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December 21, 2000     The Hogansville Herald
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December 21, 2000

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r AARON CURTISS ; TIMES hits for Boy fans REVIEW ideas To help you choose the perfect game for your we're continuing our list of a few most entertaining games for popular ma- formats, as well as the game's genre, price rating. But remember, the easiest way to making a bad video-game choice is to do what we do -- ask. The odds are the video game players on your holiday list know exactly which titles they want. Nintendo 6ame Boy Tetris DX Puzzle; $25; Everyone The oldest game in the Game Boy library is the best. This classic puzzler was updated Color and offers a few extra game as well as the addition of Pez-colored Easy to learn and impossible to put Tetris is the single title every Game Boy Warlocked Real-time strategy; $25; Everyone Far from perfect, Warlocked is the only real- strategy game for Game Boy, so it fills a niche. The action is sometimes sim- which makes it easy for younger players to the basic rules of gtrategy games. But even players will appreciate some of the Pokemon Gold or Pokemon Silver Pokemon; $25; Everyone Don't feel bad if you're among the many who appreciate the Pokemon mystique. Almost kid with a Game Boy will love either of the newest Pokemon cartridges -- Gold or Sil- The Pokemon craze is bound to fade sooner but it won't be this Christmas, so most it. Space Invaders Space shooter; $20; Everyone Maybe we're showing our age, but few games beat the original Space Invaders for pure entertainment. The updated vet- for Game Boy Color retains all of the origi- charm but updates play and adds a few flourishes. The result is a perfectly time waster. Bionic Commando: Elite Forces Side-scrolling shooter; $25; Everyone As any self-respecting fan of The Six-Million knows, bionics can be an effective fight crime and evil. That's what the he- Commando do. They're humans allow them to tall buildings and deliver atomic-powered FRIDAY: Games for the PC Cyberscene Human rights The annual report by the Human Rights Watch fo- cuses on such global concerns as stopping mass atroci- ties. It also discusses the inadequate resources given to the United Nations in its tasks of keeping the peace and assisting war-torn nations. Address: www.hrw.org Lip Shtick Did you know they put crushed, dried beetles in lip- stick? Well, that's a little better than fish scales, which are no longer used. Alice, a Web publication "for women on the other side of the looking glass," features columns on Lip Shtick and lots more -- with attitude. A feature called "Chicks We Love" looks at amazing women from Toni Braxton to Lela Lee to Rogue Ama- zon. Address: alicemagazine.com Independence 1099, a Web magazine for independent profession- als, provides a wealth of resources, including advice on money and taxes. Find advice on practical matters, such as whether to charge by the hour or by the project. Address: lO.com Today's chats World Wide Web: Chat with Mary and Carol Higgins Clark about their first co-written mystery, Deck the Halls. Ask Mary and Carol about their debut as a mother-daughter mys- tery writing team, 3 p.m., at yahoo.orn It's the season for festive menus and gifts of great food. Join Christian Delouvder, one of New York's cel- ebrated chefs, for a chat about the secrets of fine French cooking and American style, 3 p.m., at urmchef s, com Chat with Thomas Rollerson, founder of The Dream Foundation, which works to enhance the quality of life for adults battling terminal illnesses, 5 p.m., at flnalth oughts.om Sometimes the holiday season isn't as joyful as it should be. Join licensed family and marriage therapist Deb Sheehan as she discusses holiday-related stress and what you can do about it, 8 p.m., at parenting .Corn America Online: For all chats, use keywords: AOL Live: Join Sage FundTalk guest David Tlce, manager of the Prudent Bear Fund, who will explain why he be- lieves we are in the midst of a secular bear market. He also will answer individual stock questions, 9 p.m. Cyberscene is compiled by Chris Cobbs. To suggest a site, send emil to Cyberscene@orlandosentinel.com Sunday Showcase Every Sunday on the front page. It's not too late! You a gift of sweet, juicy, Indian River Navel Oranges and Ruby Red grapefruit fresh from the grove. Delivered to doorsteps across the U.S. in time for the holidays. Delight them this holiday season with the very best sun-ripened citrus from Florida. QUALITY AND SAFE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED. Order today for Christmas delivery to most states. Choose all Navel oranges, all Ruby Red grapefruit, or mixed. Order by phone (407) 855-2837 Trail Orlando Florida Hoidan & ... $45.99 .... $36.99 a-Tray Box.. i... .............. $44.99 2-Tray Box .................... $28.99 1-Tray Box ................... $20.99 Sampler Box (all oranges) ........ $16.99 Add $4.95 per package for shipping. Each tray holds approximately 12-18 oranges or 7-10 grapefruit, depending on size of the fruit. Out of area? Pleasa nil 1-800-624-8835 Fax @7-851-2601 Open daily 8 am to 6 pm WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2000 E9 Ganles Goren on Bridge By. Omar Sharif and Tannah Hirsh Both vulnerable. North deals. NORTH ,AKQ v874 ,AKQJ5 .74 WEST EAST ,93 ,J10865 vA92 v103 76 932 .t. AKQ853 .t. J 62 SOUTH ,742 vKQJ65 1084 #, 109 The bidding: NORTH EAST SOUTH WEST 1 Pass l 2& 3 . Pass 3 V Pass 4V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of Players tend to regard those bridge maxims as holy writ. That can be fatal. While they all con- tain an element of truth, they are generalisms and do not cater to specific situations. Here is a case in point. Reluctant to raise to the three- level with only three low cards in support, North showed tremen- dous all-round strength with a cue-bid of West's suit. When South rebid hearts, which virtual- ly confirmed a five-card suit (with only four, South had the option of bidding three diamonds), North continued to game in that suit. West led the king of clubs and was not thrilled with the dummy that hit the table, especially when East followed with the deuce of clubs to the first trick. There were two tricks available in clubs and one in trumps but no possibility of a trick in either spades or diamonds. If the con- tract was going to be set, the fourth trick would have to come from the trump suit. If partner held the king of hearts, all would be well. If part- ner held any lower honor, some work would be needed to set up a second trump trick for the defense. West cashed a second club trick and, disregarding the shib- boleth "Never give declarer a ruff-sluff," continued with a third club. Declarer ruffed in dummy, taking a useless spade discard from hand, then led a trump to the jack and West's ace. Then came the killer -- West led a fourth round of clubs, East ruffed with the ten and declarer was forced to overruff with the queen. Well-planned defense had promoted West's nine of hearts to the setting trick. Jumble Hurry up, lady, I ain't got all clay N UI-I)I "11 = UA A GC>OP WAY TO IIIVE O_.UTOMIR:5 AWAY, Unscramble these four Jumbles, one let- ter to each square, to form four ordinary words. ARBIN I 10 TrltX Mla 8ervle, Inc. All Rights Reserved NUCOE K n I POATI"E i '' www.jumte.com I " BRILEM v- wq Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon, BE A Daily Word Game Today's word: Keystone Keystone (KEE-stone): Something on which 'associated things depend; foundation Can you find 28 or more words in keystone? The average mark 18 words. Rules: 1. Words must be four or more letters. 2. Words that acquire four letters by the addition of"s," such as "bats" or "dies," are not used. 3. Only one form of a verb is used, For example, either "pose" or "posed," not both. 4. Proper nouns are not used. 5. Slang words are not used. 6.Time limit 35 minutes. Lockhorns By Bunny Hoest "LEROY OO6T FOUND OUT WHY THEY CA II IT , '6TANDARD & POOR.'" Horoscope by Linda Black For a quick look at how your day will go, check the rating: 70 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. ARIES (March 21-Apd119): Today is a 7. Your partner may need help on short notice. Luckily you're good at that. It might mean you couldn't do everything you'd planned, but friends would love to help. You've done the same for them in the past, so ask. TAURUS (Apdl 20-May 20): Today is a 7. You're naturally a hoarder. You like to have a couple of year's provisions on hand, just in case. You always know where your next meal is coming from too. Watch for a great deal on something you always buy. GEMIM OWw 21-June 21): Today is a 7. A meeting about money is in order. Make sure you know how much is avail- able. Your partner may have plans you don't know about. It's MORE BY PHONE rrexpondedhom- sOOlX call (407)/2- 70 category 1270. always nice to find that stuff out before, rather than after, you've spent the paycheck. CANC (June 22-kdy 22): Today is a 6. Get a friend to help with a big job. Don't feel indebted; there's something you can give your friend in return. It might be a service you can provide, not money. You can both do well using the barter system. LEO (July 23-A1.  Today is a 7. Youe started new projects, but a job you were working on isn't quite finished. Don't overlook a couple of little unwrapped items; they could be important. Inspect for qual. ity before somebody else does. (Au 23-Sept.  Today is a 7. Meet with friends to plan your next move. Hum/and do the important stufffirst. A person who's promised to "drop by" could actually do so. That wonderful surprise could mess up your whole agenda! lIBRA {Sept23-Oct  Today is an 8. s good that you're a natural student, because it's time to study. If you're not already in school, read those books you,e been buying and ACROSS 1 Goddess of S Sj- masted vessel 10 Disconcert 14 Haley or Ttebek is Ub00n 16 Manchudan border rbr Mau 19 Ms. 20 Prabe 21 Thin paper 23 Mr.Sun? 25 Scomsh dagger 26 Amved 29 Adherer surf. 32 Becomes ' 36 Tuddsh tl 37 s blue 3 Shor= for short 40 DeU Boone's rnoer- town Death00/pae 46 Meditates formu 48 Sod(end 4 Uberal SO Amn confl S2 Order form abbr. S4 Roman ==em00y halls 59 1957 hit, "WakeUp 63 Ak:la or Ladd byl=m.|d bounds Okerdokw 67 Interact service 8 Neighbor of VL, qnarn 8u,re v 70 Skine fweum 71 Pisa's dye" DOWN I So'u 2 Hoknoak 3 Retained 4 Uncover 5 l.at. or Uth, 6 mdnlmh Non.god 8 Avlfaune Pok:ft I0 h00hvok00 11 Out of ctr 12 New lMco saving. You can find more money, fun and even peace of mind. Get busy! SC (Oct. 23-Nov. 21 ): Today is a 6. A surprising devel- opment brings in more money. But bills are due, so you may not keep much of it. And a parmer may come through for you. Provide something that person needs, and you'll get something you need in return. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.  21): Today is a 6. Tomorrow you'll want to travel and play. Schedule a luncheon date for then and get busy now. If you take on an etta assignment, you can provide yourself a little slack. It means working hard- er now, but it's worth the effort. CAPRICOIi (D 22-Jan. 19}:. Today is a 7. Somebody's leaning on you to get an old job done. It's been difllt, since things are not going as expected. You might ask a partner to help, but it probably won't do much good. You're more like- ly to find the answer on your own. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Today is a 7. Work may take longer than expected, but tomorrow will be much better for an outing. Rest wearied nerves with a cozy night in so you're ready for a busy day tomorrow. There will be lots of action, and you'll want to do your best. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar 20)'. Today is a 7. The more you know, the more you're worth. One of the things you should study is money. Discoveffng you can't have what you want is annoying, but not fatal. And the way to get it is by upgrading your skills. You can do that. If DIKEMBEI113 IS YOgR BIRTH,: There's a lesson to be learned this year: Have your good  sense rule your purchases, not your emotions. Don't overspend on gifts in December, even for a worthy cause. By February you'll have ways to contribute that don't use up your slim resources. Home's where you'll find love and entertainment in April. Follow the rules on the job in May, and by June you'll be given more freedom. If you're tight with your money through July, you can travel in August and October. C00s,s-,vo001 13 Poet's Ireland 18 "Xanadu" grp. 22 "Sdindler's List" star 24 Minnelll "Cabaret"  mcochet 27 Spartan market 28 SUwvorker 1 3 14 17 2o 26 27 28 4O 4 se 69 33 Spen n'dstm 34 I-oh no wlU 37  6 7 8 21 25 3O 31 38 44 48 5t 1 Puzzle solutions, E2 S Sound 41 Twists together 42 Lasdvk kk 47 Gets up 4O Eagle   51 Pmnksl 53 Wlnr hours In N.Y.C -llfomia 55 Dearmel HMunro follower? Move RkJe ttrms 61 Party to. Stout's coun 11 12 13 33 34 35 45 60 61 62 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES