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December 22, 2016     The Hogansville Herald
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December 22, 2016

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,PAGE 8-A HOGANSVILLE HERALD THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2016 Ursids Meteor Shower Did You Know ? Is More Jell-O Eaten Than Anywhere Else? By JACK BAGLEY , Before I get into this i- week’s supply of trivia to enchant, dazzle, and enter- ': tain you, I wanted to relate .? this story of something that “r actuallyhappenedtome. (It’s my column, that’s why.) Many of you may know 3 that, before getting into the g. newspaper business, I was in -‘ broadcasting in the LaGrange area for about 40 5.: years. (Still am, part time.) 'Ien of those years were spent ggdoing television news, so my Efface is rather well-known. Anyway, a few months agago I was in the checkout line fiat a supermarket when I had Eéthe feeling someone was star- E'Eéing at me. (You know how E,that feels.) I turned around . and a very nice lady was look- ' ing closely at me. I asked, “Is there some- thing I can do for you?” She continued staring at . me and asked, “Don’t I know you?” > ’ Before I could relate she’d probably seen me on television, she went on, “Didn’t you used to be Jack ' Bagley?” . How does one answer a } question like that? __ Anyway, onward with this 1 week’s trivia! Did you know the home of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, was V designed in part on a Macintosh computer? (Microsoft and Apple are bit- ter competitors.) it took Leonardo da Vinci ten years to paint the Mona Lisa? . Christmas tree orna- ments date back to the Romans? During their festi- val of Saturn, which coincidd . With the, time now celebrat- " ed as Chistmas, the Romans ' hung little masks of Bacchus on pine trees. the people of Des mines, Iowa; consume the largest amount of Jell-O in the United States? (Well, what else is there to do in Iowa, anyway?) President Calvin \‘ii a} I V»: V; '1‘“: y . ,. ’ «5593* N!!ii:"$:i5 fii’i.” {£51 'r1.'~i='r\'.‘ In: mm.» :11??? Coolidge was sworn into office by his father? UpOn hearing the news that President Warren Harding had died, Mr. Coolidge took the oath of office in his . Vermont home from his father, a local county judge. only 52% of Americans drinkcoffee? (The other 48% have trOuble staying awake in the mornings.) people do not get sick from cold weather? Being indoors more is the reason for winter illnesses. the seeds of the Indian Lotus Tree can be planted andwillgrow-up to400years after they are formed? koalas are not bears? They are marsupials, like kangaroos. And ,they get the bulk of their nutrition from eucalyptus leaves which provide their food and water. (Koala is an Aborigine word meaning “no drink”) the online search engine Google got its name from a number? The' “googol” is a one with one hundred zeroes after it. the instruction tag for several models of electric hair dryer, actually say, “Do not use in the shower, never use while sleeping”? (You know that means someone actually did that, right?) ' the beloved Sesame Street Muppets Bert and Ernie were named after two characters in the film, It’s A Wonderful Life? Bert was the cop, and Ernie was the cab driver. (Jim Henson always claimed it was coincidence, but others say it was deliber- ate.) the sandwich was invented in the 17005 by the fourth Earl of Sandwich in England? He put a hunk of meat between two pieces of bread so he wouldn’t have to leave the table where he was gambling just to eat. (Thanks a lot, Earl!) . the first paved road anywhere is in Detroit, Michigan? It’s now called Woodward Avenue, but its official designation is the M1. the average eagle has about 7,000 feathers? the most nutritious part of a potato is its skin? almonds and pistachios ‘ are the only two nuts men- tioned in the Bible? a typical lightning bolt is four inches wide and two miles long? the average cup of cof- fee contains over 1,000 chem- ical components? You can’t taste any of them if they’re . by themselves, but blended together they give coffee its flavor. a “moment” and a “jiffy” are actual measure- ments of time? A moment is one and a half minutes, while a jiffy is one-one hundredth of a second. a glass bottle takes one million years to decompose? all Major League' Baseball umpires must wear black underwear while on the . job? It’s in case they split their pants. (Oh, the jokes I could make right here ...) the first cookbook in the United States was pub- lished in 1742? the banjo is the only truly American musical instrument? It was invented in the South in the 1790s. the flower of the calla lily is 8 feet high and 12 feet wide? (That’s some garden!) it was illegal to sell dolls of the movie character ET. in France? French law says dolls must have human faces to be put on sale. the game of checkers is older than the game of chess? ... a million dollars in one- dollar bills weighs about a ton? (That’s where the say- ing, “A ton of money,” came from.) ’ values on the Monopoly game board are the same as they were when it was invent- ed in 1935? (No wonder Boardwalk is so cheap!) shoestrings were invented in England in 1790? Prior to that, people buckled their shoes on. (What did they trip over, I wonder?) Now you know! And a very Merry Christmas to all of you, from all of me! 3 Locations to Serve You 280 Bypass Phenix City, AL 334-297- 4940 9932 Veteran’s Pkwy. Midland Mtfl m En Hamilton-132 Sou Coe Street°7066280082 Pine M0untain°107 State Park Road°7066630944 Hogansville°1790 East Main Street0706637-8484 Limited m... Only {SUBWAY is a Re tered 'll'ademark of Subway :IP, Inc. @2016 Su way IP Inc. I Corned Beta! or Tarkey Breast Bavarianafityie Snoeikmm * Swiss Cheese V ‘: if E s Atheism; portion afifiafigg 3&3: 706-322-41 79 Builsboro Dr. Newnan 770-502-7007 www.moguiresbuildings.oom * Thoewnd island Dressing *5 HEW Freshly Baked Rye Breed Double meetm 2M5” Reaching Peak Ativity By ANDY KOBER Unfortunately, cloud cover over much of the area prevented observation of the Geminids Meteor Shower activity peak last week, but the Ursids Meteor Shower is peak- ing this week. '. _‘ The Ursids Meteor Shower generally takes place from Dec. 17 until Dec. 25. It is classified as a minor meteor shower. Peak meteor activity is anticipated to take place during the overnight hours of Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 21-22. Even at peak activity, the shower only produces about 5-10 meteors per hour. ON DEC. 14, European Space Agency released photos and images taken by the Rosetta spacecraft as it approached Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. One of the spacecraft’s final messages indicated that a large object was in its field of View, and of course that was the comet. The ESU had the spacecraft perform a controlled crash on the surface of the comet. Rosetta was launched on March 2, 2004. The Rosetta spacecraft’s mission ended 447 million miles from Earth. Now it will pig- gyback on the comet. During its journey, the spacecraft passed close to Mars and asteroids 21 Lutetia and 2867 Steins. Its lander module, Philae, per- formed the first successful landing on a comet. THE International Space Station is cruis- ing overhead. To View the space station as it passes overhead, visit www.spotthestation.nasa.gov and enter your zip code. When you do spot the space station what you are actually seeing is the reflection of the sun off the station’s solar panels. ‘ , As always, to View celestial events, get away from bright outdoor lights. Still looking for a Christmas gift for a growing boy or girl? Consider a telescope. Small telescopes are relatively inex- pensive and available at many discount and sports stores or online. Good beginner tel- escopes can be purchased for $60-$70, and a really good one can be had for about $100. Such a gift just might inspire the next great astronomer. Decorations have been hung with care. The parade has excited everyone with Holidaycheer. We are so proud you are part 1‘ our community to share In , ls joyous season. [Merry Chriatmad eg’Happy 61": to you an? youra from t/ae Mayo” Council Memberd an? S tafl: ‘i‘ty o agaI‘SVi"e 1304 Lafayette Parkway (Next to H 0;; Hem-w) 218 Commerce Ave 706-884-2336 ' ewe waaaama 2‘54 X 05 hevrole Silverado LS Extended Cab, .2011 Chevy Equinox Alloys, Gas Saver (Axiext to arm: is) oiksumgen Jetta SE New Wheels fires, Leather z ~31. . 2 dge Joumey SXT , 29K Miles, 3rd Row A33?