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December 16, 1999     The Hogansville Herald
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December 16, 1999

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: ,-,:a&apos;c ,., , ....... :-', ..i.,. :i,J:iL iEW:', - IJECEMBER 10, 1999 < ? :! J ? Pastor"s C 00rner Is The Virgin Birth Important? The houses are decorated, the lights are shining, the orna- ments are hung and the stores are full. These are obvious signs that Christmas is quickly approaching. Trees, lights and garland have become the pop- ular means to show one's sup- port for Christmas. But, as the trees hang with ornaments, the houses shine with lights, and the stores burst with shoppers, the real meaning of Christmas Hank White Attorney-At-Law 117 Main Street Suite 2 LaGrange, GA 706 - 845-8084 Fax 706 - 884-3994 wemy is the celebration of Christ's birth. This birth is no ordinary birth, just as Jesus Christ is no ordinary person. The birth of the Christ-child brought to Earth the very living God of glory. In the manger lay God robed in human flesh - 100Q man and 100% God. Isaiah 7:14 says about that birth these words, "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Hallelujah! h Hallelujah, .... Mom Can Get All Kinds of D Christmas Goodies at The Cake Box! Red Velvet Cake Cheese Straws German Chocolate Cake Cookies Caramel Cakes & More! The CAKE BOX 4 East Lafayette Square LaGrange, GA (706) 884-7334 Since 1946 (4th Generation, Same Family) General Practice Criminal Law, Accidents Personal Injury Norker's Compensation Divorce Social Security Hankwhite @mindspring.com i Southern Treasures In this verse we have a wealth of information regarding the first coming of the king of kings. What catches our atten- tion today is the fact Jesus was born of a virgin. To many peo- ple that fact is a trivial one. Even some Bible "scholars" have questioned the strength of the word virgin. Some have tried to replace the word virgin with 'young woman.' Is it that impor- tant that Jesus was born of a virgin? The answer is a resounding, definite yes. We read in Genesis that Adam was created in the image of God. Among other things, that means Adam was created innocent, pure, holy, without sin. Then we know that Adam sinned and because of that sin, Adam lost his innocence and his purity. Adam was no longer holy. In Genesis 5, when Adam had children, those children were begotten in the likeness of Adam, not God. The human race was now being continued in the likeness of Adam, mean- ing that all have Adam's fallen nature. Because of that fallen nature, all men need a Savior. Galatians 4:4 says, "But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law." When Jesus came into this world, he came only of a human woman, he had no human father. Because he had no human fathen he did not have the fallen nature of Adam. Because he did not have the fall- en Imture of Adam, he was born sinless and perfect. Because he was born sinless and perfect, he could be our Savior. The vir- gin birth is important because it was the only means Jesus could become a man without inheriting the fallen nature of Adaln. The bottom line to all of this is, as a result of the virgin birth, fallen humankind is provided with a Savior that paid the price of redemption on the cross of Cah'ary. In Adam all the world became guilty before God, in Christ all the world can be made right before God. The virgin birth is beyond human expla- nation or reason, but thanks be unto God, the virgin birth is not beyond the wisdom and power of God almighty. ARIAT 6EAR BA6 THE NEW BREED OF BOOT TH PUR(HASE OF ANY ARIAT BOOT While supplies last. Sale items excluded UN00'R00Y 2139 Greenville Road LaGrange 882-1555 il I Wasn't 0000,tng to write I have told myself ............................................. November not to write this column, and maybe what I am going to say would be best not said. There will surely be folks who will disagree, and that's alright because we all are enti- tled to our opinions. So here goes my opinion for the week. Without a doubt, churches are for sinners. Everyone surely agrees with this state- ment, because we all are sin- ners whether we be church goers or non church goers. If we were all perfect, which we certainly are not, there would be little need for the church, except for a place to fellow- ship with other people. Let's go to the next level. Churches should seek out all sinners and invite them to into the fellowship. Most would probably agree with this state- ment. Should not the number one priority of the church be to reach out to the lost? Level number three. If the church is suppose to seek out the sinner, at what point should it decide what type sin- ners should they seek out, or better yet, what type sinners should be excluded? Things seem to be getting somewhat more cloudy now, wouldn't you agree? By my mentioning November and you staying with me thus far, you have probably figured out where I'm going. Yes, let me discuss with you the issue of the two Atlanta area churches that were voted out of the Georgia Baptist Convention over their policies and practices con- cerning homosexuality. Messengers at last years Georgia Baptist Convention approved a constitutional change stating that "a cooper- ating church does not include one which knowingly takes, or has taken, any action to affirm, approve or endorse homosexual behavior." This years vote come on the heals of that constitutional amend- ment after considerable dia- logue with both churches. It was voted on the floor of the convention that both churches allow gay and les- bian members to hold posi : tions of lead#rship, and that a commitment service for two gay men was held at one of the churches. Alright, I hear you. You are saying we very well could have adulterous people in positions of leadership in our Baptist Churches. We could have liars, cheaters, thieves and so on in these positions. Sin is sin what is the differ- ence? Level number four. This is where it really gets cloudy. What is the difference? Let's see if we can determine the answer to that question in an intelligent fashion, not being judgmental, and remember- ing that we all are sinners of some sort. The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. It is also very clear that the other things mentioned are sins. Surely, we all can agree on that, so where do we draw the line as Christians? The line has to be drawn with the word repentance. God forgives all sins, but first we must ask for forgiveness and repent of that sin. A Valley, Alabama man wrote in a let- ter to the editor, "How many adulterous people do you know who go to church and say, I commit adultery, I am going to continue to commit adul- tery, but I want you to let me join your church and not point out the scriptures to me that say it is wrong, or to tell me to stop. I also want you to tell everyone in the Church that adultery is alright." He could "How many adul- terous people do you know who go to church and say, I commit adultery, but I want you to let me join your church..." have added, "and allow serve in leadership pos or marry me and my partner." Baptist are not denomination the homosexual The Methodist are a push by only to be admitted to! bership and leadership tions but also to be as pastors. The Bible refers condition in both the New Testaments as nation, and in my Georgia Baptist showed great coura standing firm on the tures, while encourag churches to minister to pie, no matter what tJ grounds are. Communication Fax machines, E-mail and all the modern ways of communi- cation have changed the way we communicate today. It's fast and easy. For the most part it's a wonderful thing. Then there are times I wish we could return to the days of pencil and paper. It never seizes to amaze me the things you can find on the fax machine and your E-mail address. In a week's time, we receive hundreds of pieces of communication here at Star- Mercury Publications, Inc. Some are needed pieces of infor- mation, the others I refer to as junk. Actually I call it some- thing else, but I'm cleaning the statement up a bit for print. I don't know how all those people get your fax number and E-mail address. Those sending us the information we don't need are smart as well. They don't give you their fax number or E- mail address so you can contact them and tell them to never send you the worthless junk again. I'm sure everyone who has E-mail and fax machines know what I'm talking about. Take this past week for instance. Our office received enough information on the fax machine that could make .... everyone empl0Y6dhere a millionaire b, 20617 We must have received 100 different ways to fill our mail- boxes with checks from people we don't know. One of the items received this week claimed they could make me a millionaire in a year, and it was guaranteed and "not against the law." They claimed I could receive dozens or hundreds of money orders delivered to my home daily. I could make $333;300 fast. They had testi- monials from many people who claimed they had earned $20,000 in less than a month by using their program. What's the catch? I'm not sure. I called the number given because I wanted to find out just how these people were making all this money. I quickly disconnected the call when I learned there was a small up front charge for this money making miracle and I would get more than my money back in my first week. I could get started immedi- .... Fax md mail and all the ern ways nication have ;ed the way we municate today. ately if I wanted to give my If not it would take at days after I mailed money order to the and I would miss out dreds of dollars while waiting. Oh yeah, I just fell turnip truck. I'm someone I don't know number over the trust them to only put time cost of $500 on .... :M fcirfte'his one containin about a topic i was, to hear about. This one informed me, ten men who were having the best hairstyles ' century. It seems Elvis the top spot with his pompadour and long that sent women men trying to achieve the 'do." Others named with plete descriptions of selected included: The Jim Morrison, Jimi Sperling, Rod Stewart, Ice, Brandon and D "Beverly Hills 90210", Jordan and George They had me right Michael Jordan and Clooney. any hair and Clooney's to begin with. Yes, modern great. However, are probably better left Don't more shopping flays left Chris00as! iYou'd better[