authority meeting 6"3O p m each week, I humbly thank ::'.!!!!! :ii:.i i: s mus Rzchard Wagner.more three-year-olds to ,f Last ni ht m oldest son Tuesday, Nov. 27 in Hogansville City Hall. The public is wel- you and gwe GOD Glory for :: ' g Y remind us of this very -,**; - anti hiS iamll were visitin [--FLattt-.tAl6 Xt v.4~.~ull yuu/. ll~ llt ii ~:~; Y g come to attend. to sh~re these words. I am ~ with us. It was kind of a important truth? ~,~, n,==,~ n~u, ~,~ o,+ o ,~ ,~ + humbl rateful each time !::: ii!:~:~:.~S;~:~;::: ~:i ::.; i::i;::i residual visit from the hus- "Joy is not in things it v ~, ,w, o a ,u ,on Y g ~ is in us!" However, every Thursday Nov. 29 behind Hogansville Senior Center. Sponsored someone shares that they ~! ~e -and. bUStle OI once in a while, we adults - eniov our visits ~ ~;~:~:~::::::~:~:: ::::: :: :: ::: inanKsglvmg by Hogansville Ministerial Association. ~ ~ : ~ . ' need a three-year-old to helF A few weeks ago we my two sons were Hogansville Community Calendar ii !iii iili ii !iiiiiiiiii ii,i ': us ,o, over our,e,ve, an, shared the "TODAY'S upstairs playing"grown up rediscover the joy that is in,: Hogansville City Council meeting, 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 3, in city hall. The public is encouraged to attend. Hummingbird Quilt Guild, noon Wednesday, Dec. 12, at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. Hogansville Municipal Court, 1:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m Friday, Dec. 14, at the Hogansville Police Station. To have your non-commercial Hogansvi//e area community event listed in the Community Calendar, send the information to andykober@hotmail.com The deadline is each Monday at noon. Services Offered Harvest Time Community Baptist Church now offers: Free coun- selling to veterans, Veterans benefits reference help, Free cloth- ings to veterans and needed families, and Free family counselling. Call the Church at 706-400-4158 for more information and an Appointment. Bill Blackmon. MABC, Pastor. Harvest Time Community Baptist Church is meeting temporarily at 412 King Avenue. Pine Mountain. Ga. How to Submit News Submit brief church news items to news@star-mercury.com by noon Monday. Items must be e-mailed; faxed, mailed, or hand- delivered items are no longer accepted. Items are ~ accepted via e-mail. Items should pertain to special events, not routine services. All items received are subject to standard editing for context and grammar. Sor no flyers accepted, and no PUB documents. Please send copy in regular email body copy or on a Word doc- ument. Please do not submit items more than once. All items will be published until the event occurs. And olease remember - when you don't need an onooina item run any longer, let us know to remove For more information or questions please call Layout Editor Jack Bagley at (706) 846-3188 or email news@star-mercu~com. This newspaper prints church news and events as a public serv- ice at no charge, but does reserve the right to edit, change or reject any submission. Thank you. Photo Submitted BABY DEDICATION AT FIRST BAPTIST - Parents Ryan and Sarah Diaz presented their daughter, Rebecca, to First Baptist Chumh in a Dedication Service conducted by Pastor Greg Morris on Sunday, November 11. Pastor Morris direct- ed the parents to depend on God as they vow to provide their daughter a Christian home of love, to raise her in the truth of our Lord's instruction, and to encourage her to one day trust Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. The church body agreed to assist the parents in this endeavor. They were commended for their desire to raise their daughter in this manner. Photo Submitted ACTIVE LIFE FALL FESTIVAL - Members of the Hogansville Active Life Center enjoyed a very nice Fall Festival. Here the participants are waiting to eat. They were fortunate to have received donations from Chic-ill-A, Kroger, Krystal's, And Pizza Hut. THOUGHTS" on Today's World in Stages of Chaos! This week I would like to share a bit of the chaotic cri- sis I went through the past few days. It started out a very busy, but excited day. The day that I would be travel- ing out of town to meet with other classmates to cele- brate our 55th year of our high school graduation. We have been blessed to be able to gather and share these special times - every five years - since we started the tenth year after graduating. It was a very pleasant day. The trip was nice and calm. The weather was pleasant The traffic moved at a nice pace. It made for a relaxing trip. I had a few things to do before heading for the hotel. When I travel, I usually have a check-list. This helps me to keep myself organ- ized and not leave any items necessary for the trip. Unfortunately, I forgot to double - check the list. Sometimes I skip an item or two. This time the item that I skipped was the base for securing my living quarters - credit card for the hotel! At the discovery of this hor- rible mistake, my heart rhythm changed and went into dangerously elevated numbers! I realized tha.t ! needed to calm down and'oe able to think. Without going into the details that ensued, let me just say, out of the blue GOD's Angel stepped into the picture! A gentle hand on my elbow, followed with a soft kind voice said "Is every- thing alright?" At this point I wanted to scream, break down in tears, angry at myself for forgetting such an important thing! But the quiet calm in the voice, and when I looked up into such kind eyes, I knew this was no ordinary person stand- ing here offering comfort to me. The feeling in the air around me let me know that GOD had come to my res- cue and I was to calm my thoughts and allow myself to hear GOD's guidance. I was led to a more quiet area. The person speaking to me spoke in calm tones. This calmness allowed me to gather myself and get my thoughts together. I was very grateful. It was at that time that things began to fall into place in my mind as to what I needed to do to solve my dilemma. I was very grateful to the person that I called "My Angel in Distress". It took several hours to correct the dilemma, but it was soon done. Afterwards I was able to have a com- fortable room in which I could totally relax and get myself together. After much rest, I was then able to enjoy the wonderful events that had been planned for this special occasion Of course, these chaot- ic things come in waves Just when I was relaxed and thought I would be able to complete the whole week- end and return home with so many good memories, another catastrophe! I decided to spend a few hours with my family before returning home. I called my eldest son and let him know that I was on my way. All was good. Suddenly, as I was cruising down the freeway at a com- parable speed with the other traffic BAMI !I I felt a slight change in my speed which happened with a lit- tle hesitation of my car. It caused my heart to stutter a bit. Then I really felt the change in the speed! My first reaction was to press harder on the accelerator, no change, still slowing. I immediately checked my mirrors. The traffic to my side was whizzing by, there was a bit of space behind me from the approaching traffic. I immediately start- ed to exit to the emergency ramp. I then realized I had very little space to maneu- ver! There were the rem- nants of the wide, long tread from a truck tire only a few feet from where I had exit- ed with another car only a feet from it. I definitely did not need to hit that! I could not get back in the lane because of the traffic that was behind me before I had exited. Fortunately, I was able to stop just short of the tire's tread. As the car came to a stop, I put the car in park, put on my emergency blinkers, and laid my head on the steering wheel. My heart had accelerated, my breath- ing had become quick and fast! I wasn't prepared for all the things that had been happening in these past cou- ple of days! As I prayed thanking GOD for getting me out of harm's way, I felt a calm- ness come over me. I stayed in peaceful quiet asking GOD to guide me and show me the steps to address this matter. When I tell you that GOD is ALWAYS THERE! Trust me! IT IS A FACT! As I remained calm, just quiet- ly saying the words "JESUS HELP ME" - things began to fall into place. Within an hour I had reached my AAA service, they had sent a tow truck that took me to my son's home (It being Sunday, and my not knowing garages that I was familiar with-my son directed me. What a blessing!) I found myself safe. Together, my son, myself, and family worked out a solution to get me safely home. GOD is ALWAYS there! We have to establish the connection with Him! He keeps His Word! FAITH, First and Foremost is the connective link to our most precious life-giving, life- sustaining source! His Love, there is no other that can even begin to imitate it, let alone come close to being it.! All the while, in each stage of the chaos of this weekend's events, the words from PSALMS 23 played throughout these ordeals. My grandmother taught me to read by start- ing with this book in the Bible. I pray that these words shared here today, will shed a "Ray of Light" on the path of the lives of each of you who reads them. Please, pass them on. They may be just the thing that will help someone else have a brighter path to walk. Let us all practice what it is to be a "Good Neighbor" with everyone. Again, thank you to all for taking the time to come and visit here each week. May your week be brighter and more peaceful. Don't forget to share your "Ray of Light" with someone every chance that God gives you. Looking to hear more from all of you at tigner- fernl@gmail.com games" on the Play Station, and my wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law were busy in the kitchen coloring my daughter's hair. They all had left me and Abigail, my three-year-old granddaugh- ter, to fend for ourselves. As I sat on the love seat watching "Mulan" with Abbie, she suddenly crawled up on my lap, looked me square in the eye, and said, "Paw-paw, I've got a new game that me and you are going to play." I said, "Okay. What is it?" She said, "Every time I crawl up on your lap and do this (she knocked on my head like somebody knocking on a door) you have to roll me up." I asked her what she meant by rolling her up. She said, "You know! Roll me up; pull up my shirt and blow on my stomach." I said, "Okay." And for the next hour or so, every three-four minutes, she would come bounding into the living room, crawl up on my lap and knock on my head. I would roll her up, pull up her shirt, and blow on her stom- ach. She would squeal with sheer delight and then go running off into another part of the house. Isn't it strange what a child can teach you? For over an hour, a forty-five- year old man and a three- year-old little girl were enraptured with the sheer joy of each other. This joy wasn't dependant on the size of the house we live in, the type of vehicle I drive, or the size of my bank account. No! This joy wasn't depend- ent upon things. It was derived from something within each of us. For more than an hour last night noth- us. And I am convinced that: there is joy in each of somewhere. Some of us have been so beaten-up our life situations that it takes a little something: extra to help us find it. But I promise you, it is in there. Just keep looking and you willdiscover it. It seems as though I remember Jesus saying: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come 'in' to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Do you know what that scripture is saying, aside from the obvious point about salvation? I believe it's saying that Jesus wants to come in to us, where we are, regardless of our cir- cumstances, and for just a little while to bring each of us to a point where nothing else matters to us but us and Him! Sure. Life has grown-up problems. But when Jesus ' comes into our lives we can then say, "Joy is within us!" And guess what? We will then experience the sheer "joy" of Jesus! How long has it been since youi climbed into His lap, : knocked, and let Him roll you up in His arms, all the ! while realizing, that at that ! very moment, nothing else i mattered? ::!:i) i I think we all need to be::::; reminded that, "Joy is not in ! things it is in us." - Brother Aaron Aaron McCollough is an i area missionary with the i area Baptist Association-i which serves Harris, Meriwether and Troup court ties. He is a resident oJ',i HogansviUe. Seniar Liuing and Memory Care Claude A. McKibben ft Sons Funeral Home 208 Johnson Street Hogansville, Georgia 706-637-8623 The more you know, the safer your money Downtown Hogansville 706-637-6544