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November 16, 2017     The Hogansville Herald
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November 16, 2017

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& PAGE 3-A - HOGANSVILLE HERALD - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2017 THE HOGANSVILLE HERALD USPS 620-040 ROBERT E. TRIBBLE, President JOHN KUYKENDALL KIM MITCHELL PUBLISHER]EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ANDY KOBER Phone (706) 846-3188 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Fax: (706) 846-2206 news@star-mercury.com JACK BAGLEY P.O. Box 426 LAYOUT EDITOR Manchester, GA 31816 O~cial Legal Organ of the City of Hogansville On Veteran's Day we rec- ognize the men and women who gave of themselves to this great country. We have parades, special events and more. It's wonderful and I often wish we could do more. However, sometimes we for- get about those who sacri- ficed almost as much.., the spouses of military men and women. Before we get too in- depth here, let mesay I'm not saying they should have a special holiday. I'm sim- ply stating they should be remembered. Veteran's Day is a great holiday and allows us the opportunity to honor those who have served. Let's not confuse Veteran's Day with Memorial Day, which is the day set aside to remember those who gave their lives Military spouses have to deal with the anxiety of wait- ing and wondering, during deployments and especially during war time, how their better half is doing, if he or she is alive, how long will it be before they return home again for a short time. So mil- itary spouses spend a great amount of time waiting and worrying. Through the experience of my daughter, I can also tell you that military wives for,country, Bel eye me, spend a great deal of time I'm riot advocating another healing the wounded. Inher holiday, but I do believe that case, it's all the time. When sometimes we forget to soldiers come home injured, extend a thank you to the or with PTSD or any other spouses of our military per- ailment, it is the spouse who sonnel, becomes caregiver. My daughter, Bethany, The bottom line is, has known that sacrifice, and America is safe and strong having been there for her "'because of those who served, and with her during those still serve, and the family times, I can tell you the members whosupportthem. spouses deserve recogni- The spousesandchildren tion. The things spouses have of military personnel need to do and deal with to allow to be recognized and thanked their better half to fulfill his for all they sacrificed as well. or her duties deserve reeog- So, thanks to each of you. nition. Thanks for learning to deal The children of military with a transitional lifestyle. personnel sacrifice as well. Thanks for being both mom The spouse of a military and dad to your children. person most often has to sac- Thanks for allowing your rifice his or her own careers, better half to serve. Most of Why? Because military fam- all, thanks for the sacrifice. flies move frequently during Now, so you all know, put service time and that often Friday, ]yiay 11, 2018 on your interferes with the spouse's calendar. Know why? career. It also means, for the Because that is National children of the household,.Military Spouse new schools often and never Appreciation Day, and that being in one place long wfllbethetimeyoucanthank enough to build long-lasting a military spouse for all that friendships, they do and have done. History at Our Fingertips ... The "Wayback Machine" May 11, 2018 Itoc svaa HERALD is published weekly by Trib Publications, Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgia 31816. The Hogansville Herald is published proudly for the citizens of HogansviUe and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, community oriented newspa- pers that you, our readers, are proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a strong dedication toward printing the truth. USPS 642-040. Subscription rates by marl: $25 in Troup, Harris or Meriwether Counties; $32.50 a year in state; $40 out of state. Prices include all sales taxes. Periodical postage paid at Hogansville, Georgia 30230.Single copy 50. FOR SUBSCRIFrIONS call (706) 846-3188 or write to Circulation Manager, Trib Publications, E O. Box 426, Manchester, Georgia 31816. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E O. Box 426, Manchester, GA 31816. Gave To Moses The National Archives is ble for my country when I ii::::iiiii::ii:ilf: ~:~~~i~~!i!ii!i~~!~iiii!!iiii~!iiiiiiiii!iii~i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this roof." Adams wrote these words to his wife the repository of our nation's reflect that God is just and Abigail after first moving documents. Upon walking that his justice cannot sleep ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: into the building you will see forever." an image of the Ten The World War Two i!iii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !iiiiii into the residence in November 1800. Commandments engrave in Memorial is a testament to:: : President Franklin : bronze on the floor signify- the power of a free people ....i:: : i;i ilii iiiiiiiiii RooseveltdiscoveredAdams : words in the later years of: i: ing that our legal system has who when facedwithathreat !iiii iii iiiii!iiiiiii i iiiiiii iiiiiiiii iiiiii iii!i!ii iiiiiiiii iiiiiii ii !iiiiiii the Second World War and : : its origin in the Ten to their Country and the Commandments that God world, united to defeat tyran- had them carved into the gave to Moses on Mount ny. During World War Two Sinai. The Judeo-Christian the government issued sev-miles west of Jamestown. beliefs brought by the enteen million Bibles to the Safely on the banks of the Pilgrims and others to the soldiers with a message inJames River they opened New World formed the foun- them from Generals their sealed orders from dation of our Constitution Eisenhower and George England. Following these and our s3rstem of laws today. Marshall. Eisenhower orders they honored the Upon entering the understood that our nation's occasion as a day of thanks- Jefferson Memorial if yourights and freedoms rested giving to Almighty God. look above you, around on the upon our firm faith in God. Before sailing on to chamber interior dome threeHe said after the war, Jamestown they erected a contain references to God"The real fire within thewooden cross and thanked you will see that Panel Three, builders of America was God for their safe journey just to the left of the faith, faithinaProvidentGod across theAtlantic. entrance, is taken from whose hand supported and If you ever have a chance Jefferson's 1785 notes on the guided them, faith in them- to go onthe White House tour State of Virginia. It reads selves as the children of God, be sure to visit the State "God who gave us life gave faith in their country and its Dining Room. The fireplace us liberty. Can the liberties principles that proclaimed mantle contains a prayer by of a nation be secure when man's right to freedom and President John Adams, "I we have removed a convic-justice." pray to heaven to bestow and tion that liberties are the gift In 1607 the first English all that hereafter inhabit it. of God? Indeed I tremble for settlers stopped here at Cape May none but honest and thegiftofGod.IndeedItrem-HenrY, Virginia which is 30 wise men ever rule under stone fireplace below a por: : trait of Abraham Lincoln. The United States Capitol. Building is filled with reli:: gious imagery and inscrip- tions around the Capitol that demonstrates the reliance of our country on God and faith. In the Cox Corridor in the House wing of the Capitol a line from "America the Beautiful" is carved into the :i wall, "America, God shed His , grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea." Also in the House cham- ber is the inscription "In God We Trust." At the east entrance to the Senate Chamber the words Annuit Coeptis are inscribed, Latin for "God has favored our undertakings." [i I remember as a child playing with one of those hourglass-type devices, flip- ping it over and watching the grains of sand slowly pass from top to bottom. It was not a true hourglass as I seem to think the grains of sand passed through the tube in only a minute or two, but those of you in my age range and older will remem- ber them. Those small hour- glass-shaped devices were actually used as kitchen timers. It is not often I use this column to share things of a personal nature but I choose to do so this week. ..... Last week was very dif- ficult for our family on mul- tiple levels. Early in the week, one member of our immedi- ate family was hospitalized for a particular issue. While there another issue surfaced and he had to undergo a biop- sy for something potentially more serious. Just having to have such a procedure done= is scary enough. A few years back I had several spots removed from one leg. Even though my doc- tor expressed doubts regard- ing the potential of them being cancer, the wait for the test result seemed to take for- ever. Some of you are aware of .ass my involv mon inemer too r qu n ev ay gency services. For those in Sand constantly passes emergency services, some- through the hourglass of life. times we find ourselves hav- ii i!!ii !! We do not kn0w how large ing to work on family mem- i our.own hourglass is, and we bers in such a setting. Years certainly have no idea how large someone else's hour- ago I helped work on my- dad in the back of an ambulance glass is. on the way to a hospital. That i:: Watching that hourglass can give you a unique per- !iilil ii!i as a child was simple fun. When the sand ran out of the spective. Last week, on the same day our immediate family member was released from the hospital, another imme- diate family member abrupt- ly passed away. I was pres- ent when he collapsed. Allow me to share with you that per- forming CPR on a stranger is one thing, performing it on a member of your family is entirely different. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a multi- year study found that those suffering a cardiac event away from a medical care facility, even when receiving immediate CPR, have a sur- vival rate of less than eight percent. Such statistics are well known in the public safety community but that does not help when one is trying to save a life. My initial efforts, followed by those of EMS and fire department personnel, followed still later by the efforts of medical profes- sionals could not save the life of our family member. Sand passing through an hourglass. IT IS often said that we never know what the next day, hour or even minute will bring. In truth, we hear such words so often they become trite and without meaning. Unfortunately, they are truer than often realized. One moment a family is sitting around the dinner table, or they're out shopping, on vacation, in a movie the- ater, or just carrying on some mundane part of their nor- mal lives when someone abruptly collapses and is gone. Or, perhaps a family member sits in a doctor's office and learns they have an incurable medical situa- tion. Such events happen every day. In fact, they happen all top portion, you just flipped it over and the sand would begin dribbling from the top to the bottom again. There is no flipping over of the hourglass of life. When the final grain of sand falls, this life is over. There is no reboot, no start- ing the game over. We would give much to have one more conversation with the one we just lost. I use this week's column to urge you to share your thoughts, feelings and final wishes with those close to yOU. Don't put it off because that sand in the hourglass never stops dropping.., until the final grain falls. That's my opinion. / Andy Kober is a regular columnist for Trib Publications. He can be reached at andykober@hotmail.com /' I From the pages of the November 13, 1947 Edition of the Hogansville Herald: Police Chief Injured When Car Overturns Charles Rogers, local chief of police was taken to the Arnold Clinic on Tuesday evening, following a wreck on the highway north of town, when the police car left the roadway and turned complete- ly over. Rogers at the time was chasing a speeder, who had roared through town many times faster than the speed law allows, and in some way lost control of the car, side swiped a bridge abutment, turning the car completely over and landing on all four wheels. The speeder continued on his way, without stopping. Rogers was hurried to the clinic for medical attention, and it was found that he had sustained a dislocated collar bone, and severe bruises, cuts and a terrible shock to his system. He was stated to have had a good fright following the accident, and his many friends hope for his speedy recovery. 9 PercentRaise For Local U.S. Rubber Co. Workers Raises Annual Payroll Quarter Million Nearly a quarter of a million dollars was added to the annual payroll of the local U.S. Rubber Company plants here on Monday of this week. Beginning on thfit date all workers in the three plants here were given a voluntary 9 percent minimum raise in wages. Employees of the Stark and Reid Mills and the Asbeston plant received this good news with much pleasure, when they reported for work, on their usual shifts on Monday of this week. Confederate Veteran Passes at Round Oak Georgia has lost another of the heroes of the Confederacy. Gen. Hiram G. Van Zandt passed away at the home of his daugh- ter in Round Oak. He was 100 years old last January. His demise left Middle Georgia without any living Confederate veterans. A handful of others, however, remain in other sections of the state. Car Thief Is Captured Here C.W. Strickland, of Griffin, was taken into custody here on Saturday by local police, with a car stolen in Griffin that morning. Strickland is said to have stolen the car about 2 p.m. and local offi- cers picked him up here at 6 p.m. The car was the property of Julius Dumas of Griffin, and was returned to him the next day by the Spalding Co. sheriff, who also took Strickland backto the Spalding Jail. Items compiled by Jack Bagley (Compiler's note:/tems presented here are copied exactly as they appeared in the origina/ newspaper pages.) :i ',/