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November 16, 2017     The Hogansville Herald
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November 16, 2017

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.... ii!i~iii~iii!i:i .... ~:~iiii~iiiiiiiiiiii~:~ i,:.::::?:i:iiiii!ililiiiii!iiiiiiiii:!:?::::: The Hogansville Herald * Thursday, November 16, 2017 * Page 7-A Photo Submitted iHIGH-FLYING CAT - Felicette the Cat might have been the only cat blasted into space ito survive the experience. Felicette's flight was part of the French space program in 1963. :A Kickstarter drive has been organized to raise funds for a memorial to Felicette. By ANDY KOBER i i The Leonid Meteor hower is expected to reach beak activity during the (gvernight hours of Nov. 17- 38. :. The Leonid shower typi- :cally produces about 15 meteors per hour during peak activity. Provided the night sky is clear Friday night into !.Saturday morning, this event ;is nearly perfect for family *iewing. " Meteors from the Leonid shower will continue until the end of November but will be significantly decreasing in number. :: The Leonid Meteor :Shower is caused by dust and debris left behind by comet Tempel-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1865. Coming soon is the best graphed" post cards to pin meteor shower to view dur- badges to photos of Felicette hag the year, but more on that are available. in next week's edition. The planet Mercury tion and` applause, poor rea :h :ii t t Felicette was largely (grgol - e ngati0n on day, N )24.. ten. !: This means that Mercury until now. A REALLY neat app for MANY OF us are famil- your smart phone is Jar with dogs, monkeys and SkyTracker. It is free from humans that have been sent the play store and provides into space, but how manyexcellent information on know about Felicette the Cat. celestial objects in the sky. On Oct. 18, 1963, Felieette The International Space became part of the French State is often visible to those space program, launchedinto on the Earth's surface. A good space by a Veronize AG1 app to help you see when the rocket. After a flight of about ISS is visible in your area is 100 miles above Earth, ISS Detector, and that is also Felicette'scapsulecameback a free app or visit to Earth dangling from awww.spotthestation.nasa.go parachute, v and enter your zip code. The While dogs, monkeys and NASA website is more accu- humansreceivedmuehatten-rate regarding the time. When you do spot the space station what you are actual. ly seeing is the reflection o:" the sun off the station's solar :will be at its highest point A Kickstarter effort is panels. above the horizon in the underway to memorialize Nvening sky. Look for Felicette, who has long since As always, to view celes- Mercury low in the western crossed the Rainbow Bridge. tial events, get away from }ky just after sunset. Memorabilia from "auto- bright outdoor lights. i SCARY VISAGE - Edward Teach, otherwise known as the infamous pirate Blackbeard, ',is reported to burned locks of his hair when attacking merchant vessels. i By ANDY KOBER of her in a swimsuit became a bestselling ! poster and she became one of the more , Here is what happened this week inpopular sex symbols of the 1980s. i American History. Incidentally, her name at birth was actu- Nov. 16. In 1974, the Arecibo message ally Mary Cathleen Collins. i is broadcast from the Arecibo Radio Nov. 21. A prolific scientist and inven- Telescope in Puerto Rico. The message tor, on this day in 1877, Thomas Edison about humanity, written in binary digits, announces his invention of the phonograph, is aimed at the M13 star cluster. Even if which can both record and play sound. extra-terrestrials do receive the message * Nov. 22. It is 1718 and Edward Teach and understand it, a quick answer is not is killed during a sea battle with Royal expected. M13 is about 25,000 light years Navy Lt. Robert Maynard. Memorable away from Earth. because this was the pirate infamously Nov. 17. Just four years ago, in 2013, known as Blackbeard, with the battle tak- a massive tornado outbreak strikes theing place of the coast of North Carolina. Midwest. About 70 tornadoes touchdown Teach had actually received a pardon for in 11, hours, including two EF4 and seven his crimes of piracy, with the intent of EF3 tornadoes, becoming a privateer. But the booty from Nov. 18. In 1961, President John F. piracy proved to be too much of a lure and Kennedy dispatches 18,000 military advi- Teach went back to doing what he did best. sors to SouthVietnam. It would not be until On the day of his death, Blackbeard and Apr. 30, 1975, the last US Marines were air- Maynard were locked in battle. A crafty lifted out of the US Embassy in Saigon. It captain, Maynard had many of his crew !has been reported that 58,318 US military hidden below the main deck in his ship :personnel died in Vietnam with another Jane. Grappling hooks were thrown from 11,602 remaining hsted as m ssmg m aetmn. Teach's Adventurer onto Jane, bringing the Nov. 19. "Four score and seven yearsships together. As Blackbeard and his men i ago..." In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln boarded Maynard's ship, the hidden crew- i offers the Gettysburg Address, a state- men attacked the pirates. Blackbeard was ! ment that has gone down in the history of shot five times and suffered about 20 sword i the United States. wounds. He was decapitated with his head Nov. 20. Born on this date in 1956 and hung from Jane's bowsprit and his body 60 years old now, it was in 1976 that actress thrown over the side. As with many pirates, Bo Derek starred in the movie 10 in which Teach is reported to have hidden a cache :she was portrayed as the perfect 10. Many of stolen gold and silver, but it has never young men must have agreed as the poster been found. Aarrrg! Has a man really lived on a diet of only cheese pizza for more than 25 years? By JACK BAGLEY was no joke. I guess she was ... a man in Maryland has didyouknowcolumn@gmail.com right.) lived on a diet of only cheese ... camel's-hair brushes pizza for more than 25 years? As I work on this column are not made of camel's hair? Dan Janssen of Ellicott, every week, I occasionally They're actually made ofMaryland, has had cheese have pause to wonder: squirrel hair. We call them pizza for breakfast, lunch, "What's my motivation?" camel's-hairbrushesbecause and dinner almost every day Indeed, onecouldaskwhythey were believed to have ; since 1989. It's not some I do this column, week in and been invented by a man strangereligiousritualorodd week out. (I don't ask, of named Mr. Camel. They food allergy; he just likes course, because I'm the one weren't. (This guy gets a bad pizza. Janssen says he will who does it.) rap all the way around. He eat other things, but very The question reminds me didn't invent cigarettes, reluctantly and only if cheese of one that an actor asked of either.) pizza is somehow not avail- his director during ... coffee can help cause able. He's a rather thin man rehearsals for a Broadwayhip fractures? Bear with me, with, he says, boundless ener- show. The actor, one of those here. Research shows that gy. He has also developed "method" actors who has to drinking four cups of coffee diabetes and frequently gets "become" his character, con- a day reduces a person's cal- low blood sugar. (Gee, you tinually asked the director cium intake to the point that think?) about his character's drive, it doubles the chance of a hip ... the record holder for "Why do I do this? What's my fracture. (I wonder if adding the largest individual dish at motivation?" he asked, more milk to your coffee a meal is served at a tradi- After about a thousand would help?) tional Bedouin wedding such questions, the director ... there are more vending feast? It consists of a whole finally snapped, "Your moti- machines in Japan than there camel, stuffed with a whole vation comes in a little white are people in New Zealand? lamb, stuffed with chickens, envelope at the end of the (And they have vending which are stuffed with fish, week." machines for just aboutwhich are stuffed with eggs. I never did hear if the everything! You name it. (And then you are stuffed : actor got the message or not. Even cars. No joke.) with it! I gained five pounds But that answer doesn't ... your heart rate can rise just writing that!) apply here. Oh, I get a little as much as 30% when you ... goldfish can see in both white envelope twice a yawn? (And yawns are con- infrared and ultraviolet month, but I am paid to be a tagious, you know. Did you light? (So don't leave thelight layout editor, not a columnist, just yawn? GotchaI) on in the room for them any I do this because I love to... the New York Times more. They see better than do it. The research is fun, I predicted, in 1939, that tele- your cat does.) learn new stuff, and I get to visionwouldbeafailure? The ... it's possible to haUuei- share it with you! newspaper's editorial board nate with only a ping pong So, if you're motivated, figured people would simply ball, a red light, and a radio? drop me an e-mail at didy- not have enough time to just (If you try that, write me and ouknowcolumn@gmail.eom sit around and watch it. (Ha! let me know how it comes out and I'll gladly - and quickly - And they said it wouldn't for you.) reply, catch on!) ... the human brain is so Let's get motivated to get ... the Emergency convoluted, if you unfolded hito trivia! Broadcast System was once it, it would cover an ironing Did you know ... activated because of a zom- board? (For all those press- ... scientists believe dol- bie outbreak? On February ing thoughts, you know.) phins are the most intelligent 11, 2013, hackers broke into ... bamboo can grow up to species on Earth other than the Emergency Alert System 36 inches a day? humans? In fact, many networks in Montana and ... a surprise inspection of marine scientists are on Michigan, broadcasting a men's prison in Acapulco, record as saying dolphins are alerts that zombies had risen Mexico, turned up a record so intelligent, they should be from their graves in both amount of contraband? The treat .ed as "non-human per- states. Thousands of people sweep unearthed 100 plasma sons." (There's also a large in both states called their televisions, 2 sacks of mari- body of thought that believes local governments with ques- juana, 2 peacocks, 100 chick- dolphins are most intelligent tions about the alerts. Since ens, and 25 women. (rl O pea- species on Earth, period,zombies do not and cannot cocks? Only two?) Make of that what you will.) exist, there was of course no ... your hair grows faster ... children laugh about real emergency. (But it did in the morning than at any 400 times a day, while adults prove that people will fall for other time in the day? (Yours laugh - on average - only 15 anything, if the right agency does. Mine doesn't. Mine's times per day? (Mom always says it's so.Ask Orson falling out.) told me that being an adult Welles.) Nosy ... you know! By ANDY KOBER win frozen turkeys. Fee of $12 per persori. Pre-register and pay at park office. Upcoming events at FD Roosevelt State Competition held across roadway from park Park include: office on Ga. Hwy. 190. Friday, Nov. 17, 7 pm, Fall Hayride Saturday, Nov. 18, Birthday Party for through the campground. Meet at the Trading Popcorn at 2 pm. The park's resident corn Post in the family campground and all chil- snake is celebrating his 14th birthday in the dren must be accompanied by an adult. There park office located along Ga. Hwy. 190. Learn is a fee of $2 per rider, about snakes and enjoy a"snake cake". There Saturday, Nov. 18, Rock Painting at 10 is a $2 per person fee. am. Paint a rock to hide in the park or take These events are open to the public, not home. Meet at the park office located along just campers visiting the state park. Ga. Hwy. 190. There is a $4 free and all sup- plies are included. For more information about any of the pro- * Saturday, Nov. 18, Turkey Shoot at 10 grams at the state park, call 706-663-4858. am. Stationary target shooting competition FD Roosevelt State Park is located in Pine with bow and arrow. Scored target winners Mountain.