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November 15, 2018     The Hogansville Herald
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November 15, 2018

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- Did a jockey once win a horse race dead? By JACK BAGLEY didyouknowcolumn@gmall.com We are now a week away from : Thanksgiving, and I hope you are making your plans for turkey dinner with family and friends. What puzzles me is why people keep advising me to find a good hiding place. Thaaksgiving has such a prominent place in American history, though it's hard to remember that it hasn't always been a holiday, nor has it always been on the fourth Thursday in November. In fact, once the Pilgrims finished their feast with the Indians, the idea of giving thanks took something of a back seat until the 19th century, but it wasn't until the early part of the 20th century that it became an official holiday. When I was a little boy, Thanksgiving was my favorite time of the year, because my mother was probably the best cook any of us will ever know. She had a recipe book of great American, German and Russian dishes that would make your mouth water so much they'd have to issue flood warn- ings. And brother, did we eat. This could explain a lot of things about the way I look today, now that I think about it. But I'd better get to the trivia, or else you'll hear my tummy rumbling no matter where you are when you read this. An e-mail sent to me at didyouknowcol- umn@gmail.com gets a quick response, espe- cially if you're sharing your holiday plans. So let's serve up some trivial Did you know Pringle's Potato Chips aren't really potato chips? Well, not in the United Kingdom, anyway. In 2008, lawyers for Proctor. & Oamhle,;makers of the classic : stackabl anacks;wereable to avoid a 17.5% tax on the product by arguing that a Pringle's chip isn't actually a potato chip. The com- pany says that a Pringle is only about 42% potato. (If you're like me, you're wonder- ing right now what the other 58% is.) Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), so- called "discoverer" of the New World, never actually set foot on the North American con- tinent? He explored the islands of the Caribbean and charted the coast of South America, but never once stepped onto the land that honor him with holidays and cities. (Besides, he didn't discover anything - the Native Americans already knew about the place.) the inventor of the waffle iron, Cornelius Swarthout (1838-1910), did not like waffles? He patented the stove-top waffle iron in 1869, but never enjoyed eating them. (At least he never waffled on the topic.) in Great Britain, in the 19th Century, iffa person tried to commit suicide and failed, By ANDY KOBER ED. Roosevelt State Park is hosting a num- ber of family friendly events. Upcoming events include: Friday, Nov. 17, i pro, Archery Turkey Shootout. Join other archers at the fishing dock on Lake Delanor and walk down to the field for the archery shooting competition. Park staff will provide equipment. Scored target winners receive local gift certificates for frozen turkeys or other food. There is a fee of $15 per person and more than one entry is allowed. Pre-register and pay at the park they could then be tried for attempted mur- der - a crime which was punishable by the death penalty? (In which case, problem solved, right?) in 1923, a jockey was declared the win- ner of a horse race even though he was dead? Frank Hayes (1888-1923)was astride the winning horse in a race at New York's Belmont Park when it was discovered that he had suffered a fatal heart attack during the race. His body remained in the saddle throughout the remainder of the event, and he was declared the winning jockey, even though he had passed away. (What are the odds? Oh, sorry wrong question.) you are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than you are in the evening? (Working for a living can really wear you down - literally, it seems.) smokers actually cost society less in health care expenses than non-smokers do? The reason is that they have an earlier aver- age age of death. the name of the wonderful spray lubri- cant "WD-40" actually has a meaning? The "WD" stands for water displacement, and the "40" refers to the number of attempts that were made before the formula was per- fected. (Makes you wonder about Vicks Formulas 1-43, doesn't it?) when an opossum is "playing possum," he's not really playing? Opossums who use the classic fake-out are actually in a coma- tose state brought on by fear. Their metab- olism drops to a near-death state in an effort to fool whatever is trying to harm it. (Or he's just fooling himself.) helmets were not mandatory for foot- ball players until 19397 (Before that, they painted the team's logo on the sides of their heads.) scientific studies have proven that sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them for you? (And the best tasting sandwiches are made by Mom.) the Russian word for "sock" is spelled, in the Cyrillic alphabet, HOCOK, which is pronounced "no sock"? (You're covered either way, it seems.) most people forget 90% of their dreams? (But the ten percent they remem- ber va va va voomI) only one silent movie has ever won the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards? Wings, made in 1927, was also the first movie to ever win the Best Picture award. Oddly enough, for the first year of the Oscars, talk- ing pictures were ineligible for Best Picture. A few years later, silent films were deemed not eligible. it is an offense to call the golden color of the German national flag "yellow"? In 1959, the West German Supreme Court ruled that calling the gqld portion of the black- red-gold flag "yellow" is actually an insult to the nation. (No comment.) Now you know! office. Monday, Nov. 19, 9 am, Jr. Ranger Mini- Camp. Includes art projects, special activi- ties, nature discoveries, and a special camp- fire lunch. Meets at the covered, stone pic- nic shelter near Liberty Bell Pool. There is a fee of $25 per person and pre-registration is required. Call the park office for more information. For more information about any of the pro- grams at the state park, call 706-663-4858. FD Roosevelt State Park is located in Pine Mountain. Photo Courtesy NASA, GEM OF AN ASTEROID - Shaped like a diamond, the asteroid Benn u will soon be visited by the spacecraft Osiris-Rex. The spacecraft will be landing on the sur- face, scrapping samples , and then returning to Earth. Scientists believe that Bennu might be composed of organic molecules. eonl eor wer a By ANDY KOBER The Leonids Meteor Shower is expected to peak during the overnight hours of Saturday into Sundayalmost literally, astronomy? Email it to morning, with about 15 Late last week NASA andykober@hotmail.com meteors per hour at peak announced the spacecraft and we'll try to find you an activity. Osiris-Rex had spotted answer. With the moon at wax- Bennu, which is a diamond- Closer to Earth the ing gibbous, it could be a - shaped asteroid locatedInternational Space State is good opportunity to view about 80 million miles from often visible to those on the meteors with the family. Earth. Earth's surface. The best meteor shower A bit over 120 miles from To view the space station of the year is anticipated to the asteroid, Osiris-Rex took as it passes overhead, visit begin on Dec. 7 and will only enough photos fast enoughwww.spotthestation.nasa.g last for about 10 days. to provide images of ov and enter your zip code. The Geminids Meteor Bennu's rotation. When you do spot the space Shower is known to produce Bennu is estimated to bestation what you are actua! about 120 meteors per hour about 1,650 feet wide and ly seeing is the reflection of at peak, which is expected scientists believe it is "like- the sunoffthe station's solar to take place during thely rich in organic molecule." panels. overnight hours of Dec. 13- If true, Bennu and other SkyTracker Lite is a 14. Reflectedlight fromthe such asteroids could be good app for your smart Moon should not be an issue, flinging the building blocks phone and is free from the andit sets shortly after mid- of life throughout the play store. The app provides night. " ,galaxy. excellent information on Not orrly ' does the Osiris-Rexis expectedto celestial objects in the sky Geminids Meteor Shower reach Bennu in early including constellations. produce an extraordinaryDecember. After orbiting As always, to view celes- number of meteors, it also the asteroid, scientists will tial events, get away from produces multi-coloreddetermine a landing site. bright outdoor lights. Take meteors. Osiris-Rex will land on the a comfortable chair or blan'r More on the Geminids surface, scrape samplesket along with snacks and Meteor Shower next week.from the surface, and return drinks. Finally, if you take those samples to Earth for a flashlight, keep it pointed FURTHER EXPLO- further study, at the ground and cover the RATION of the asteroid lens as much as possible tO Bennu is on the horizon - GOT A question on preserve your night vision. Photo Submitted BIRTHDAY! - Actress Goldie Hawn celebrates her birthday this week. Often HAPPY portraying the "dumb blonde", Hawn was quite a versatile actress. By ANDY KOBER Illinois and Indiana suffering the most dam: age. Here is what happened this week in Nov. 18. In 1961, President John E American History: Kennedy sends 18,000 military advisors to South Vietnam. It is the beginning of what Nov. 15. In 1942, both the American and will become known as the Vietnam War. Japanese navies are reeling after three days Nov. 19. On this day in 1493, explorer of battle around Guadalcanal. One of the Christopher Columbus goes ashore on an American ships sunk was the light cruiser island spotted earlier in the day. He names Juneau. On board the Juneau were the five the island San Juan Bautista. Today that island Sullivan brothers, George Thomas, Francis is known as Puerto Rico. Henry, Joseph Eugene, Madison Abel and Nov. 20. In 1820 a whale attacks and Albert Leo. They ranged in age from 27 to 20 sinks the whaling ship Essex, whose home years old. All were lost in the sinking of the port was Nantucket, Massachusetts. That Juneau. Three died in the actual sinking and becomes the inspiration for Herman the other two from exposure before survivors Melville's novelMoby Dick. All 20 crew mem- were rescued. The "Fighting Sullivans" as bers survived the sinking, but stranded on they came to be known became heroes in the open ocean they quickly began to suffer. America. Two destroyers, DD-537 and DDG- With no food, survivors began eating the bod-' 68 were named The Sullivans in their honor, ies of crewmembers that had died. Then they Nov. 16. In 1974, the Arecibo message began killing each other for more food. Only is broadcast from the Arecibo Radio seven crewmemberssurvivedtoeventually Telescope in Puerto Rico. The message, con- be rescued about three months after the sink- taining information about Earth and human- ing of the Essex. ity is aimed at star cluster Messier 13, about * Nov. 21. Happy birthday to actress and 25,000 light years away. Unfortunately the producer Goldie Hawn, born on this day in transmission will never reach its intended 1945. Hawn enjoyed three decades of being target as Messier 13 will have moved, extremely popular both on television and in Nov. 17. In 2013, late-season tornadic movies. Her breakout role came on the tele- storms strike the Midwest. The storms spawn vision comedy show, Rowan & Martin's an estimated 72 tornadoes in 11 hours with Laugh-In.