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December 21, 2000     The Hogansville Herald
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December 21, 2000

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F2 o_do sei Se I.labll EapaAol Classified Advertising General Information To Place Your Classified Ad Call: 407-420-5757 / 800-669-5757 Orlando Office Lobby Hours ........... 8,'00 em-5:O0 pm Billing Assistance 1-800-435-1232 Lake County 352-3,3-5550 Osceola County 407-931-5900 Daytona 1-800-211-5673 a - . = Telephone Hours Monday-Wednesday ..................... 8.'00 am-6:00 pm Thursday-Friday ......................... 8:00 am-7:00 pm Cancellations To cancel or correct an in-column ad call 407-420-$212 Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pro. Cancellation numbers will be issued at the time of cancella- tion of the ad. This is your record of cancellation. Adjustments and Credits Check your ad for errors the first day.  Sentinel will be responsible for the first incorrect insertion and no greeter extent than the cost of space occupied by the error. The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors or omission of type. Blind Box Re )lies Other Im )ortant De artments Address reply to OrlaMle SeMinel ad number given in care of Orlando Sentinel, Classified Department MP-4S, P.O. Box 2833, Orlando, FL 32802. General  reserves the right to classify, edit, reject or cancel any ad. We do attempt to alphabetize ads within individual classifications; however, we do not guarantee alphabetical placement, nor do we authorize credit for advertisements not alphabetized. Sentinel does not guarantee response. Advertiser=requests to omit in-column listings from appearing in our online product can be made prior to deadline by calling 40742@-$212. Publication Non-busineas Business Sunday Real Estate** 6:00 pm Thurs. 4:00 pm Thurs. Sunday 6:30 pm Fri. 4.'00 pm Fri. Monday 6:30 pm Fri. 4:00 pm Fri. Tuesday 2.' pm Mon. 2:00 pm Mon. Wednesday 2.0 pm Tues. 2:00 pm Tues. Thursday 12.@0 Noon Wed. 12.ONoon Wed. Friday 1:00 pm Thurs. 1:0(} pm Thurs. Satulday Real Estate** 2.0 pm Thurs. 2:00 pm Thurs. 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Ads placed from | / businesses out,de of this area are billed at the national classified rate, as indicated in the rate card. ] A small percentage of calts between our employees and customers are evaluated by supervisory personnel. Calls are randomly selected to insure our customers receive prompL cOteorJS service and accurate information. i III III III OFU. AnoN, Iii U11tBl, N HEN6 7s Summ NaCe of  abwe ss acon (Ue '/on') s prodded puu to Rde 1220 of e Fkda Rus of C Pce- dm and by oer of s Co. of: All poh01des who purcsed dwelling fire, homeowners, o mcYoite home property insurance from Detondent on property in Ibe State of Rodde, gnd who actuy pad emir Ixemu TO Dekmdent in installments, and who at any time aft May 1, 1997, url Ju 26, 2000 (tbe Cutoff Date), actualy paid TO Delendant leas vetch allegedy coretute aler an amount  excess of one dogar ($1.00) n  finance charges in one or more premiuminstallment payments, or who paid a "into of intoresr greater e:an entasn (1) parent sme interest per year on the I onpak:l palanc& in any one-year po,cy peried. Yo ere no( a rnernber Of It,,e Se Claes  you made premium installment payments to a prenum fi. hence company or other en othar than Defendant Peons to be excluded from the Settlement Class are: Defendant, its parenl, subsidiaries, alfillatas, or any cordrdi parson of any of them, as well as their officers, directors, agents, attorneys, servants or employees, and the irrte family member of .ay such parson. Tm my aywd: TO:ALL POLICYHOLDERS WHO PURCHASED DWELLING FIRE, HOM- ('OWiRS, Oil MORILIE ltOIE PROeBITY NSUlWI FIIOM OERli- 0IT 011RI01RI IN lIE 11111E 0F KORI 10 WH0 kruLY M 1HBR REIIm TO zrdN N NrNJJI1L  WHO ATY1, I, X,l  ,Y  Y mull BIHB t liUm m BCEI 0e 01E 0011 ($1.NI m Rall RIIkl OWIB RI 01E 0R N01E Rgll grrJ.L. IBIT IYM, 0R WH0 PND A "RATE 0F INTE tEAllER I A mllB  1HI Illt.B U.m  YO I Illm m BnllY otllm ml RNIg, mwm T0 R eczum mm TR mluam cure : 0F RENEMII', ffS PNtBff, SUIIRI, kFRUATIE& OR Nff C01tTROL RRt0N 0F ANY 0F 1HBI, AS WELL AZ TIBI 0FFICERS, 0tRECTORS, AGIEIIIZ, ATTORIEYS, SERVANTS OR EMPLOYEB, ANO 11E AY. Plaintiffs, Robert Wander and Etame Wander, individually and beef of a eers sirr,ady sem ('Rates') aege that Oeen- dare, C, Wend Sect trmmr Company ('Oefendent'), unlaw- fully charged service charge installment payment fees. Plaintiffs eemrt inal under Flodda law Ddendant is legalty r to its customers to ralmlxw, e them tor ltase udawlul char9es, as well as  atlomeys' leas and costs. Ddendan dedias alt Of F'els' allagans and has filed a rno to dierniss tbe lawsui Defen- d;]asc s e Rede law  authdzas the sece tained as a dalm on behalf of a dess consisting of ai pemons who suralce from DefefKh in the State of  oftor May 1, 1997, era Jne , 2000, and who actu p=d er preum in Vea- meet& and who paid leas TO Delendanl which ,egedly conslitute alther a premium  catge in excess of one ($1.00) dol" in one or mere prerm.en instaJkne payments, or a 'rate of interesr gater than  (') permnt spla intemt per yoar on  tben un be, n any one-y=r pofCy petod. Subject to e Couffs aprxovel, Pla i ge aclk have, kx Ibemsalves and on t'alt of ee Claas, er,-ed into a SeltWnent Agmemem w DeCedent to seine  clams. Defenda wout protrude mlund of a portion Of Ibe one ($1.00) ddilar excess sen4ce charge cokcl to  e ease members who sobrnlt a mofy and valid Pro of Claim DdNdm IIIm= tim tke IllU P to d= Qm lkml will  Im Ik I (=.N) dldlm. licyholdm tbet have been  = poe rneWe of ltts 0as, m beng edvised  rn a tt t *lth mpact to the lawsuit (indrmg b dgt to exdude thanemlves from the c=s  eey de=). Th norm  berg IX/0ed because s0me Jess mentors may not receve ine mailed nolice. IF YOU BEUEVE YOU MAY BE A MF...MSER OF THE CLASS AND wISH TO RECEIVE A PROOF OF CLAIM FORM, YOU MUST REQUEST ONE BY WRITING CLASS COUNSEL AT THE ADORESS SET FORTH BELOW. You  then be mailed a more on the malg I tot Mure nocaons regardg in= su. Ck Coun Clmm Ssct   D0 N0T ffi'ACr nE URT, THE 0JEM 0F TIE C01M, Y I1 A 011D  I1.  SHOULD DE DiRECT TO CLASS COUNSEL AT THE ADORESS US11EO AIOVE. TO IE BJmm_.iE FOR Sf111.EMEHT, THE PfiOOF OF CLAila FORM MUST BE RECEIED BY OEREIIO NO LAI THAN 5:00 P.L I1 lJ01: A hasdno on Ue proposed sattlenent is scheduled tor Mah 23. 2001 at 10:00 a.m. betore Ble  Kab"desn J. Kroll of the F'dlasnth ,Axlkdal Q Co for Pkn Seeoft County, Ronda. at the County Courthouse, 205 North Dixie Higay, Wast Palm Bch, FL 33401. AI tbe heamg, Se Court will datendine v,4t.  StUd approve ine propos seWnm and tbe aomeys' toe to be av,uded to  coursal, and wheber 1be aclton alxxJkl be dientssed wr prejudice. It you meat lte dermlt3on Of a Setlkenent Cms Menter anl have not exdud .Lm!f from tbe cla= or have nof led separate o0, ine d is not necassary tor you toappeer attbe beam0. 200, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, (5611 684.5956. If you mast the definition of a Setllement Class IVlantor and ch0ose TO rem=n a Serdemant Class , Class Cosal wm r yes intmm as a member of the Seelamet Class. Crass Coun- se 1 be compamated separately n edetJon to the Setle'ned Payment de above, You are not required to, but ny retain your om count, at your expe'me, to ao you. Tbe   beng excluded tram the C are t toh in t Noc of Bass Acon  Pro Setmm and Hemg, y,'hich can be oftained  Glass Coumal. If you v,eh to be ex- duded from the clams, you must mail notice according to pre- scbed =mdards TO Class Count,  on or berate Jan- t 15, 2(X)1. If Y(xJ wish to obieCl to tbe terms of or be exduded Ibe asmme you m=t se your obiecons or noli of  to be exdul from e tnere wh e Ck of Coue = Ccue Cou Pm Beach Cou , no let= ean Janu- wy 15, 2001. II IIIIII IF YO ARE A MEMBER OF THE CLASS, YOUR RIGHTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THESE PROCEEDiNGS AND THE TERMS OF THE O SETn_EMENT ARE DESCRIBED IN DETAIL IN THE NOTICE OF CLASS ACTION AND PROPOSED SETTLE- MENT AND HEARtNG. YOU MAY REQUEST A COPY OF THAT BY WRITING THE CLASS COUNSEL USTED ABOVE. BY ORDER OF THE COURT. CO11204 DEC,13.2000 NOTICE OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Pursuant TO Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, and 49 CFR Pad 18, and the pdiiclas and procedures of the Greater Odande Avis. fiDe Authoefly ('Authority') and the City of Odando ('Cty'), noe is hereby given inat Letters of Interest ere invited lrorn firrns and indi- ('Prox.. ') to render profe.r services ('Services') to the Aulhodty fu tbe mant Imlxovem Projects The Projed wll ge be'padormed in mupla phasas, and in- cludes, but is not limited to, studies, deegn, 10id nd award, patroll- ing, constucton, and oer rslated servces necessery for the Pro- ject. Services may include, but are nol limited to, architectural, errore.U, c, sur, machan, pm9, and ecc engineering design; utilities and infrastnlure ..desi; evaluation and documentation of existing conditions; verificagn of as.built condk)ns ing field vecaon of a exsg above and un-  ue; co asmag and schuin hc s- ; super w gudes topm x m=kxV  ss; permek  and ewd; conseuc= edmmn; and all other rslatod so,ices including cooki vAth the Au- =. and mnova for t buil space imp  rat=l, x m age, nmnvnt, puc , and puU drcu- Uon, r, ng ne. asmum symma and =gm,  oe . proiects to support concassnan progrems , Pre.Smtlal Cmnce vt  I' at 2:00 p.m., De.r qtted to atland. 1M uq/'of  Pm-Submit   be to nmew  ntqu Sm 1 to  itiora rmon regadng e s orates, spe. the =',d compom, and the Author,s Minority and Women 8usineas Enterprise ('MWBE') and Local Deveinpin9 Business ('LDB') Par. edpa Ptogrems.  FQue  . Prect l be redesd by tbe Authority at SLr Contomce or nxg wten P.es ed to Mr. J. H. Bredby, Se Dector, Enneeng and Consc- , Grsa Odando ,mSon/hody, Orbndo  Air- port, 585O Cargo Road, Orlando, FL 3227; lax runb (407) 855- 3531. Copias of 'ltler: raspmses , be dBed to a Propas- ers dto atnded e I:-Subrn , nd wi be arab- able to non-attendoes upon vattten reduest Quass received af. ter close of business on Januan/3, 2001 11 nof be answered. Proposm may be discvir It thare S expane contac   Aueomy or  ocnsulars abou  Pro Outing  selacon process, except that the office of Mr. Denyl Sereon, Director of IVlWBE, LDB ancl DBE Pr, Grsater Oando Avlaon Aulh- Proposers and their key porsomal must be experienced in ber. totming sinder servces for projects of a scope and natunt cornpa- raUe TO  Pr0iect Proposm and inek key persom mus have pnor e es ine prime consultant on a minimum of one (1) similar ixoject .ltn he last five (5) years wiin a minkoum con- stuctinn velue of  lass e=n Ono Mak) Ddilars ($1,000,000). Proposers should also have pnor dasgn expanence on prolects funded by and designod n accordance w the ruas and reg ons of p:govemmeu agendes. To be considered, Pmbusers shal  licensed professioraJs i ac. cordance wh Roa State  and s be fanaer w a . cabla federel, State of FlutJa, Orange County,  and City codes, relai and laws. Proposer selected by the Auth0dty . be .med  say e ALhos murance rsqu,ema, eBE  go= d LD perpan 0o. Pursmmt to Section 287.133(2)(a), Rodda Statues, mtorested Pr poem who be been paced on  cmiced veror  folbw- mg a convic tu a .Lic ety cnma may nof su a Foposal on a comact to Fovide sencas br a pulc et/ly, rnay not be awled a oorsd conlmct and may not ac business w,h a pblic erelty for sewicas,  veke of which exceeds $2&000 for a penod ot 36  lrorn Ibe dm d berg paced on tbe on- vk:lad vendor L The/u,ho imm0s, be is r ofgated, TO enter into a non-ex- dus agreem ,e e seed Prow TO paorm tbe re quirsd Servicas. The ex*am and scope of ere See/s, along wi the fees for such Sewks may be negoted with tbe selected Propo. Upon succe=U pon d neg0o e Aue- ty st==l have tbe hght but not ee d0igatinn, to award all or my poon o the work.  Pr0poasfs are re0pWed TO sul)rnit twelve (12) copies of a Ledor Of Interest on or before 2:00 p.m. local time on Fnday, Januaq 12, 2001,to Mr. J.H. Bradley, Senior Dk'ecr, Enginasdn9 and Cornk Geater Odendo Aragon Auemty, Om0o n:  .moe 5650 go Rod, OWdo, FL 3. Any L- tma mmt afwmm  not be mmd =  be round0 mopem Ledm of tnt=. ast Stm be sutmtt n saslad pa0gas 0eady labe "Let of interest for Professional Services for Concessionenant Im- Lters of Irmst st ck,m tbe TO, t.o (2) , ed. dras=ng each numbered subsection in the order requested, in- ked and dasdy idenffd. LasSes of Interest b"at am no( in com- Vdume I 1.  exeoulive Ixiel .tx indudas: a) A comprehensive Project approach to ixovide the required Secas. b) Narra on why  propo posior tasm sh0ad be seladed fu he required Secas, c) Tbe p mee for  w  emy, s o- or oonsul= d or d gommer agencies. 2. Nama, ade =d pbe oum of ono (1)  to om a future correspder anor   be directed. 3. A PBe oar, tzana cha vat:tfinckms: a) A  de of  r ess TO  Propo b A atm.w deCn0 e We of bu.e, retxp  4. Ou of  I/  r   t: . A  E -: a) Demg torrent and pa= proiecls ot Ihe ..PLy. xmr of a simr nmre dudng the l==t rve (S) yem, n0 e nerne, ie  adds= orence c=== peems x eac p:ct, dod. p._ 0) j of = =ope =.=u c=.pmue to  'Pmiect" wiin a n-kum o0mlmc zlue of not le fftan Om Need a Date? Wem t  of 'em- wch is why w'v* lded i lithe of fqrkhll s Clltldlr s te Uv mr S=V =d a=d=y thro sd=r. LIvs hHy Cd=dw f4mv ster on tl I=test evts. == walt =s Ustings of wa=rsl.qmlq  n:. Nat mqd. of k),s. mllnn4 Idd fl.m maY=e ll* red raamxk, emy *,H tM 0dele SNtII. i % I I t I Poem ($1,000,000). b) 111e asn  value for each project c) Pr0iect c0m0tm =ta or esmam co0eon ate, d) Spec  iividrs mine, le and sm of his/ list prqectS of a simi nature in a Wm mariner. ' 6 A psed pafpaon pn    LDE qre- mats howtbe 1: a) :hme'ShWin Authndly's MWBE padicipabon 9Pal, including e Ci, 0ran C, a, (x  State Of a  tt Pr0F:r's MWBE subconsultants, or evxJence in a torm )acee to the Authty's requirement for MWBE cerff,an. ieve the Authoris LDB participation goal, including the Auodiy indicng that the Prop0ss LDE subcomultants can mas  kus re  LOB cerdacatinn. Ouestio on these iesues can be sul: to Mr. Den'yl BertorL Dirsclor of MWSE/DaE and.LOB Pro Greater Odando Aria. lton Author/, Orlando nto ,Urport, One Apo Boulevard, Odando, FL 32827 Phone number (40"/) 825-3145. 7. A list of aJI of Ihe Propoasr's ctment projects including: l Tt asretod constriction value for each proiecL c/The estimated  dete foe ffe Proposeds esnces. The nama, tie, eddress aed phone number of a contact Wson of the Proposers cllant who is familiar h the Prolxs rofe on that Proiect e) Na'nerous sm pmiec= can e grouped eeer and iden rl as such. 8. A two (2) page dascofion of b"e Proposers program for the query corre of the , . 9. Any atlional infonnalJon which may be rsquested by bhe Au. ey at e Pre-Saxr Coereme ' . 1'm informat submitted for Items 1-9 in Volume I abeve sll not excasd 75 one-sided 8.5'x11' pages (excluding resumes and cham). Volume II 1. U.S. Gnra Sm=  (USGSA) Fon 254 and 2   Prop0ser and  subc0mu, 2. Ence of e ily  e Pro0 and s sCxx-n t0 provide the foftowing insdr;ance coverage, eltber by means of an exisng pok,'y or by Wtue Of a ixojecl spaciltc endmemant WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1 3, ma;ities and irregularities in be:l- I CSE3654288 DEC.13,2000 ding and to accept bids which A petition that does not dispute J are considered by Tumer/PSA the material facts on which the  banks to be in the best interest of the Depadment's action is based m====A==nP=d FO- prolect. - shall stats that no such facts IlllllIWllllllllalllllll 130RL3644758 Dec 6, 13, 2000 are in dispute and otherwise shall contain the same informa- LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT For a complete listing of cur- rent available quotes (RFQ), bids (ITB's), and proposals (RFP's), interested parties should call the City of Alta- monte Springs Procurement fax-on-bema#l system at 407/ 975-0022 (Select Menu Op- tions: 1, 2, then 1) or visit our web site at www.ARamonte.org Click on "Bd into" link button). The "official  bid or proPOsal documents listed are available for a nominal fee through the City of Aitamonte Springs Pro- curement fax-on demand sys- tam at 407/975-0022 (Select Menu Options: 1, 1, then the document #), our web site at www.altamome.oqL or the City of Aitamonte Springs Procure- ment Division. Bids or propos- als will not be accepted from anyone who obtains the bid or proposal documents from any other party. CITY OF ALTAMONTE SPRINGS,FLORIDA Is/Barbara Kiser Procurement Division csEMan36'791 DEC. 3,6,10,13, , 17120:4,27,31 O00 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 9TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR OR- ANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA, CASE No. CIO-00- 8272 JOY A. BAXTER, as Trustee Of the Joy A. Baxter, Revocable Trust DELAROK ENTERPRISES, INC. Defendants NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that I, KEVIN E. BEARY, as Sha  Ome CO, Rbe- de, under a tue of Writ of , them lasued out of the above entild court in the above styled cause, dated the 6th day d De.tuber, 2000 and have levied upon the following desorfbed properly IoceXed and being in Orange County, Flori- da, to-wit: ALL ITEMS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING: PIA- NOS, PIANO PARTS AND PERSONAL PROPERTY, A MORE PARTICULAR INVENTORY MAY BE SEEN THE DAY OF SALE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9:00 A.M. TO 9;30 A.M. SOLD AS IS AND WITH NO WARRANTY, SOLD SUBJECT TO ALL TAXES AND LIENS OF RECORD PURCHASER TO PAY BILL OF SALE. as the property of the above named defendant, DELAROK ENTERPRISES, INC. and that on the 27th day of December, 2000 beginning at nine thiffy o'- clock in-the foranoon or soon tiDe as set forth above, as re- quired by rule 26-106.301 of e Florida Administrative Code. Because the administrative hearing process is designed to formulate final agency action, the filing of a petition means that theDepartment's final ac- tion may be different from the position taken by it in this no- lice, Pets(ms whose subatanJ interests will be affected by any such final decision of the De- partment have the right to peti- tion to become a party to the proceeding, in accordance with vequlrements set forth In accordance with Section 120573, F.S The Department advises that mediation is not available in this case as an al- temative to filing a petition for an administrative determination. COR3655227 DEC.132000 NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Central FL Regional Transpor- tation Authority dba Lynx, a Governmental Agency pursuant to FL Stat. 69081(9), notices sefiJemant of claims for Person- al Injury by Evelyn Roman, aris- ing out of a vehicular accident wfich occurred on October 13, 1997, in Orange County, FL, seffiement requires L..ynx to pay $25,000 te Evelyn Homan in COnsideration for a General Release of all claims adalng out of the accickmt. Date: 11/17/00 Dec.12,13t 141516r1718i20(X] Publt Ik tO AS of January 11, 2001 Hu- mane Medical Plan, Inc., an HMO with a Medicare+Choice contract, will no longer offer continuous open enromant for the Humane Gold Plus Value an in the following COunties: range, Osceola and Semi- no. Only app=to reced". during those election perioos reqrbd by the Health Care F nanctng Administration (HCFA) will be -aceeptl as Of this date. I NOTE: Contlnuoue open an- roflmel for Ihe Humat Gold Claul Man le MIH iwdlable. GH-12878 (ORL-V)12O OEC.t3/ZO00 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA THIRD JUOICIAL DISTRICT th the mat oE Pln0ff, Clvtedno B. Baser v. Defemdant, Michael B. Beser Case No. 3AN-00-07677CI TO: MICHAEL B. BASSLER NOTICE OF SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Vedfied Complaint For Divorce, Custody and Name Change has been filed in the Superior Court, Third Judicial District, thereafter on said day at 1899 C Kentucky Avenue, Winter Anchorage_, Alaska on behalf Of Park, R 32789, Orenge County, Ch B, Bassler against Mi- Florida. I will offer foi" sale and chael B. Bassior, seeking a d- sell to the highest bidder at vorce custody of the minor hand for cash on demand the ch Id Bianca ( Bass er, ch d ebove described property of support and spousal support said defendants, TO sefisy said and a change Of name. A copy Writ of Execution. of the Verified Complaint is on file in the Superior Court, 303 In accordance with the Ameri- K. Street, Anchorage, Alaska cans With Disabilities Act, per- 99501. To avoid the possibility sons needing a s:paal accom- of a dault udgment being en- modation to participate in this terad ag=nst you, you or your proceeding should contact Ro- attorney must file an answer to se Lee Munoz, Judicial Process the Vedfied Complaint For Di- Sales coordinator, not later vorce Custody and Name than seven days prior to the Change within thirty 30) days Br .ing at Orange County afer tile last date of publication Sheriffs Office 425 North Or- of this notice. Hemy KVlCe__  for Rainfiff Chdatine B KEVIN E. BEARY COR3644547 r AS SHERIFF I OEC.6,13,2027po000 STATE OF WISCONSIN ffrATE OF N.CA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRON- case No.: 00CV404 MENTAL PROTECTION B1 NOTICE OF PROPOSED Classification Type: AGENCY ACTION Money Judgment Code No.: 3030t 10 AFFOROARLE PARALEGAL SVCS --8qnkratcy. dk, orce. wt etc Eves avail 407-380-3151 ATTORNEY APONTE -- Divorce. Bonkruptcydm. Pymt plans , FFE C_.'sUlf 407260-8268 BANKRUPT- From S400. Our low firm filed 1040 cases lost r! Divorce From $300; Will 50 EveninGs & Saturday oppts. Coufl Costs extra Free consultation Elkins & Freedman Attorneys, 407- 8304177 or ]Og02 )277 BANKRUPTCY-DIVORCE -- Per. I[ I. Crimirl. Affordable Arty . Tim O'Leary 407/62-1514 BANKBJE.CY SEMINAR -- FREE Ke.EMangum, Esd Every . Wed at b:3[]p, 407-246-1585. ROTIE -- The hinn O of a lawyer is an impoffont [::ecion that sould not be based solely upon advertisements Before yOu deode, ask to have sent to you free writtsn informa- tion about qualaton,s and e Un, der Florida law, nonlaw- egerS are permitted to sell al forms & kd3 and type in the information provided by their customer They may no1, however, give legal advice or provide legal rves. 1 AUTO DRNEAWAY -- We deliver anywhere! Cars avaitoble to nony cities. 40778-7000 TAKE A TRiP EACH WEEK -- Wlth the Transportation section in Thursday s Orlando Sentinel Call 1-800-/41-5353 to re- serve your Sentinel seven doy home delivery 13 WOOOLAWN iILL -- B lat Garden O, Lot 827, Anx- ious to sell 410-879-8212 GLEN NAVEN MEMORIAL P QLEN H'EH NEMOR=L FARX -- 2 spaces, Garden Of Love, $1500/both Call 828- neor Dwtw! FOUND -- Fun facts and I INFORMED SOURCE found on page  yOU can LOST -- Bird African red tail Kurkmon LOST -- Camera Kodak vantix On Christmas route wore LOST -- Casio black case. Morkho d & Lk Mc Reword! 407-620-7573 LOST -- cat. S100 reward, LOST -- cot M BIk, LOST -- Cat M, mostl before Park. LOST L(,)(,)K Cot Ton/grey Siamese 1 shorthoired, neutered, t declowed, Metrowest If seen, c LOST L(,)(,)K Cat White body, solid )atches-aH down bac vhite s:ce between :iers, pink nose Sm eclawer, Comes h'eats. Skin shelters, Reward. 407282-4512 Call 407-362369 or LOST L(,)(,)K Lost LOST  leather jack 41:x,'n East/West or h gundy mental w LOST  wallet, black, 9 Lost 12/6 either in ;100 reword. asked 40722-3800 26 FULL BODY TREAT YOUr"E3E. ' THeY An touch w unvd AYURVEOA THERAPY -- EBONY MASSAGE THERAPY MM10231 MA2945 t E -- By Trocy.. A g L Touch Mon-$at MM10 Ir'=als MULiE -- The Department of Environ- x34 tossionaJ Liab - $1,000,000 with maximum $100,000 mental Protection gves Notice RUNKEL ANSAY & HAGGEN- HIOHLANO MEMORY 8ANOENS of its intent to issue Used Oil JO, S.C,  ] Lot. Gordon Of Re- oeeJCe__b)e General Liability $&000 000 with no dedL- Processing Permit tO IPC/Mag 1329 Wset Grand Avenue demption Prime location num anEarthcare Company. PorlWmddngton, WI 530?4 $3000/obo. 352J35-1816. The facility is located at 223 vs. WOODI.AMI MBIOlUAL PARK -- IBME vedtsh C) AUt Llab - $5,000,000, VI noded. Central Florida Parkway, Odan. WENDY ZEI"TING, 2 lots, Cath sec R if3 & 4 $80hr /OOOLAWN MEMORIAL -- I MASSAGE THERAPY -- Employers  $500,000 -each accident ing permit is requir  Park, FL 32792 burial space, $995. Rease Great. $500 000 diseas8 poiicyNlt proposed work and has as- call 407-2q2-2141 Cindy k $..]0,000 disease -   signed application number THE STATE OF WISCONSIN _ .__ SHMIIN TRERNf -- 124 I Policy tens must be acceptable TO the  sKI must corn- HO06-O173447-001 to the pro-  Rd, AItamonte Springs, plyvlbe/Jdtstoflnsura/ice, andbheagfee, ject. TO eechperson named.above 265-2544. MMI[]O me wiU require tbe itoffr TO pa subraitted on Ihe Authodty's as a defandant The Department's file on this Of insgrelCe forM. I matter is avaitebio for public kl- I YOU are hereby notified that spection duringnormal bust- Ithe plaintiffs named above, 3. Coplasofcurmnt, valtdFIoedaProlessionallgislonCertJfl- nesebours, 8:.OOa.m. Los.:OO iRun,Ansay&Haggonjop, by p.m., MOnDay mrougn friday, I Michael S. HaggenlOS, nave cates for the professional firms and individuals proposed to be except legal hofKJays, at the I filed a lawsuit or hZ_ "  ac- used on the Prqect uepanmant or r=nvtromental I lion against you. i ne uom- Protection, Central District of- I plaint which is attached, states ORUMMEH WANTED -- To re- 4. Financial in tbe Propoasr bellaves will enaUe bhe Au- lice, 3319 Maguire Boulevard , I rise nature and basis of the le- cord & tour with hQrd work- '10dty TO eveluato  Proposer's ability TO pedor sen4cas  Suite 232, Odendo, FI 32803. "gai action, Within forty.five (45) ing band, Call Mike 850-739t. the proposed  Agem Telephone 407/83-3323. aays of receiving this Sum- PLAY TRE IARDS AnENTION BARBARA -- . marls, you must r with a daughter Lynn of All A person whose substantial in- written Answer, arseSatat tarm is Need to sell your stuff? Belty wanted us to talk, so p terests are affected by !he used in Chapter a02 of the Wla- up to the keyboard Now. co at 518-450-8C FOt , e Audy wl renew the Letters of Inter above proposed agency, aFon : consin Statutes, to the Corn- you can go online to order 80 YIRCIN IlR may peflition for an admmletra- plaint. The Court may reject or and pay for your Sentinel 9 Hall Mow's for 9 day esttodatem'meashoisto(ProposerswithqualffcatJomdeemad tiveoetorminatio(hearing) un- disr.egard an Answer that does Classifieds ad. It's quick It's for 3 wshes On the 9th n1ost advelllageous TO tbe AJJthofJly, )m whichUle fil sal(lton dsr section 120.569 and 120.57 not fow the requirements of easy It's oh, so convennt print th Gal. and wsh shall be f plxsua to Ibe Authors p('oc and Ro of the Florida Statutes. "Rte pe- the statutes. The Answer must come true. MTE tition must contain the informs- be sent or delivered to the www.orlodesentinel.com sho 6n'ns pdor to Ihe final sek. It there ere fewer lan be fileq lreceived) in the De. three (3)  Propos rsceived, tbe the  reserves Eartment s Office of General  of Courts the  to ev  Statenler on f for lase proje( uounsel, M.ajory _Stonemen Ozaukee County J uca Center m0atsinliladyreltodtoleS(wicess0ughtbythisedvefl, uougas uuimmg, 390(] _m 1201 South Snrm reet monwealth rd,   Pbrt Washington, ,,'Vl 53074 Tbe Auxity am resmas tbe rght to conduct disassions ,lth tion 35 Tailaneesee, Honea P Should the dasm such disc nec- 32399.)(. P eton..s filed by and to the plaintiff, whose ad- elinordsh0ltstbae(3)finqusiftedtopadolbe an){.pe.rsoneolnermanmose dssiS: I enUtted to written notice under 120 60(3) of the Flodds Runkel Ansey & Haggenjos, I'BPPY N L=W YEAR / bmPJWS must be flied wttbin 14 S.C. ' " Wish EVERYONE o Hqppy The  reSewas tbe I to waive y inl0fTn kt tbe L- beys of publicafion of this no- 1329 West Grand Avenue New Yeor with o classified teoflrderestsubmltted, to reject any and all  of intoft ticeorrofthewrjtltltltltmno. P.O. Box306 adICal1407-4,20-5757orS00- sJomttled, ortore-advediasforLeders0ftnterast/lldeciiorlsre - tice,roccumt=rm me PortWeshington, 669-5757. Ask about inolud- Wisconsin 53074. Ing one of  deco's t:)elow. You! .. andle award of e contrtct will be made by le Authodty's petitioner shall mail a copy of  Sen/k;as  at opefl the petition to the applicant at the address indicated above el pubic .n_ rs in accordance with the requirements of Secton the time of filing..The failure of 286.011, Rorida Statulas, aKI all interested padres ere invited to vhin the =pprep.e Ume ped- attsnd   any person to fie a petition od shall coizML, tea waiver of tn acourdame wit Secli0n 287.055(11), Floride Statutos, tbe Au- that porson's dgt to requeet an thodiy and the City declare lbet 1 or po of Ihe  admmistretive determination ) under sealn 120.869 aed work Papers sub61ltted P(,Buant TO blis irNion stll be s Ub" .57 of the Flonda Stat- 'L to re-use by  Authodty and the Oty md  not be ratum ut=, or to inteve in ibis pro- CnlyhhosePropolsd0lLatoflnlerastwnetb'.le ceeding end pertibipete as a reqLdrsrK  spedfied w be coreddefed kx tbe sgniltoas perry to it. Any subsequant in- tervbron (in a pmcaeding inlti.  befit, regardlas8 of pasl c01lcl h Ibe Au0dty, ated by another pa/_) will be  Oty, or o'er agencie deparmmts or mlf porsonnoL one, m  d=Uon of  p- I aiding offic upon  filing Of a GREATER ORLANDO AVIATION AUTHORITY motion in   rule 128-106.205 of the Florida Ad- ABY:vton The Hnoreble Md Madir CORL3649360 Dec 10,13, 2000 STO NOl'ICE M.J. Simpeen is e gens se- trecto seeking bid from certi. fled M,.M/BE & LOBE subcon- tractors & suppliers for the Oren Count=He=th Oca.- mant ADA and Re,ocm RanD. vations. The bids are due to M.J. Simpson on 12-20-00 for county big due 12-21-00 Fax all bids to 407-834-7796. Oues- call 407-834-7726. OR3eS7 OEC t3O0 INvrrAllON TO BID EDC-.'WATER HIGH SCHOOL 3t00 EDGEWATER DRIVE ORLANO0, FLORIO, 304 # TURE=SA   = tng bids for e Lump Sum Pro- posal for performing our trade work for Edgewaler High School, 3100 Evater Drive, County Public School System for the to, owing dig's,ion: METAL ROOFING A Pre-std Conference will be betd on Denw'Nr !=, 2000 t 10:00 AM at Turner Construc- tion jobe trailer, 1901 W. Preefon Street, (across from Edgeweter High School.) ALL BID ARE DUE NO LATER 1 Thure, dly, JANUARY 4, BY 4.'00 P,M, Intareted bidders should con- tact Turner Construction Com-  at 2201Lucien Way, Suite Maitland, Florida 32751, ,01hone (407) 475-5900, fax 7) 475-5920 or (407) 475- 0. Drawings and documents are available at Odando Repro- graphics (407) 843-0113 or by contacting Dave Riley or Eric (]too at (-407) 475-5900. They may be reviewed at the follow. p. rooms: Central Flodde Bulldlnl Ex- tange 340 Wymore :load, Winter Pk, FL (407) 629-2411 F.W. Dodge, B425 Temple Road, Jac(eenvi!le, FL 32217 3700 th Street, Oa, FL 0t Lan Way, Suite'L:f, Maitland, FL 1407 475-500 A bids for tbe Edgew=er Hi School project mukt be submit- ted to Turner Construction Company at 2201 Lucian Way, Suite 201, Maitland, FL, or by fax (407) 475-5920 (to be fol- lowed up with an original) no than Januen/4, 2000 @ 4:00 PM. The M/WE perticipetio goal for this project is 27.5% Tumer/P is actt =vy certified M/WBE Contractors and Su to submit bids on any peeion of tht project whlch 1 within their sbe of. mtnisUative Code. ment's action is based must contain the following informa- tion: (a) The name, Kk:lrese and telephone number or each petitioner, the appli- cant's name and address, the Department File Num- ber and the counly in p; the project is pro- (b) A sta4ement of how and when eachpetitioner received notice of the De. ixmdartmant's action or pro- action. (c) A statement of how each petitioner's substan- tial interests are affected (d) A statement of elf mat ed facts disputed by petitioner or a etatement that there am no disputed facts; (e) A statement of fact= whch the petitioner con- tends warrant reversal or modification of the Depart- mant's action or proposed actk; (f) A staleme of which rules or statutes the peti- tioner contends require re- vem or modification of the Deprtmonfs ection or propoeed scion; and (g) A statement of the retief sought by the pett- ne mdnO the  nts YOU may have an atiomey haip or represerd you. If you do not prodd a prope Answer within forty.five (45) days the Court may grant Jlgrnant against you for the award of money or .. legel action requested in me uorn- plaint, and you may ..Ippe your fight to obje tO anyming znet is or maY be incorrect in the becne a liar= agaiinst any real estate you ow now or In the future, and may also be an- m .shmant or sel- ekited thle 7th ddy of Novem- ber, 2000. RUNKEL ANSAY & HAGGEN. JO& S'C"for RaVf StBarNo. 100gff - 1329 Weet Grand Avenue PO, Box 306 Po Walinglon, WI 53074 H4_2S4-3407 METRO 377-4423 COR36448 12/6, .... 13, 20, 2000 NOllCE OF INTENT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE of the trict's intent to designate the of Director of Finance and Pkmning for inclusion in the SeniorManegemant Ser- wce  ehin e State of Ffodda Retirement System by filing Form SMSD-I with the Stale of Flodda Retirement Symm, REEDY CREEK IMPROVE- MENT DI="TRICT BY: Donne L Palmer, Clerk  0EC.o,3oo , of Janne fl. 200'I Hu- m' Medicl Plan, inc. an HMO with a Medioare+Choica contract, will no longer offer continuous open emoflmant for the Humena Gold Plus Value an in the following counbes: I urange, Osceoa and Semi- I no. Only  reved I dudng those election periods I., of . From: nual "i  25. 2001. YOU 5/3O/75. k3do SEI llEW JR WIIEO To Mom, Dod, ONE know care Call 800-669-5757 Ask one of 25 -- Chiht..ohuo, tan. ty. ort nose & g& Male Ala- fayo & Coloniol-407-5-1401 FOURO -- Box of teoly beor on Dyke gd off Howetl Branch., Aftor 6 407-678-67 FM0 -- Cot. You, f blOCk w/wht fet, Winter SF. 407-327-3862 FOUNO  dog. 12/10 in Fern Creek oreaTBIock F, sooth'/ -- at the dochsuncl mix, 407-894-4131. dark blue with FOUNO  Dg. Benjl type Fe- male. onrotd FI Area. CG 407-321-4173, ggne .I rom yo -- Dog, block Lob, fe- er in th male. Ca 407.482-2O36 -- Dog. M Bu or PtroJ. HUNRY? -- ScOtt Clermont 12/8, Wht/61k Ptch on eye, 07-467-3238 dngsenlf ,! i